Remove laptop hard drive: all the steps explained simply

Remove laptop hard drive: All steps simply explained

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If you want to remove your laptop’s hard drive, you should make sure it goes smoothly beforehand. We help you.

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If you want to install an SSD

You want to Remove laptop hard drive, because it is defective or otherwise causes you problems? Only a few basic steps are necessary, but you should inform yourself about how to do it before you remove the hard drive so that nothing can go wrong in the end. So that you are not completely without a plan and overwhelmed before it even starts, we have summarized and explained the most important steps for you.

Remove laptop hard drive: Preparation is everything

Of course it is almost always the first right step, if you want to change something "bigger" on your PC change your data beforehand. Here’s how it looks, of course, especially if you want to remove your laptop hard drive. You should also make sure that you have any necessary screwdrivers ready beforehand. Every manufacturer uses different screws, but you should be more than well equipped with a precision mechanic’s kit.

If you want to use the hard disk directly after removing it, for example on your stationary computer, we recommend a corresponding USB 2.0 to 2.5-inch SATA adapter. You can get this relatively cheap in any electronics store or online.

Step 1: Remove laptop hard drive

Once you’ve made sure that nothing stands in the way of your actual project of expanding your laptop hard drive, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Below we explain how removing the disk works without complications.

  1. Place your laptop on a well-lit, clean and level work surface.
  2. When working with technical devices, it is advisable to ground yourself beforehand in order to avoid damage. It’s best to touch a radiator or a metal railing first.
  3. Unscrew the screws from the case of your laptop to be able to remove the hard disk.
  4. Once you have removed the cover, you should see the disk of your notebook in front of you. Detach it slowly and safely from the mainboard so as not to damage it.
  5. In the meantime, to avoid further dirtying the inside of your laptop, you can loosely place the cover on it again.
  6. Afterwards you can connect the hard disk to your computer, for example to access the data on an external device.

Step 2: Use data with an external computer

If you only want to remove the hard drive from your laptop to replace it, you can practically do it at this point. However, if the problem is that the data medium is intact, but you can no longer use the rest of your notebook, there is another option: you can remove your laptop hard drive and connect it to a stationary PC. Afterwards it is possible to save data as a backup.

  1. After your PC has recognized the laptop hard drive, you can back up the data.
  2. You can use various backup programs from the Internet, for example Paragon Backup& Recovery 2014 Free.
  3. Now choose if you want to back up the whole disk or if you want to back up only single files.
  4. After the backup you can put the hard disk back into the laptop.

If your laptop has suffered damage and you want to recover the data from its hard drive? This can also be done in a similar way.

  1. With the recovery tool Recuva you can recover files you thought were lost.
  2. In the search, find the laptop hard drive that you removed and check the "Enable deep search" box.
  3. Now the tool lists all found files for you.
  4. Then check the box if you want to recover it.
  5. If you have chosen a new location, Recuva will try to recover the lost files.

Conclusion: Removing a laptop hard drive is not witchcraft

You don’t have to be a computer scientist or hardware engineer to be able to remove your laptop hard drive yourself. For this, the steps we have illuminated are usually quite sufficient. If your hard disk is not recognized at all, you have these options. We will also tell you whether an HDD or an SSD is the right choice for your hard disk.

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