Resume – your career briefly and compactly summarized

The search for a new job is usually quite arduous, because you especially in the case of advertised positions, you will be competing with a lot of applicants. It is all the more important that your application documents, consisting of cover sheet, cover letter, resume, references/work certificates and, if applicable, work samples look tip top. After all, this is the first thing the recruiter will hold in his hand from you.

What is a resume? It provides an overview of your career to date

What is a curriculum vitae? Provide an overview of your career to date.

Especially are often sought after for positions that large companies want to fill. The reasons for this are obvious:

  • You have a good Reputation.
  • The Chances of promotion are often well.
  • Large companies often offer a Good social security and, if applicable, bonuses for reaching certain goals.

short& concise: resume

A resume should quickly give the viewer reading your application a good overview of your career to date.

Here you can find out which information a resume should absolutely have.

What mistakes you should avoid in a resume, read here.

Many recruiters have little to no time to struggle with long cover letters. Take a look therefore first on the resume. Here the first questions are already clarified and a Preselection made. So if you want to be invited to an interview, you should take some application tips to heart.

Why should you write a resume?

Modern resumes are not in demand in all industries. Make sure you ask beforehand

Modern resumes are not in demand in all industries. Inquire beforehand.

The longer you have been working, the more stations your personal career will contain. From school education, about university studies resp. An apprenticeship and then various jobs and employers some people really get what they are looking for. In view of a not infrequently up to 45 years of professional life, an Curriculum vitae can therefore take on quite a considerable size.

The resume for the application is known under different names. Some call it Curriculum Vitae (from Latin, also with CV or C. V. abbreviated), the other Vitae Cursus. In tabular form, applicants in this short and clear on who you are and what you have to show in relation to the targeted position.

Recruiters answer the following important questions from your resume:

  • Which work experience the applicant brings with him?
  • With which References it can bring a breath of fresh air into the company?
  • How long has he held his position in the respective company? Note on the jumpiness
  • Which Hobbies he has? Is it a sociable person or a loner?

When you design your resume, make sure that you if possible, list only those stages of your professional career that could be relevant to the position, for which you are applying. On the other hand, you should not leave out too much either, because otherwise you might get the impression that you have been lying on your lazy skin. Here it is important to weigh. It is helpful, to put yourself in the position of the HR manager when writing your resume. With which arguments you could convince him best?

Create a resume: What should definitely be included?

Even with the online application, the resume should not be missing

Even with the online application, the resume should not be missing.

To the question "How to write a resume correctly?" there are no unambiguous answer. Every applicant has his own taste and attaches importance to completely different things than a competitor.

This usually refers to the optical design. As far as the content is concerned, on the other hand, a socially accepted pattern emerged.

A meaningful and modern curriculum vitae should not lack the following information:

  • a Headline, that identifies him as such
  • the name of the applicant
  • if necessary. a photo, to give an impression of yourself
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details (cell phone number, e-mail address etc.)
  • Name and location of the attended Schools incl. Final grades
  • Education/college studies incl. Indicate the orientation, name of the company/college, location and final grade
  • Stages of the professional career (Permanent employment or internships? job title, activities, employer)
  • any further education as well as other acquired qualifications
  • more Skills and abilities (languages, special computer programs, driver’s license)
  • hobbies, possibly clothed honorary posts etc.
  • if necessary. already published professional articles in renowned journals/specialist books
  • Place and date
  • if applicable. Signature

The order in which you present this information in the resume is up to your preferences. You can include both proceed in chronological order – i.e. start with the furthest back in time – or choose the most recent events as an introduction. Regardless of which option you choose, keep in mind: your Curriculum vitae is usually only skimmed over during the review process. You should therefore make the most important information as present as possible.

What does a good resume look like? When designing the document, there is one basic rule to follow: Present the most important information about your background clearly and as soberly as possible. Keep it short. More space for execution in the cover letter at the disposal. At this point you can selectively explain and specify certain things. Nevertheless, the personnel officer should make a good impression of you can.

A tabular resume for students is usually shorter, as work experience is gained first

A tabular resume for students is usually shorter, as work experience is gained first.

When writing a resume for an application, the question often comes up: Is a signature necessary? Given that a resume is now often submitted online, this seems quite redundant to many. But the omission could have negative consequences for you?

One thing is certain: This question is neither a definite yes nor a definite no. A resume does not necessarily have to be signed. If you do it, however, you will benefit from numerous advantages:

  1. The signature gives your application documents a personal touch. Nowadays, a resume is often created using Word – that is, typed, black font on a white background. In this way disappears purely optically the personality of the sender. This effect can be counteracted with a signature on the resume.
  2. Your signature also signals that you have made true statements. Employment law experts point out: By signing your resume, you are not more or less liable for the statements made. Also, if you got the job because of fibs on the resume, which was not signed, you may be dismissed without notice will be. So omitting the signature does not protect you.

Application: Does a resume have to include a photo?

However, this is by no means the only uncertainty that often arises when creating a resume. Another topic that is always hotly debated is the application photo. Does it belong in a job application, or not?

Rewriting a resume after many years can present you with challenges

Re-writing a resume after many years can present you with challenges.

The decision against a candidate can have many reasons. Either there is a lack of work experience or another applicant is simply more suitable. Before a company embarks on a search for a new employee, Expectations of the boss or recruiter as to what the perfect candidate might look like arise quite automatically. To Discrimination on the grounds of age, religion, gender, any disability or ethnic origin to avoid there is the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

It is valid since 2006 and gives you the opportunity to present your Sending out a resume without photos. This gives the addressee the chance to focus fully on your professional suitability. The emergence of personal impressions and assumptions that arise from the viewing of an attached photo is prevented in this way.

Are there different types of resumes?

How you design your resume depends on your personal preferences, but also the wishes of the future employer from. In addition, it also plays a role at what point in life you are. Will mean resume for a student applying for a student job usually looks different than that of an adult. Because the latter can show much more professional experience. Thus, it must accommodate more information in the limited space.

Therefore, resumes come in different forms. Some of them are:

  • tabular resume: The most popular form, presents clearly and in key points depicts what stations the working life has had so far.
  • functional resume: Grouped former Jobs according to responsibility and if necessary. the activities performed there.
  • detailed resume: One’s career is not presented as a bulleted list, but rather presented in the form of a continuous text. It is therefore a coherent explanatory text.

Before you post a resume, you should check back with the prospective employer to see what form they expect from you. Through a call the named contact person, you also signal special interest in the advertised position.

Writing a resume: What mistakes to avoid

The resume in an online application should be sent as a PDF file

The resume in an online application should be sent as a PDF file.

Writing a resume is always a challenge for students and even for already experienced workers. This is based on the fact that an application can fail because of many possible things – and the reason is often not given in the rejection letter.

It is therefore all the more important to, To hand in as clean a document as possible. You will only be able to convince the addressee if you can explain this Avoid mistakes:

  1. The resume is incomplete. You have Forget important information such as stating your name or telephone number.
  2. The resume contains Spelling mistakes. This is especially embarrassing, as it looks like, as if you lack seriousness.
  3. The resume is glossed. That you cheated The fact that you have many reasons for rejecting a candidate often becomes apparent at the latest during the job interview, if they ask you questions and you are not able to answer them adequately. Therefore, it is best to keep it.
  4. The resume is one hullabaloo and not well structured. From this, recruiters infer your basic work ethic, which is why you may fail the first time they look at your documents.
  5. The resume should have a attached a photo that does not meet the standards. To vacation photos and other unserious Illustrations should be avoided at all costs when applying for a job.
  6. The resume is simply too long. Even if it is difficult: Stick to the 2-page rule. For some HR managers, even exceeding this scope is a criterion for exclusion.

The resume in a job application: Does it also depend on the design??

It has been stated so far that the content plays a very important role in the CV. But even the best information is of no use if it is not presented in the right way attractively presented become.

Appearance plays a big role in how people perceive you. Depending on, How something is presented can therefore arouse interest or aversion become. This 1. Impression can lead to the fact that decision makers without reading your application, put it immediately on the pile "sorted out". All your effort would have been in vain. It is therefore worthwhile Thoughts on the design of the resume to use.

For example, a resume can look like this

Personal information
Name Bettina Mustermann
Date of birth 1.1.1988
Address Sample street 1
11111 Sample town
Phone 0331/297865123
Cell phone 0191/22337681223
E-mail address [email protected]
08/2010 – 04/2014 Master’s degree in Germanic and literary studies (final grade: 2.5)
University of Musterstadt
08/2007 – 04/2010 Bachelor’s degree in Germanic studies (final grade: 2.0)
University sample location
08/2001 – 06/2007 High school graduation from Gymnasium Am Lerchenberg in Musterdorf-Schwennigen (final grade: 1.6)
Professional career
06/2014 – 01/2016 traineeship at the Musterort newspaper
Advanced training
06/2014 Seminar: Creative writing
Sample city journalism school
Knowledge, skills and hobbies
Languages English (very good)
French (good)
Spanish (good)
Computer skills Microsoft Office package (very good)
HTML skills (good)
Adobe PowerPoint (good)
Driver’s license Class B
Place, date Signature

Download free resume sample here!

Please note that this is a template only. Therefore do not copy it unchanged.

Where to get help writing a resume?

Whether it’s a simple resume or something more polished, whether it’s a resume from a high school graduate or an experienced worker, don’t have a Friends or acquaintances related to human resources, it can sometimes be useful to ask own draft to a professional. For as long as the resume is tinkered with format and content, some people lose the necessary distance. In view of this Operational blindness one or two mistakes can remain undiscovered if someone else doesn’t look over them again.

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