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How to avoid skin irritations and annoying shaving pimples

After shaving you really only want one thing: smooth and supple skin, because for most women body depilation is primarily a sign of aesthetics. But shaving alone is not enough.

Who doesn’t know it: No matter where you shave, you often suffer from irritated and dry skin or razor pimples afterwards. Shaving is hard on our skin and it urgently needs rich care before and after shaving. In order to achieve the optimal result during your next shave, we have compiled the 8 most important tips for the right shave.

8 Tips for a pleasant shave

  1. Before shaving, a gentle peeling be helpful to remove old skin particles and thus prevent the hair from growing into the skin. Also before the skin with warm water and a ph-neutral soap wash to open the pores.
  2. Best always Shave in the evening. With a pair of loose sleeping pants, the skin can then recover optimally overnight.
  3. Always one Use a sharp razor blade, to not have to exert so much pressure.
  4. Wet shaves, best with shaving foam, are suitable to gently rid the skin of the hairs. The risk of injury is then also lower.
  5. With the correct shaving technique work. It is best to always shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the direction of hair growth usually leads to small skin injuries.
  6. After shaving shower the skin with cold water, to close the pores again.
  7. The skin Do not rub dry with a towel, but rather dab gently.
  8. The skin finally Provide plenty of moisture. This can be done, for example, with the Hubner Original silicea® Skin Repair Spray. Together with a formula of silicon and aloe vera, it intensively regenerates and soothes the skin and also provides gentle care after shaving. It absorbs quickly and is positively noticeable in the skin texture after just a few days.


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Silicon works wonders

Silicon is vital for the body and, among other things, an absolute beauty guarantor: the moisture of the connective tissue increases and a higher number of collagen and elastin fibers is formed. Thus, silicon ensures a healthy metabolism and supports the structure formation and function of the connective tissue. Silicon is a particularly effective ingredient in skin care and is a good helper against dry skin, especially after shaving.

Shaving pimples – what to do?

Despite the right care, red spots or pimples can still occur after shaving, which not only look unattractive, but can also itch. How to avoid shaving pimples when shaving and what to do if they appear afterwards, you can read here.

How do shaving pimples actually develop??

In principle, shaving pimples can occur on all parts of the body, but the intimate area is particularly susceptible to them. Because there the skin is relatively thin. In addition, bacteria feel particularly comfortable in moisture and heat, which is why they have an easy time getting into the skin. But regardless of the body part: What are the most common causes of shaving pimples?

  • Tiny skin lesions: In the case of small injuries caused by shaving, bacteria can penetrate the skin particularly easily and cause inflammation.
  • Care after shavingWhether with deodorant or a body lotion – directly after shaving the skin is often still so irritated that some care products can cause additional redness and pimples. Especially products with perfume should be avoided.
  • A blunt razor: Sometimes the razor is also to blame for the nasty razor pimples. If the blades are blunt or you do without shaving cream, you exert more pressure when shaving and the skin suffers from additional irritation.
  • Sports after shaving: The sweat produced during sports contains salts to which the skin can react with irritation.

Removing shaving pimples

Sometimes you just can’t avoid the picks. Should you get shaving pimples, it is first and foremost important to keep your hands off it. Similar to the face or back, it is not beneficial to squeeze or scratch the pimples. So the skin irritations only get worse. Against the itching then help, for example, cold water or ice cubes. Afterwards, the pimples should be treated with moisturizing care. Here, too, the Skin Repair Spray can be used to good effect.

Extra tip: A well-tried home remedy for shaving pimples is honey. This has an anti-inflammatory effect and can soothe the skin if irritation occurs. Applied thinly to the skin, it should be left on for about 15 minutes.

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