Respect quotations – 30 sayings over acknowledgment and appreciation

You are looking for effective respect quotes and sayings about appreciation, admiration or recognition? Then you are absolutely right here! At best, we are already taught by our parents what respect for people, animals or our environment means. But many a person has never had this respect – or has discarded it in their personal development for a variety of reasons. But everything innocent deserves to be respected.

In this article, therefore, I would like to provide you with the most valuable quotes and sayings about respect to inspire yourself and, of course, others as well.

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Best Respect Quotes And Sayings About Appreciation

Respect is generally defined as a "regard based on recognition, admiration". You can give it for example to another human being, to an animal or to a centuries-old tree. It is important to understand that you should treat others as respectfully as you would want to be treated yourself. As promised, below you will find some rousing quotes about respect. Have fun!

Respect Quotes 1 – 10

  1. "Friendship flows from many sources, the purest from respect." (Daniel Defoe)
  2. "A truly great man will neither trample a worm nor grovel before the emperor." (Benjamin Franklin)
  3. " Take people as they are, there are no others." (Konrad Adenauer)
  4. "Respect is something for thinkers whose thoughts have yet to learn to walk." (Peter Rudl)
  5. "Admiration is the polite recognition of those who are similar to us." (Ambrose Bierce)
  6. "Animals are my friends and I do not eat my friends." (George Bernard Shaw)
  7. "It is much more valuable to always have people’s respect than to occasionally have their admiration." (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
  8. "The whole happiness of man consists in enjoying respect from others." (Blaise Pascal)
  9. "The respect of those whom one respects oneself is worth more than the applause of the crowd." (Claudia Diekamp)
  10. "He who is cruel to animals cannot be a good human being"." (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Respect Quotes 11 – 20

  1. "Knowledge gives power, but character gives respect and recognition." (Bruce Lee)
  2. "Disrespect is one of the little man’s means of self-assertion." (Rupert Schutzbach)
  3. "Respect is automatically paid to those whom one adores without limits." (Erhard Blanck)
  4. "For one’s work, one must seek approval, but never applause." (Charles-Louis de Montesquieu)
  5. "The people you never contradict are either the ones you love the most or the ones you respect the least." (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  6. "Respect is something that must be earned. You must not demand it just because you have a few more years under your belt." (Peter Tremayne)
  7. "Animal welfare is education for humanity." (Albert Schweitzer)
  8. "Envy is the sincerest form of recognition." (Wilhelm Busch)
  9. "To be free means not only to loosen one’s own bonds, but to live a life that respects and promotes the freedom of others as well." (Nelson Mandela)
  10. "Reason and genius call forth respect and esteem, wit and humor inspire love and affection." (David Hume)

Respect Quotes 21 – 30

  1. "To show respect is nowadays almost as difficult as to earn respect." (Joseph Joubert)
  2. "No animal deserves to have its name abused in order to insult a human being with it." (Ernst R. Hauschka)
  3. "There are people whose unique touch with us leaves forever the sting in us to remain worthy of their respect and friendship." (Christian Morgenstern)
  4. "Appreciation is a plant that grows mainly on graves." (Robert Lembke)
  5. "I guess somehow everyone who has the ambition to create something and not break it deserves respect." (Kurt Cobain)
  6. "It is cheaper to protect the planet now than to repair it later." (Jose Manuel Barroso)
  7. "Nothing makes us more cowardly and conscienceless than the desire to be loved by all people." (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  8. "Any stupid boy can crush a bug. But all the professors in the world can’t make one." (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  9. "One should not cultivate respect for the law, but for justice." (Henry David Thoreau)
  10. "I believe a man wants the same from a woman as a woman wants from a man: respect." (Clint Eastwood)

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Using quotes about appreciation and recognition in everyday life

Respect for others is the key to humanity. It is the hope for a peaceful coexistence of all living beings on this earth. For me it is also the reason why I live vegan. Because by not eating animals, I respect both the lives of animals, the lives of all people, the environment in which I live, and the health of myself and all the people I love.

Whatever brought you to this article, I hope I was able to help you out. Here are a few more posts for more respect:

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