Sauna rooms – we show you the requirements and possibilities for the room selection

Sauna Zuhase – what room is suitable for a home sauna?

You want to know which room is suitable for your new sauna cabin and what all to consider? In this article, we would like to answer potential questions on the topic of Sauna room selection answer and which precautions are connected with it.

  • Which rooms are suitable for a sauna?
  • What are the requirements for the installation of the sauna?
  • No possibility to install a sauna in the house – what now??
  • Our conclusion – sauna room selection

Sauna made of wood

With us you get valuable tips from first hand. The first step from your side is done, you want your own sauna cabin, now of course the right place or. room to be selected. We help you with the planning of the sauna room. If you prefer to clarify your point list by phone then you can contact our sauna professionals directly at 0531 129 319 0.

The prerequisites for sauna installation

Why is it so important to take some important precautions before installing a sauna?? It is quite obvious, a room in which you want to install an indoor sauna is a popular place for mold and germs. The sauna stove produces a lot of heat in the cabin and this heat must be conducted back to the outside. Furthermore, the room where the sauna is located is colder than the heated cabin and this creates humidity and moisture. Therefore it is important to have a good Ventilation to be integrated in the sauna room. Through windows, exhaust ducts etc. create opportunities to convey the hot air outside.
The next point is the wetness and humidity. A sauna room must be mind. Have 10cm distance to the wall and ceiling, if the indoor sauna is too close to the wall and ceiling, mold will develop behind it, this can quickly turn a wellness oasis into a nightmare. So remember to take this into account when planning the floor plan.

Our sauna installation tip: A home sauna is best located in a place where there are tiles on the walls and floor. Because of this, wetness and mold can not attach as easily as on a wallpapered wall. In addition Cleaning and maintenance easier and faster done. So your new sauna room always stays clean and hygienic.

Suitable sauna rooms are possible anywhere in the house if you follow our tips

A sauna cabin can be ideally placed in a bathroom, but also classically the basement or the old children’s room are perfectly suitable. More and more sauna lovers realize that a sauna bath is not only possible in the house but also outdoors, so sauna houses are experiencing a renaissance today. You can easily convert old garden houses into sauna houses. But we also have many ready-made sauna house kits on offer from our house brands Wolff Finnhaus and Karibu.

Sauna house kits are already available in many sizes and designs

If you do not have space in the house or apartment for your own indoor sauna then the best fallback option is to go outside. A garden house in the garden is quickly converted but also with our ready sauna house kits you can realize a true temple of wellness in your garden. In the outdoor area you can ideally cool down after each sauna session and you do not use up valuable space in the house.

Following we would like to give you a small checklist for the right sauna room planning

  • Sauna room checklist
  • Floor conditions, ideal are tiles, stone or concrete. The floors must be smooth and not absorb moisture
  • Ventilation of the room, windows or create an exhaust duct, especially the cross-ventilation proves you against mold growth
  • If the room is located in the attic, check if a vapor barrier is necessary to avoid humidity in the attic
  • Short distances to the shower or cooling place, if you plan to have a shower – do not forget water connection
  • Electricity connection available – 230Volt (household standard) or 400Volt (heavy current), if not hire an electrician
  • If there is still room for a relaxation room near the sauna, our tip: the living room is also sufficient for relaxation

Our conclusion: sauna room selection

Nowadays sauna cabins are experiencing more and more popularity. It is not for nothing that we Germans are world champions in saunas. A sauna is modern, stylish and multifunctional. A focal point for the whole family. Therefore, you can confidently integrate a sauna cabin in almost any room and no longer have to "hide" it in the basement.

And now the purchase can begin, we wish you now much fun and joy with the further planning of your own sauna. You can now go to work and choose your new home sauna. If you need help with this, our sauna professionals will be happy to assist you. Just ask us, we are happy to help.

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