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Gaming PC or office desktop or high performance workstation? Put together the perfect PC here!

computerwerk has been manufacturing high quality PC systems since 2009. Working directly with well-known component manufacturers such as MSI, Asus, Corsair, Bequiet, Kingston, Crucial, Samsung, LG (and many more), we develop PC systems that stay one step ahead of future requirements. Nevertheless, the focus is on a very good price/performance ratio. In combination with a competent, free and always available service, which will help you with words and deeds for every question, you will get the optimal total package at computerwerk when it comes to office and gaming PC systems, mini PCs, highly individual custom designs or workstations for professional applications.

Compare PC components? Calculate required power? Search for a suitable motherboard? STOP!! All this is done for you by our PC configurator! You need a stronger graphics card in a gaming PC or a CAD workstation PC? – Our configurator recommends the required power supply.

Your tasks require more working memory? – Our configurator recommends a compatible motherboard.The CPU cooler should be imposing in appearance and ensure high cooling performance? – Our configurator suggests a suitable PC case.

These are only a few examples, where you can measure the functionality of our PC configurator. Select different options. The time-consuming comparison is done automatically by our PC configuration store, whereby faulty combinations are excluded. You always buy an examined and finally by experienced technical personnel tested PC system for your intended purpose.

Quick guide for the PC Configurator:

Selection of a basic configuration

1.) Selection of a basic configuration

We offer a wide range of PC configurations. Make a selection based on various features! Search for example in the Main categories according to the basic purpose such as office, gaming or workstation PC system.

Or use specifically the PC finder on the home page. This allows a more precise search for processor, graphics card and/or the maximum price.

We do not leave you alone with the enormous selection and advise you before the purchase of your PC gladly also by telephone on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00 o’clock under 03631 / 954 99 06.

Detailed view of the PC system

2.) Detailed view of the PC system

After selecting a PC system you now get to the detailed overview. Here the basic configuration and each included component of the PC system is described in more detail.

With a click on the "Configure& Order" Button you get in the next step the possibility to adapt each component of the PC system individually to your requirements and the available budget.

In addition, you’ll find 4 tabs further up that call up a more in-depth description of all components of the current configuration or a financing example. As soon as you make a change in the configurator of the PC system, the other tab pages are updated as well.

Configuration overview

3.) Configurator navigation

Now you are directly in the configurator. On the left side you can directly select the individual categories of the components z.B. "Processor".

After selecting the appropriate component category (z.B. graphics card) can be found in the middle of all Alternatives to the selection. In the right column you see the view and the current total price of the PC system. Each time you select a new component, it is automatically recalculated.

If you are done with the PC configuration and our configurator did not find any errors, you will find the button Add to shopping cart, to put the PC into the shopping cart.

Configuration overview

4.) Component selection

In the selection list in the middle you will find a description of each component info Button that takes you to the detailed description and pictures of each component.You will also find the expected price change when selecting the alternative. If you now change a component, the total price is recalculated and the compatibility of the component is checked.

To change further components, select the next component directly in the left column.

Automatic compatibility check

5.) Automatic compatibility check

Each new selection is immediately displayed depending on various features on Compatibility checked with further components.
If a conflict is found (in the picture example the power supply is too weak for the desired graphics card), you will immediately get a Warning by pop-up. In it you are asked to either adjust the dependent component (in the example: power supply), or to change the last change (ex.: graphics card).

Non-compatible alternative components appear marked in red. Only when the existing conflict has been resolved, there is again the possibility to add the checked PC system to the shopping cart and complete the purchase in the next steps.

Free advice and support!

Advice and support free of charge

We will not leave you alone with the huge choice and will be happy to advise you before you buy your PC, even by phone on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00.

By calling the free phone number 036 31 / 954 99 06 (local tariff) a helpful technician is always at your side and advises you on the selection or also on the set-up of your new PC system after the purchase.

Outside of business hours also happy to email you. Use our Contact page.

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