Roman lob “changes”: a sign of life before the eurovision song contest

Roman praise -'Changes': Ein Lebenszeichen vor dem Eurovision Song Contest. Roman Lob singt von 'Changes'. (Quelle: Ben Wolf / Universal Music)

The Eurovision Song Contest in Baku is getting closer and closer – but not much has been heard of German contestant Roman Lob in recent weeks. Since his victory in "Our Star for Baku it has become quiet around the 21-year-old, there is no hype like that caused by his predecessor Lena. All the more important that Roman with his debut album "Changes." now once again gives a sign of life.

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Roman Lob has been compared to Lena since mid-February. Lena, who enchanted everyone. Lena, who won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Oslo. Lena, who was allowed to compete in the defense of the title. How to get against it? Praise, until his victory in the post-Lena show "Our Star for Baku" Industrial mechanic, don’t even try it at first. Why also? Finally, the competition in Azerbaijan comes on 26. May not be from Hanover like Lena Meyer-Landrut, but from England, Latvia or Ukraine.

"We took a lot of time for it"

But it doesn’t hurt to be the topic of conversation in the run-up to the contest, and an album release about six weeks before the performance in Baku helps to raise the attention of fans and the media in advance. With "Changes" the 21-year-old from Neustadt (Wied) in Rhineland-Palatinate presents his first record. "We have taken a lot of time for this", he says about his debut album.

Of course the competition song "Standing Still" with on it, in addition with "Day By Day" and "Conflicted more ballads, but also "a little bit happy, uptempo numbers and something rockier", says praise. Guitars and piano transport the melody in most of the 13 songs, plus his voice and a predominantly snappy beat.

The fifth song of the album is out of the ordinary, "Changes". When he was singing "Chances and "Changes", Chances and Changes, sings, the Palatine surprises with funk elements and a lyric rhythm that would not stand out even in a Justin Timberlake song. Contentwise Lob describes with the title his situation since the final victory in mid-February probably quite well.

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Can Roman keep up with Lena?

Predecessor Lena had success with her debut album right from the start. Shortly after the casting, but still before the performance in Oslo, she had "My Cassette Player" brought out. The record, also with 13 songs, had immediately stormed to number one in the hit parade. In the annual ranking of the most successful albums of 2010, Lena came in fifth place. Your Eurovision winning song "Satellite" stayed in the top positions of the charts even longer than the album and reached third place in the overall ranking.

That the likeable and down-to-earth Lob can stand up to this comparison is rather unlikely. After all, Lena "was already a phenomenon back then" and "a cool sow" (praise about Lena), besides the hype about the ESC and praise is much smaller this time than in the Lena winner year 2010. "With me everything is a little more dignified", says Lob. In addition: "Changes" is not a bad album, but the real bangers are missing. Sounds and themes are all felt somehow been there before.

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