The leibnizcard

The LeibnizCard replaces the chip cards and paper IDs used until 2018 and in the future will conveniently combine the most important functions you need around everyday university life on one card:

  • Student ID Card *
  • University sports CampusCard
  • Payment function for university sports and university services** (TIB, Center for University Sports)

The use of the LeibnizCard as student ID and semester ticket is obligatory. The LeibnizCard can be used as a visual ID, as far as events of the university are attendance restricted. An official photo ID must be presented upon request. The use of the card should enable the verification of the eligibility and reduce waiting times.

* For the use of the libraries a separate personal registration in the library is absolutely necessary.

**applies only to cash registers connected to the clearing system of the Studentenwerk Hannover.

The leibnizcard
The leibnizcard

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  • How to get a LeibnizCard?
  • Where can I find out more about the validity and scope of the semester ticket??
  • How does the upload of the photo for the LeibnizCard work??


How to get a LeibnizCard?

In order to receive your personal LeibnizCard, you must upload a suitable photo in electronic form once in your IDM user account. In the coming semesters, uploading your photo can also be done as part of the online enrollment process.
The first card will be sent to you by mail and you will keep it for the duration of your studies at Leibniz Universitat Hannover. In order for the validity for the respective semester to be noted on the LeibnizCard, you must validate the card yourself after successful re-registration.
The LeibnizCard remains the property of Leibniz Universitat Hannover. Please handle your LeibnizCard with care. The card must not be bent or damaged.

From when is the LeibnizCard valid?

In order to use the LeibnizCard as a student ID and semester ticket, you must validate the card at one of the designated stations after you have successfully re-registered (transfer of the semester fee). In practice, this means that a corresponding validity imprint is applied to the LeibnizCard. You have to do this process on your own every semester. Newly enrolled students will receive their LeibnizCard already validated by mail, so that the card can be used immediately as a semester ticket. There are currently eleven validation stations in operation.

Which data are on the LeibnizCard?

The following information is printed on the LeibnizCard or. saved:

Visible data (current status 14.02.2018):

  • Designation ("student ID card")
  • surname, first name, if necessary. Name affix
  • matriculation number
  • Passport photo
  • valid semester / validity period semester ticket
  • Logo imprints for facilities that can be used (semester ticket, university sports, student union, TIB/HOBSY)
  • Library card number / barcode
  • Security feature hologram stripe LUH
  • Card serial number
  • Production date of the card (year/week)

Electronically readable data (current status 14.02.2018):

  • Card serial number
  • Card owner ID
  • Validity period
  • Locker authorization (electronic key)
  • Wallet for students

Configuration of the data ensures that only the data that is required at any given time can be accessed. All master data for the production of the LeibnizCard are already contained in the data processing system of the Enrollment Office. In this respect, there is no management of additional personal data. The photo required for the production of the LeibnizCard is only needed for the printing of the chip card and remains in the system of the enrollment office exclusively for the purpose of a possible replacement card issue.

What does the LeibnizCard cost?

The first issue of the LeibnizCard is free of charge. It will be sent to you by mail.
For the preparation of a duplicate, z. B. in case of loss or damage, a fee of 15 EUR will be charged at the ServiceCenter. This does not apply in the event of a technical defect for which you are not responsible, or in the event of a name change. Only cash payment is possible.

What do I do if my LeibnizCard is lost, defective or my data has changed??

In case of loss or theft of the LeibnizCard, please report this immediately by email to [email protected] . There you will apply for a new card to be issued and send us the completed loss report form. The new Leibniz Card will be issued or sent by mail after receipt of payment at the ServiceCenter. Please bring identification or appropriate authorization for pickup.

The previous card will then be blocked for all systems except the HOBSY network. With this one, the blocking has to be requested individually at each library location, if you have activated the LeibnizCard there.

Recovered, functional cards can be unblocked and continued to be used as long as a replacement card has not yet been issued and a fee has not been paid.

Leibniz Universitat Hannover is not liable if the LeibnizCard is lost. In particular, no money is refunded that may still be in the wallet. There is a fee for reissuing the LeibnizCard i. H. v. 15 EUR will be charged, which is to be paid by bank transfer.

In the event of a technical defect or change of data (for example, change of name), please immediately request the reissue or update of the card by e-mail or at the ServiceCenter. This is free of charge in this case.

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