Samsung lost? Tips for locating your cell phone

Every cell phone can be found again – with the right app: "Find my Phone" app from Samsung helps locate cell phones

No matter how carefully you handle your smartphone, something can always go wrong. The smartphone can suffer damage despite bulletproof glass film or cover, for example, a display breakage. It is much more annoying when the cell phone is suddenly gone. It can be quickly forgotten at a friend’s house, in a cafe or bar, or it can be stolen unnoticed from a crowded train pocket. The moment when you can’t find it again is terrible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply locate your lost cell phone??

Locate Samsung cell phone

If the cell phone is ever lost, manufacturers offer their customers a helpful service. No special paid apps are necessary to get out of trouble. Most Android smartphones allow you to locate the phone via the device manager. However, Samsung also has its own cell phone location service, as does Apple with its "Find my iPhone" app. You don’t have to do anything more than create an account. Then you can locate the Samsung phone, ring, display a message or block access completely. In addition, "Find my mobile" has a so-called guardian angel function. Appoint a friend as a guardian angel, whose number is specified in the app. So he or she can locate your phone if it can not be found.

Samsung Galaxy has an app to locate the phone

How does the tracking via "Find my mobile" work??

In order to use the "Locate Samsung phone" function, you need to enable remote access on the phone. This is done under "Settings/Personal/Security". There you select "Locate mobile phone/Remote access" and confirm the warning message by clicking on "OK". After that you register your Samsung account and log in with it on your phone. It is important to activate the "use of wireless networks". The next time you log in to the Find my Mobile website, the device is registered.
Any registered smartphone can be located by clicking on "Find my mobile". In just a few seconds, the current location of your Samsung phone is displayed. In addition, you can also record a movement pattern for 12 hours. The function "Lock mobile device" allows you to protect your Samsung phone from unauthorized access with a PIN. Find my Mobile also lets you set up a redirection of all calls and SMS after locating the Samsung cell phone or delete the device completely.

How to protect your smartphone from damage

Smartphones are an expensive investment in one’s own mobility and accessibility. The little all-rounders accompany us through the entire day and simplify our lives. Finally, we can always communicate with our friends anywhere in the world, entertain ourselves, watch videos, gather information, read a book or newspaper, play games or just open the Maps function to look for the right directions. This is why it is advisable to take out insurance for the smartphone. At Schutzklick you can still choose to cover your device up to three months after buying a new phone. You can get Samsung Galaxy cell phone insurance for as little as 2.92 euros a month. It covers claims such as liquid or fall damage and can also help in the event of theft.

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