The best permanent makeup looks for the eyes

The best permanent make-up looks für the eyes

You never go out of the house without make-up? Then you are the perfect candidate for permanent make-up, because with this treatment you can save a lot of time- both in the morning and in the evening when removing make-up. Thanks to improved techniques, permanent make-up on the eyes does not necessarily look unnatural or obtrusive. We show you the most beautiful looks, the usual prices and how long permanent eyeliner, eyelash liner, eye shadow or concealer last.

  1. 0.1. Which permanent make-up is available for the eyes?
  2. 1. How long does permanent makeup last in the eye area?
  3. 2. What does permanent make-up on the eyes cost??
  4. 3. How is permanent make-up applied to the eyes??
  5. 4. Permanent eyeliner and lash line thickening
  6. 5. Permanent eye shadow
  7. 6. Permanent Concealer or CC Eye

Which permanent make-up is available for the eyes??

Permanent make-up is not only a good solution for people who want to save time in the bathroom in the morning: even if you are allergic to many products, make-up can be a compatible alternative to conventional cosmetics. With modern permanent make-up for the eyes, you have a wide range of options, depending on how natural or striking you want your look to be. The following treatments are available for the eye area:

  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Permanent eyelash line thickening
  • Permanent eye shadow
  • Permanent Concealer

In addition, you can also shape your eyelashes at least for up to 6 weeks with eyelash extensions or an eyelash lift. If you also regularly make up your eyebrows, you will have much less work in the morning with treatments such as Microblading or Hyperrealism Brows.

Microblading: Our unshared experiences

Microblading: our experience without make-up

How long does permanent make-up last in the eye area??

The term permanent make-up is a bit misleading, because the applied color does not last for eternity, even if it is a cosmetic tattoo. Since the color pigments in the face are exposed to sunlight, they fade faster than other tattoos. An intense black eyeliner can up to three years last, with more softly set shades you can rather count on 1-2 years calculate. During the last months the permanent make-up will not simply disappear, but rather slowly fade away. At this point you can decide whether you want to have your make-up refreshed by another treatment. You cannot remove the color pigments yourself, but you have the following options:

How to remove permanent make-up

What does permanent make-up on the eyes cost?

Compared to the popular microblading, there are significantly fewer cosmetic studios that offer permanent eye makeup. Thus the prices are also usually somewhat higher. However, if you consider how much time and money you save on eyeliner and concealer, the investment can be well worth it. Depending on the salon, a consultation is included in the package price or offered free of charge without obligation. On Treatwell are currently prices from 120 to 400 euros usual.

Lip Blushing: The new permanent make-up looks so natural

Lip Blushing: The new permanent make-up looks so natural

How is permanent make-up applied to the eyes??

A permanent make-up is applied by the beautician of your choice. It uses inks for this purpose, which must comply with the German Tattoo Ordinance. The colors for permanent make-up must not contain any harmful preservatives or substances that are suspected of causing cancer. It is important that you take your time when choosing the beautician or beauty institute and get testimonials (check the reviews on Treatwell). No special training is required to offer permanent make-up, but because the color remains on the face for up to three years, it is important that you can rely on your beautician.

Before each treatment there is an extensive consultation in a reputable cosmetic studio, so that the permanent make-up is tailored to your wishes. In a second step, the shape and color of the permanent make-up is determined in consultation with the cosmetician and a contour is first drawn on. Only then does the beautician reach for the pigmentation needle and apply the color under the skin. The treatment is almost painless, because many cosmetic studios anesthetize the treated areas slightly. A few weeks after the treatment a control takes place. Possibly after 4-6 weeks touch ups are made again.

Permanent eyeliner and lash line thickening

One of the most popular permanent make-up methods is eyeliner, which immediately gives your eyes more expression. Depending on whether you prefer a natural or expressive look, this can be set in cat eye style over the eyelid, or just above the lashes. Since black eyeliner is a timeless look, you probably won’t get tired of it either- at least if you also wear eyeliner frequently otherwise.

If a tattooed eyelid line is a bit too extreme for you, you can also opt for a natural-looking eyelash line thickening. Here, no eyelash hairs are inserted, rather the color pigments are placed between them. In this way your eyelashes will appear thicker. Only at a closer look this permanent make-up is recognizable as a thin eyelid line.

Not permanent, but lasts like a bomb the tattoo eyeliner from Maybelline:

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