Should children celebrate birthdays?


Where does it actually come from that we celebrate birthdays??

The birthday is actually a day like any other. Or not? It is the day in the year we were born. For most people today it is somehow very important. It is important that friends and family remember and congratulate this day.

It was not always so. There are indeed already traditions of the Romans who have celebrated birthdays. However, at that time it was very religious. On this day, the Romans paid homage to their patron god. So it is also reported that there were birthday parties without the birthday child. It didn’t matter if the person was there or not, they were paying homage to the patron god of the same. So that he protects the person. And the patron god was always present. The birthday was celebrated in wide circles. The richer, the more lavish were the birthday parties. Even Cicero reports in his writings about the food sequence of a birthday.

In the Middle Ages, many didn’t even know when their birthday was. The normal person did not come to the idea of celebrating themselves. He celebrated God, his namesake or his Lord. But not themselves.

It was not until later in the Middle Ages that birthday celebrations began again. First of all, aristocrats celebrated their birthdays. Later also increased among Protestants. Catholics started late to celebrate the birthday.

To celebrate themselves, you need to be aware of themselves. To see oneself as an important individual.

Today we do this and the birthday is an important, if not the most important day of the year for many. Many take a vacation and have parties. As an individual, it strengthens us that others consider us important enough to remember our birthday. That the friends come especially for our birthday to celebrate us. They think about gifts and how to please us. All this is not only nice, it also makes strong.

But how is it with children?

For adults, birth anniversaries. Otherwise not so much actually happens within a year. With children much more changes. Every birthday is a milestone into a new stage. They can do more, they may do more, and in some areas they must do more. They can crawl, walk, talk, go to kindergarten and then to school. Can read and write. Are they allowed to stay up late. Sleeping away from parents for the first time. Every child’s birthday is another step into life.

Is it important to celebrate it?

To this end, first the question, who does not like parties? Friends and acquaintances get together, there is good food, a cake maybe. Have great conversations or dance to music and have fun together. Children look forward to such celebrations much more than adults do. They count the weeks, days, hours until this event. How often do they ask their parents: Is it today?

It is a very special day. It is not just a celebration either. The child itself is celebrated as an individual. It is the center of attention.

Children’s birthdays strengthen self-esteem

Celebrating | Children Birthday Party | Children Birthday

In everyday life, children have to "function. In school, in everyday life, when you are in the restaurant, everywhere the children have to function. You need to follow rules, be considerate to others, be generous, take a back seat, be hardworking. It takes a whole year to be allowed to be the center of attention on their birthday as a child. Then friends and schoolmates come to the celebration. They bring gifts and sing a "Happy Birthday". The birthday child is the queen of the day. She is the most important person on this day. Parents organize a party, there are cakes and drinks and other sweets. And you can eat unlimited sweets for once. It is a child’s birthday.

All this is important for an individual. It strengthens self-esteem.

Make and strengthen friendships

Not all children find it easy to make friends. And even for those for whom it is easier, it is nice to have opportunities to make new ones and strengthen the old ones. You can invite only your closest friends or the whole class to a child’s birthday party. You usually do great things together, play with each other, experience something or maybe do role-playing in the Labyrinth of Legends. This is how children easily get closer to each other. Much easier than it sometimes works at school. And the birthday girl is in the middle of it. This helps even shy children make friends and become part of a community.

Being introduced to society and its rituals

Our children invite others to their birthday party and in turn are invited to other children’s birthday parties. They learn to celebrate and have fun together. To see oneself as an individual and as part of a community. What we recognize as important for us, we accept as important for others as well. If we haven’t learned that, in this case we haven’t experienced the children’s birthday party, we don’t understand what others care about it. If we enjoy celebrating our birthday, we will also learn to understand the importance of the other children around their birthday. That makes us a part of the society we live in. Being able to celebrate ourselves is a beautiful expression of individuality in our society.

What does the hero dungeon contribute:

In the hero dungeon three groups are particularly important to us.

The birthday girl

Celebrate | kids birthday party | kids birthday party

First of all, of course, the birthday girl. It is the most important person of the day. At a child’s birthday party in the hero’s dungeon, the birthday child is the queen or king. The birthday child is taken out of the group and yet the most important part of it. Only the queen can accept the orders and collect the rewards. She distributes the tasks and leads her team into the adventure. With this, every child gets to be the leader once a year, to be the center of attention for once. The team on site helps with a few little tricks to make this work.

The guests of the birthday child

For the birthday child and the guests of the birthday child to organize a completely successful child’s birthday is the second goal. In addition to the organization of the role-playing game and the labyrinth, there is a specially reserved place, there are drinks and food on request, as well as delicious cake who likes. By the way, the self-baked cake may also be brought along. Maybe there is a traditional recipe in the family that absolutely must be there. So that the adventurers can strengthen themselves after successful mission together and exchange the stories.

But who now is the third group that are important to us?

The parents

Of course parents want to do something special for their birthday child on this day. Especially for mothers this is a day full of intense memories. It should be as great a birthday as possible with lots of new memories for their own child.

Taming and entertaining a horde of underage kids is no easy task. That’s where the team from Heldenverlies comes in. With the experience of many birthdays, they make sure that this day is not only great for the kids, but also stress-free and relaxed for the parents.

The procedure is designed in such a way that parents can have a role if they want to. but can also withdraw relaxed and enjoy their coffee. There are also some offers like the royal helper or the royal butler, which make the children’s birthday even less stressful for the parents. The birthday with all its options and possibilities can be easily booked online.

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