Sarafina wollny completely dissolved – these pictures hit fans unprepared!

The Wollnys: Sarafina Wollny completely dissolved – these pictures hit fans unprepared! "Tears and goose bumps"

Sarafina wollny completely dissolved - these pictures hit fans unprepared!

The Wollnys: A terribly large family

We introduce Germany’s probably largest TV family the Wollnys.

Sarafina Wollny had an unfulfilled desire to have children for many years. Then she finally got pregnant and gave birth on 18. May 2021 her twins Emory and Casey Wollny to the world. The circumstances of her birth, however, were extremely dramatic, as shown once again in the current season of "The Wollnys" is shown.

The video, which is the "Wollnys"-Star Sarafina now shared by the babies, however, is not for the faint of heart!

The Wollnys: Sarafina Wollny shows how bad things really were for her twins

On Instagram, Sarafina Wollny shared a video showing one of the most private and important moments of her life: The first meeting with her sons. The tragedy: The young mother does not really remember it at all.

She is all the more grateful that an employee of the hospital captured the getting-to-know-you on video. "I remember a nurse saying to me ‘Fr. Wollny, they now see their sons for the first time’& I’m totally crying, not yet clear in my head, I gave her my cell phone," Sarafina reveals under the clip.

The shots show the two premature babies between countless tubes. No easy pictures! As the camera pans up, you can also catch a glimpse of Sarafina Wollny. They are completely resolved.

Sarafina Wollny has no memory of first meeting with her twins

She had not seen her children properly, "resp. i don’t remember it, i had just woken up from the anesthesia [woke up]."She would have loved to share this special moment with her husband Peter. "I miss that moment, I always think to myself, I wasn’t done yet, I would have loved to still protect them in my belly and spare them all that they had to go through. ", she continues her emotional contribution.

At the end it counted however that their boys were well! Although Emory and Casey came much too early to the world, they have developed super.

"Die Wollnys" fans react affected to hospital video of Sarafina’s twins

The pictures also trigger a lot of emotions among Sarafina’s fans. "Tears in the eyes and goose bumps," writes an Instagram user under the post. "So emotional, it really brought tears to my eyes," a second comment proves that the video is not for the faint of heart. Numerous other fans report a similar effect. Hardly an eye remains dry in view of the heartbreaking posting!

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We are also happy that Sarafina and Peter Wollny’s twins have developed so well and that the difficult hospital time is long behind them.

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