The best children’s pages about: pleiades

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To which solar system do the Pleiades?

The Pleiades, also called the Pleiades, can sometimes be seen with the naked eye if you look carefully at the sky at night. To which solar system do the ..

The best children's pages about: pleiades

Prehistory – How does the sky disk of Nebra work??

At first glance, the Nebra Sky Disk may not look that spectacular. But in fact it can be used to make various astronomical determinations. Besides full moon, crescent moon and single stars, the only constellation on the disk is that of the Pleiades Visible. These seven stars are around the 10.

The best children's pages about: pleiades

Star in general

04.02.2006 – A star is a self-luminous celestial body consisting of plasma, whose radiant energy (energy of light) is generated by nuclear fusion (fusion of two atomic nuclei to form a heavier nucleus) in the interior of the star. But also the final stages of the stellar evolution, like neutron stars and white dwarfs, are counted to the stars.

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Constellations in Winter

Clear, cold nights are ideal for taking an extensive look at the starry sky. Sirius, Orion and Co.

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The best children's pages about: pleiades


04.02.2006 – In astronomy nebulae were originally called all luminous objects on the celestial sphere. This included galaxies (spiral nebulae) and star clusters, because they can appear as nebulae in the telescope or to the naked eye. Today, however, the term nebula is used almost exclusively for interstellar clouds of dust and gas, which are divided into different categories depending on the way they glow.

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The best children's pages about: pleiades


02.02.2006 – Taurus is a large constellation of the northern sky and lies above Orion. It is one of the constellations of the ecliptic , through which the apparent path of the sun in the sky passes. As a constellation of the ecliptic this constellation can be observed on the whole earth at least partially.

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The best children's pages about: pleiades

Open star clusters

17.12.2005 – Open clusters are collections of about 20 to a few thousand stars . Its density is relatively low at the cluster center (unlike globular clusters ). But they stand out clearly from the star background. Star clusters form from molecular clouds that slowly condense into stars in some places.

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The best children's pages about: pleiades


A constellation is a small group of stars in a particular arrangement. At night in the sky you can see many stars. They are different brightly and have among themselves always the same distances.

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The best children's pages about: pleiades

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