Sending emails in the “mail” app on the ipad

With the "Mail" app you can u. a. Sending and editing emails from each of your email accounts, using your own email signatures and marking addresses that are not from certain domains.

Write an email

Tap .

Tap on the email and write your message.

You can tap individual keys on the on-screen keyboard. Or pinch the keyboard with three fingers to use the smaller QuickType keyboard. Swipe your finger from one letter to the next and lift your finger only when you have finished a word.

Tap to format the text.

You can u. a. change the font style and text color, use bold and italics, and add a bulleted list or a numbered list.

Add recipient

Tap on the "To" field and enter the names of the recipients.

As you type, Mail automatically suggests people from the Contacts app, as well as email addresses of people who have more than one email address.

Alternatively, you can tap to open the Contacts app and add people from there.

Tap the "Copy/Blind Copy" field if you want to send your message in copy as well, and then do any of the following:

Tap on the "Copy" field and enter the names of the people you want to send the copy to.

Tap the "blind copy" field and enter the names of the people whose names you don’t want the other recipients to see.

Capture email address from a photo

In the Photos app on iPad, you can use the Live Text option to interact with email addresses on business cards, posters, or other printed documents. So you can quickly start writing an email without having to type the address manually.

Open a photo in the Photos app and tap the email address you want to capture.

Tap after the yellow frame appears around the recognized text.

Tap or use the active dots to select your email address. Then tap on "New email.

Tip: You can also use the "Live Text" feature with the "Camera" app to capture an email address. For more information, see Using Live Text with the iPad Camera.

Automatically send a copy to yourself

Select "Settings"> "Mail" and check the "Blind copy to me" option (under "Compose").

Change recipient from "Copy" to "Blind Copy

After entering the recipients, you can rearrange their names in the address fields or move them from one address field to another – for example, to the "blind copy" field if you don’t want their names to appear.

Add more email accounts

Select "Settings"> "Mail"> Accounts"> "Add account" and then choose an option. If your email provider is not listed, tap "other".

Customize email signature

You can customize the email signature that automatically appears at the bottom of every email you send.

Select "Settings"> "Mail" and then tap on "Signature" (under "Compose").

Tap on the text field and edit your signature.

You can use only text in your mail signatures.

Tip: Tap on "Per Account" if you use multiple email accounts to set a different signature for each of them.

Send an email message from another account

If you have multiple email accounts, you can specify which account the email is sent from.

Tap on the "From" field in your email draft.

Tap the "From" field again and select an account.

Mark addresses outside certain domains

In case you are composing a message to a recipient who does not belong to your company’s domain, you can choose to have the name displayed in red as a hint to you.

Select "Settings"> "Mail"> "Mark Addresses" (under "Compose").

Enter the domains that belong to your organization – and should not be marked in red.

You can enter multiple domains, separating them by commas (e.g. B. ",").

The names of recipients who do not belong to your organization’s domain will be displayed in red. This is the case when you send emails to or receive emails from these people.

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