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SimplePlanes, now that’s a nice understatement. Because the flying machines created with this game app are sometimes anything but simple. If you look through the gallery of fan-created planes, you won’t be able to stop marveling. So okay: rather, the title probably refers to how easy it is to take off from the to the runway here, even as a layman in the field of aerodynamics. Jundroo, also known for the equally highly recommended apps SimpleRockets and SimplePhysics, has thus created a playful Eldorado for all fans of modeling, Lego and engineering, so a damn wide target audience, young or old. SimplePlanes is available as a purchase app on Android and iOS, where it costs a very worthwhile 5 euros and 5 euros respectively. costs 5,60 Euro. Buy tip!

How do you think the Wright brothers did it when they built their first flying machine?? You will surely be able to read about it somewhere. Your first flight on the morning of 17. December 1903 was then in the air for 12 seconds, covering 37 meters. But also with this I don’t want to bore you now. It’s in the history books. Nevertheless you have got to know the two game elements of SimplePlanes. You can build airplanes and then let them take off into the air. If you have just carefully skimmed the intro, you might have seen that the same principle for building rockets existed before. There the developers had found an inspiration at Kerbal and now brought it back to earth on the plane building, as they reveal here on Reddit in their AMA.

SimplePlanes Gameplay

The app offers a variety of gameplay options. You can do a training first to understand the basics in building, launching and flying. Then there are eleven challenges to master, like reaching a maximum speed on the ground, taking off very fast and much more. All these "levels" teach you how to build an airplane so that it doesn’t crash or fall down. takes off in the first place. And then there is the sandbox mode, where you can simply build in the hanger and then test the model just as freely.


The construction mode is not child’s play simple. You can choose from a variety of components, all of which are explained, but in English. There are structural units from cubes to triangles as well as many aerodynamically adapted objects. Wings can be selected as well as different drives, whether propeller or jet engine. Of course, fuel tanks must also be installed. All this is a bit more difficult via touch control and requires some patience. You can now purposefully recreate airplanes or quite experimentally design new machines such as flying wing aircraft. Here in the hanger you can also use saved templates, so you don’t always have to start building at the cockpit. No, it is also possible to modify existing ones. What happens when you replace the propeller on the Mustang P51 with four jet engines? What happens again when you add shorter wings to the jet?


Test looping pleasing?

The answer to the question whether the own design is a good idea, which immediately provides the test flight. Okay, with the modified Mustang from the screenshots this should probably be called test looping. That’s because the new engines and extra fuel tanks make the aircraft very tail-heavy, flying an arc immediately after takeoff. But at least it does that pretty damn fast before it goes down in a wonderful fireball. Overall, the graphics are very well done for such an engineering tinkering game.

SimplePlanes Conclusion

The app is not only a fine game, but also offers learning effects. That there is already a large fan community can be seen in the menu of additional free downloadable fan planes. Really impressive what was built. Of course, the game requires some time before you understand all the elements, but the process is very educational and interesting not only for boys. This is sort of the Girls Day app in the Android and iOS stores. A port to Windows Phone doesn’t seem to be in sight yet, even though Jundroo has already brought two other games for Microsoft’s mobile OS. But in general I would recommend a tablet anyway for SimplePlanes.

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