Solar storm could have hit earth in 2021: nasa declared highest warning level

Solar storm flies toward earth

A solar storm could have encountered the Earth in 2021. A strong solar flare occurred in October. Therefore NASA spoke of the highest warning level.

Something is brewing in our galaxy. The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) warns that a "massive solar storm" will hit Earth on the last weekend of October 2021. The experts call the solar storm a "significant solar flare", according to NASA, the natural spectacle will "directly affect" the world. The solar storm is already on Thursday, 28. October, erupted, so that the effects are to be felt in the course of the weekend on the earth.

Solar storm hit Earth on 31. October 2021 – NASA fears "massive" power cuts

Widespread power and communications outages are expected with the solar storm, which is expected to enter the atmosphere on Saturday or Sunday. If a solar storm hits the earth, it is called a "flare". Flares last only a few minutes, but during that time the amount of energy emitted by the sun in the form of X-rays and hard UV radiation increases dramatically. This radiation in turn increases the ionization of the uppermost atmospheric layers – with effects on the shortwave propagation and also the accuracy of location determinations by GPS can have.

Solar storms can have dramatic effects, especially on the Internet structure – and cause massive outages there. This is what NASA expects for the current weekend. The solar eruption provides according to experts of the NASA besides also increased for polar lights, which were to be observed on Friday also in Germany. Even if the sun makes life on earth possible, it can still pose a threat – especially in the long term. Experts already predict that the sun will eventually even engulf the earth.

Solar storm 2021: NASA classified it to the highest warning level "X

For humans, the radiation of the solar storm is not dangerous, but if it is "intense enough, it can disrupt the atmosphere in the layer in which GPS and communication signals are transmitted," explains a spokesman for NASA. The solar storm is classified in the strongest warning level class "X", but in it in the lowest level "1". At X2 the effect would be already twice as strong, from that of the class X10 the US space agency speaks of an "unusually intensive" eruption.

Star Sun
Surface temperature 5.778 degrees
Radius 696.340 km
Distance to Earth 149.600.000 km

Solar storm was particularly intense in 2021 – due to a new solar cycle

The sun is currently at the beginning of a new 11-year solar cycle, making such eruptions more intense and extreme, he said. By 2025, these events could then have reached their peak. Then mankind can probably prepare for even stronger effects on earth. However, according to NASA calculations, it will take many millions of years before the Earth runs out of air due to extreme solar heat and life is no longer possible.

Solar storm information: here’s how a solar flare happens

Solar flares are the name given to the event when masses are randomly shot from inside the sun into the planet’s orbit. The mass consists of so-called plasma in gas form, since the sun does not have a massive mass. You can imagine the sun like a glowing ball of gas. Charged particles such as electrons and protons, i.e. negative and positive particles, move in the plasma and interact with each other. If the solar storm reaches the earth, the magnetic fields of the earth can be disturbed thereby temporarily.

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