Rapper liquid: “i am rather the rage-against-the-machine-fight-the-power type”

Regenstauf. He would love to talk about music, rap and hip-hop all day long, when he is not doing these three things himself respectively. produces. Born in Burglengenfeld, his grandfather was a GI, Harold "Harry" Merl alias "Liquid" – his stage name comes from the computer game "Metal Gear Solid" – lives and works in Regenstauf near Regensburg today. His trademark next to the upswept grid hairstyle: boarish rap. With his Polt remix, recorded together with buddy "BBou", he caused a sensation for the first time in 2012.

Rapper liquid: "i am rather the rage-against-the-machine-fight-the-power type"

"When I was still rapping High German, I wasn’t myself, I was playing a role – like an actor slips into the rapper role. And iatz i am i. Photo: Facebook page Liquid

Currently, the trained plant mechanic is doing a three-year training at the Regensburg Music College to become a state-certified choir and ensemble director for popular music. Its main subject: Bass. School is basically a lot of fun for him, in Corona times only the mask is quite annoying – because it stays on during lessons. The 30-year-old’s goal: He wants to become a better producer and musician, as he reveals in the following interview with the online magazine da Hog’n.

To date, almost 1.5 million views on YouTube: "Do your polt remix":

Harold: How are you generally to the Rappen and/or. came to hip-hop?

At 15, before I came to rap, I was a passionate skater. Buddies of mine at that time had the technical equipment to record beats and rap features. They showed me a track in the skatepark that they rapped themselves – I thought that was absolutely cool. Up until then I had been listening to skate rock and playing guitar a little bit. But from then on it was all about me..

"Waost wos, Harry, du muast boarisch rappen!"

Your rap colleague BBou made you rap in the Upper Palatinate dialect – how was that exactly back then? Tell me.

We had a musician’s flat share in Regensburg, built beats and recorded music. Back then, in my early 20s, I still rapped in High German. Then I got in touch with the guys from RC Gaeng, who already had projects with BBou going on. I always thought BBou was cool because he raps in Bavarian – but I never had the idea to do the same myself. A buddy then made contact with him, because we wanted to do a feature at his place in Amberg. We were just about to record, suddenly he presses the stop button and says to me: "Waost wos, Harry, du muast boarisch rappen!" And since then I’m a bavarian rapper (laughs). He paved the way for me, made me realize: don’t pretend, be who you are – that’s cool enough! And soon after that my first album came out: Lalilulelo.

"I’m half Yank, but America ka mi kreuzweis, mei lifestyle remains boarisch", it says in one of your lyrics. Did you follow the elections in the USA? What do you say to the result?

"In the meantime, the lyrics reflect my attitude towards life." Photo: Facebook page Liquid

I followed it. It was like a South Park episode: you could choose between a shit sandwich and a giant enema. Whether it’s Trump or Biden, they’re all full of shit. The vice president, Kamala Harris, is not entirely kosher either, from what I’ve heard. Everybody is celebrating her because she is the first woman of color in this office, but if she now turns out to be the American Marlene Mortler, the whole thing is just for the ass..

Generally asked: What are your texts about?? What are your messages?

That has changed over time. In the beginning, the fun was in the foreground – with only a few critical lyrics. In the meantime, the lyrics reflect my attitude towards life, with content that I would like to convey to the younger generation. The Zwieflsuppn track, for example, is funny, but it also resonates with criticism of agriculture, which overfertilizes the fields, for example. I always try to illuminate certain topics from my point of view as well as possible, of course also political topics.

What corresponds to your attitude towards life?

I’m more the Rage-Against-the-Machine-Fight-the-Power-type, the left-green-smelling vegan who wants to protect the environment (laughs).

"Freestyling is a bit like Gstanzl-Singa"

You once said: "There is nothing like the 90s!" – why? What’s so great about the 90s?

The ’90s are the decade I was born and raised in. The time when I first heard music on MTV and Viva, with the Backstreet Boys and Fanta4 – more pop music and dancefloor back then, less rap. That is forever in my head, has shaped me. On one of my next albums I also want to bring back the 90s aesthetics. According to the motto: Back to the Roots – after certain excursions into the modern age.

Which role models from the Hip-Hop area do you have??

I started rapping because of people like A.O.T.P., Eminem and Saian Supa Crew.

You also do freestyle rap. What does it depend on?

Rapper liquid: "i am rather the rage-against-the-machine-fight-the-power type"

"Roger Rekless is one of the most badass freestylers I know."Photo: Felix Pitscheneder

Above all: practice a lot. In my circle, Roger Rekless and Maniac are the masters here. I seldom saw such crass freestylers live. I personally do not count myself among them. I am rather an average freestyler, I would say – but I dare at least. If a rhyme doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that the people have fun. Freestyling is about spontaneity and courage. Freestyling is a bissal wia Gstanzl-Singa.. (laughs)

Hip-Hop from Regensburg – what about the hip-hop scene there??

Actually quite good. There are many young people doing cool stuff, for example da RAWBIN, who also comes from my village Regenstauf. He makes super cool sound. The RC gaeng is still around. We also meet more often at jams, for example when Open-Mike takes place in Regensburg far away from Corona. Yes yes, things are happening in Regensburg. In a few years, when the young are all ripe and fit, something will work out.

"I have nowhere to get the vibes right now"

One, with which you make also again and again something together, is the Maniac. Why does it fit so well with you?

Rapper liquid: "i am rather the rage-against-the-machine-fight-the-power type"

"Da Maniac is mei Go-to-Guy": Together with the rapper Maniac (right) Liquid forms the "Gaudigang". Photo: Facebook page Liquid

We are both passionate music and hip-hop nerds, have pretty much the same taste in music. We both could talk about hip-hop and rapping all day long, we also have a radio show together, which is on BR-PULS every saturday at 6pm. It’s just fun to have a buddy who celebrates it all as much as I do. Da Maniac is my go-to guy. And aloa is faad anyway..

How did you survive the Corona phase until now?? What have you been doing the last months?

I went to music college a lot, which is why, fortunately, I still get BAfoG. Without it would not have looked so rosy. Financially, of course, it would have been better if festivals and gigs had taken place. But I did a lot for school, played bass, practiced piano and drums.

Motivation and drive were admittedly better due to the Corona situation, because without input – for example through a live concert – there is also little output. I can’t get the vibes anywhere right now, it’s sapping my energy.

How will it go on the next years for you?

Rapper liquid: "i am rather the rage-against-the-machine-fight-the-power type"

Graphic: Renaldo Rohrmoser

When I have the training in the bag, I want to continue in the band context or solo, How that will look exactly, I do not know yet. Because of the education I have the possibility to work as a music teacher. In any case, I will continue to make Bavarian rap. The new album with Maniac is almost finished, we’re just waiting for the right time to release it because of corona. But for now I want to focus primarily on the school.

We wish you good luck and "Ois Guade" for the future!

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