Schlager singer pregnant by her colleague? She reacts ambiguously to rumors

Marina Marx and Karsten Walter, here backstage at the Florian Silbereisen show

If a pop singer is pregnant by a colleague? Rumors have been around for a while – and now an ambiguous answer from her.

Update from 22. January 2022: Marina Marx and Karsten Walter are in love, engaged and overjoyed. So much so that in a recent TV show by Florian Silbereisen even the next step came up: a possible baby together. It’s about time for us, too," he says?", Walter opined. There were the rumors in the world! In this respect, it is no wonder that fans are also asking questions. So happened now, when Marina Marx announced a surprise on Instagram. Probably only new music is meant.

But it also shows what other speculation has reached them. "Maybe a new duet with Karsten together?", reflects a fan. And another asks straight out: "You reveal something to us about the pregnancy?"Marina Marx has only one cryptic comment: "Aiaiai," she writes with two emojis. So that’s rather not the surprise – but neither is a "we don’t have any plans to have kids together at the moment".

Also Karsten Walter expressed itself recently again to the topic with "the hit charts 2021" in the MDR: "I wish me in any case a large family. Who knows what else will happen in the future."

Schlager dream couple 2021: After love outing he spreads new private wow message: "What many do not know . "

Update from 30. December 2021: It was a great year for Karsten Walter. Not only because of the love-out with his Marina Marx. Now he spread a new message of happiness via Instagram. „What many people don’t know: I became an uncle for the first time this year!! That was definitely my highlight of this year.", he writes to a small photo series. On the second picture (visible by wiping/clicking on the arrow) he is to be seen probably with the baby. The fans are overflowing with congratulations – and even his Marina leaves a heart there.

Now both looked back on their relationship in a video at Karsten Walter’s TikTok channel. And give one to everyone who didn’t believe in their love. "When they say: your relationship lasts only 2 weeks .. Best friends since 2018. Couple since 2020," it says there. And both pose intimately in front of a Christmas tree.

The fans rejoice with them. "Karsten + Marina are the best Schlager dream couple in the world," comments one. "You just fit together mega" and "The sweetest couple ever. You just belong together and do not listen to other people, they are just jealous," write others.

First a game of hide-and-seek, then a secret engagement: the beautiful love of the new hit dream couple

Our article from 30. September 2021: Berlin – The Schlager lives on big feelings! In this respect, the story of the new dream couple is one that is likely to cause "wow "s and "hach "s among many fans. First they loved each other only in secret. Then it came to the love outing. And in the meantime their engagement is official!

Schlager love remained secret for a long time – It began already in the Corona year 2020

We are talking about Marina Marx (31) and Karsten Walter (28). She the pop newcomer, he the former Feuerherz singer. They both discovered their feelings for each other in 2020, the crazy Corona year. This is what they revealed to Florian Silbereisen in February 2021. "Last year there was a spark!", says Marx. "But in a completely different way. We were also very good friends for a long time. This crazy year, we all know how it was. We were also at home a lot and then we met privately also very, very often."

Marina Marx and Karsten Walter on 'Immer wieder sonntags' in June 2021

Schlager dream couple Marina Marx and Karsten Walter: In the meantime they celebrate their happiness publicly

So for months the two loved each other only in secret. After the rumors got louder and louder, they got tired of the hiding game. "At some point, the heart was pumping so hard and there were butterflies in the stomach. And they have to get out now," said Marina Marx at Florian Silbereisen in March 2021. And let in August 2021 at the TV entertainer on stage through that it was the right decision: "Nice that we no longer have to hide," said Marx.

Ross Antony show Erfurt 09.07.2021 , Erfurt, BUGA grounds, egapark, Ross Antony show in the picture: Marina Marx & Karsten Walt

Since then, both hardly miss an opportunity to live their love publicly. They also cooed and smooched publicly on "Immer wieder sonntags" or the "Ross Antony Show". According to the motto: If you already pine for each other with words in a song duet ("Fahr zur Holle", which contrary to the title is a real proof of love), you can do it beyond that as well.

Marina Marx and Karsten Walter engaged: it’s official!

Also secretly at first, it has now come to the engagement. Marx gave the first tip on 29.9.2021 in their Instagram story. Both hands were to be seen there, at her finger a ring sparkled, in addition she wrote "Babe". And on the same day Walter let the bombshell burst in his Instagram story. "We’re already engaged," he wrote with a ring emoji.

Marina Marx

Marina Marx and Karsten Walter: They rave sooooo about each other

It is the very, very big love! This can also be seen in the statements of both of them in the interview with "Meine Schlagerwelt" on MDR in August. Walter enthuses: "Marina is the most empathetic person I’ve ever met. She is so good at empathizing with others and is also very caring. Just a great person, it’s unbelievable. And she has the most beautiful eyes there are."

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