Short cover letter: when is a short cover letter?

As soon as they have finished their studies or training, young people can apply for a job finally plunge into the job market. After all, at some point there comes a point stand on your own two feet and want to earn their own living. But before you get started on your career, it’s first a matter of making the Writing applications, in order to convince the possibly future employer of itself.

What does a brief application include?

What does a short application contain?

This usually receives a Variety of application letters, Through which he must fight to get a select a suitable candidate for the requirements of the job. Often, there is not enough time to get all the documents to look through completely. Two- or three-page cover letters explaining in every possible way why you would be an asset to the company are often not read at all.

short& concise: short application

A short application consists of a cover letter and a resume. It should only give a first impression of the candidate for the job.

No, a short application cannot be used as a substitute for a detailed application. Does the short application resp. its content is convincing, as a rule, a complete application portfolio is subsequently requested to be.

Here you can find our free sample for a brief application.

The remedy for this is the so-called Short application. In our guide, you will find tips on all aspects of the Structure of a short application. We also explain, what it should contain and where differences to a "normal" application lie. In addition we provide Sample available to you, which you can use as a guide.

What is a short application?

Employers usually have little time to look through applications. A short profile as an application makes the work easier

Employers usually have little time to look through applications. A short profile as an application makes the job easier.

Basically there is a Short application from a cover letter and a resume. On all other documents such as Testimonials, work samples or certificates are waived. However, it is not a matter of briefly submitting an application to scribble on a sheet of paper and then send it off.

Instead, the cover letter of a brief application should also be used to Make an effort and try to make a good impression.

Instead of outlining your skills and knowledge in detail on several pages, namely, in a short application be clear after just a few sentences, why you are suitable for the position. This also applies to Resume.

What belongs in a short application, what not?

Especially for an e-mail or speculative application is a Short cover letter most suitable. It should not be longer than one page and also clarify the following questions:

  • On which body apply?
  • What makes you think that best choice for the job are?
  • Which Advantages the company has when you are hired?
  • Which Expectations the company asks of the applicant and which of them you can meet or. even surpass?

What it means to write a short application? It must be possible to perceive all important information at a glance

What it means to write a short application? All important info must be able to be perceived at a glance.

If the cover letter was able to convince the personnel manager, he/she will usually turn his/her attention to the following points next the second part of the short application: the curriculum vitae. Here, too, pay attention to a clear structure.

Since employers have little time to devote to the large number of applications, they must include in the resume can see at first glance, which qualifications you bring with you and from which work your career so far existed.

By the way, you are free to use an Application photo to put in the resume of the short application. It is not obligatory, however, this gives the employer the opportunity to to remember you better and to recognize you directly at a possible job interview.

Summary: What belongs to a brief application?

What goes into a short application?What should not be included in a short application?
✓ Cover letter ✕ application portfolio
✓ Resume ✕ certificates
✓ Application photo (optional) ✕ Testimonials
✕ Work samples

Detailed application vs. Short application: Where are the differences?

Probably the biggest difference is in the Length. One Short application with resume and cover letter should normally be not be longer than two pages. A normal application, on the other hand, consists of whole portfolio with a cover sheet, work samples, certificates, a detailed cover letter as well as a resume incl. certificates.

What is the cover letter for a short application? Our example shows you

How to write a cover letter for a short application? Our example shows you.

Also at training or job fairs a short application text is often used, which applicants send after a personal interview leave as a leaflet or similar at the respective stand.

In this case, the application acts as short profile of the person, in itself like a business card. However, this is usually not the end of the matter – here, too in case of interest a detailed application requested afterwards.

How to write a short application? Our sample will help you!

What does a Short application because now from? To help you understand this, we have included below a Example of a short application created, which you Sample can use. Of course, they should include the Always adapt the content of short applications and fill in with your interests and skills.

In our example, the main question should be "How to write a short application as a trainee?" should be clarified. With all these tips in hand, we wish you good luck in your job search!

name of the applicant
Address of the applicant
Contact details

Name of the company
Function of the contact person
Name of the contact person
Address of the company

Brief application as trainee

Dear Ms/Mr XYZ,

I will probably finish my studies of communication sciences at the [insert university] with a Bachelor of Arts in [month& Insert year] complete. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the topic [insert topic]. With this I want to show that [insert reasons].

During my studies I have already completed an internship in the field of [insert field]. My tasks were [insert tasks]. This has only strengthened my interest in working in this industry.

The trainee program you offer would give me, as a career starter, the opportunity to work in different areas, take on responsibility and face new, exciting challenges.

Due to several stays abroad during school and after graduating from high school, I have a very good knowledge of the English language. After completing my studies, I would like to join a rising company and work towards a specialization.

It would be a pleasure for me to convince you and your company in a personal conversation. If required, I will gladly send you my complete application documents.

Yours sincerely

Signature of the applicant

Sample: Short-time application

Download the sample short-job application free of charge here!

Please note that this is a template only. Therefore, do not use it unchanged.

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