Social security card application 2022: how& where to apply for it?

Social security card Apply for social security card 2022 – how to do it

Social security card apply 2022: How & where can you apply for the social security card? Source: imago images/wolterfoto

Social security card application 2022: How& where to apply for the social security card?

Image: imago images/wolterfoto

In Germany, every employee who has a job that is subject to social security contributions receives a social security card. Here you can find out how and where to apply for your social security card.

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Why do you need a social security card?

The social security card is an important document for employees and job seekers in Germany. Since 2011, the social security card is officially no longer a card in the actual sense, but still – without the social security card you can not take a job and your employer can not pay contributions to the pension insurance. On the one hand, the ID card certifies membership in the social security system, and on the other, it is intended to prevent moonlighting and the unauthorized receipt of social benefits, as Techniker Krankenkasse explains.

Where to apply for the 2022 social security card?

As a rule, you need to not apply for it yourself. As soon as you start working and take your first job, your employer will register you with the health insurance company. The latter then requests a social security number from the German Pension Insurance Fund.

So, the social security card will be requested for you by these institutions and it will then be sent to you automatically by the German Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). As a rule, this process takes up to four weeks. The ID card contains all the important information for clear identification, such as name, pension insurance carrier and pension insurance number.

What to do if you have lost your social security card?

Losing your social security card is especially a problem if you are about to change jobs. You have two options to apply for a new ID card:

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  1. You can apply for a new social security card at the Health insurance apply. Depending on which health insurance company you are registered with, you have different options for contacting them: in person, by phone or online. In any case, your health insurance company will then contact the German Pension Insurance and ensure that a new social security card is issued.
  2. Of course, you can also apply directly to the Pension Insurance apply for an ID card. For this purpose, the service telephone is available at 0800 1000 4800 At your disposal. Alternatively, a new social security card can be applied for online if it is lost, destroyed or unusable. However, this usually does not happen any faster. In this sense, it is up to you where you apply for the new identification document. The reissue at the pension insurance and health insurance company is free of charge.

As a rule, the processing time takes some time, so the health insurance company issues a replacement certificate for this period of time.

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When do you need the social security card?

Although the social security card is a valid identification document, you do not have to carry it with you like an identity card. The so-called obligation to carry the card, which in the past applied to employees working in certain industries, such as construction or meat, no longer exists since 2009.

There’s no need to apply for a new ID card when you change jobs. You only need to present the document to the new employer so that they can transfer the social security contributions to the correct client account. These are the employer and employee contributions for the statutory unemployment and pension insurance as well as the contributions for health insurance.

In addition, you will need the ID if you are applying for social benefits such as unemployment benefits.

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