Raclette sauces and a few ideas

The title for this page was chosen quite deliberately. The ingredients for raclette are variable without limits. Fish, meat, vegetables, 101 cheeses – there are no limits to creativity. But the question you always ask yourself is: "what raclette sauces do I make to go with it?. "I usually have a lot of ideas, but when there are only two of you racquetballing, it quickly becomes too much. Here is a collection of my favorite dips and a list of my favorite raclette ingredients. The advantage with the dips – the basis is almost the same for all, the difference is made by the spices!


By the way, besides the round Severin raclette party grill*, we now have a Tefal raclette grill* – it is long and narrow – so it fits wonderfully in the middle of the table without taking up too much space. Besides, the smooth Teppan Yaki grill surface is much easier to clean than the wavy one.


Ingredients for the raclette – as an example for 2 people:

1 bell pepper, z.B. 1/2 YELLOW& 1/2 red bell pepper

1 small can of corn

Bread, z.B. Baguette

Quail eggs as fried egg – a "little" eye-catcher!

10 slices of raclette cheese – I buy from the fresh counter, here Swiss raclette cheese and raclette cheese with garlic


Meat for frying:

150-200g fillet of beef or steak (entrecote)

4-6 shrimps, depending on size

150g pork tenderloin or back

additionally as a snack vine snails from the oven


My raclette sauces:

As mentioned in the beginning, the base for all dips / raclette sauces is similar. I just put several bowls or cups next to each other, put the base in front and then season each dip individually. So you get a lot of different dips in a short time and there’s something for everyone. You will be surprised how fast it goes!

My basis:

Yogurt (3.5% fat or also soy yogurt)

Sour cream or creme fraîche

Herb Dip:

2 tsp cream cheese

2 tsp finely chopped fresh parsley

2 tsp chive rolls

a little fresh garlic

a small pinch of paprika powder

Herb dip for raclette

Mix the yogurt, sour cream and cream cheese to a smooth sauce. Season with the very finely chopped herbs, pepper, salt and paprika powder.


Herb dip for raclette

Curry Dip:

2 tsp mayonnaise

Curry powder (feel free to use a little spicy)

pepper and salt

Raclette sauces and a few ideas

Stir the mayonnaise into the yogurt, season with the pressed garlic, paprika powder, curry, bell pepper and salt.



California Dip:

1 tsp mayonnaise

some Tabasco Sauce

some Worcester sauce

1 tsp finely chopped parsley or spring onion

1/2 tsp tomato paste

a little less than 1/2 tsp bell pepper paste


Mix yogurt, sour cream and mayonnaise. Season with paprika powder, a good teaspoon of honey, salt and pepper, a good dash of lime juice, a small dash of Tabasco and Worcester sauce, some sugar and a little finely chopped parsley or spring onion. Add tomato and paprika pulp.


California_Dip_ (1)

Cranberry Dip:

1 tsp cream cheese

2 tsp cranberries

freshly ground pink pepper berries

some finely chopped parsley

Raclette sauces and a few ideas

Mix yogurt, sour cream and cream cheese, fold in cranberries and season with freshly ground pink pepper berries. Add some finely chopped parsley.


Raclette sauces and a few ideas

Garlic dip (my absolute favorite):

3 large cloves of garlic

Mix yogurt and sour cream, season to taste with pepper and salt. Press 3 large cloves of garlic and stir in. Very garlic-heavy, but incredibly tasty. The longer this dip is allowed to stand, the better it becomes.



Horseradish dip:

2 tsp horseradish

Horseradish dip for raclette

Mix yogurt, sour cream and horseradish, season with the pressed garlic, salt and pepper.


Raclette sauces and a few ideas

BBQ Dip:

Completely different base – but delicious!

1 tsp Tabasco sauce

2 tsp Worcester sauce

Mix ketchup, Tabasco and Worcester sauce together. season with salt and cumin. add cayenne pepper and paprika powder.


BBQ_Sauce_ (5)

As little highlights:

Quail "fried eggs" (but they can also be made wonderfully in the pan) and juicy strips of entrcôte

Quail eggToRaclette

Have fun combining and trying out the raclette sauces!



Raclette Sauces

Even more suitable recipes:

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Manuela Kochte-Chalupka says

Hello Katha,
there are a lot of recipes on your HP and all of them "read" delicious. From now on I will browse more often in your recipes!
But for now, on New Year’s Eve, I’m going to try the raclette with the different dips. There come dear friends and there will also be some children with it. For the kids the mini fried eggs (the quail eggs) will be a super surprise. They will make eyes.
Super your blog!
All the best and always lots of ideas for cooking!
Many greetings

Dear Manuela, I am very happy that you like my blog so much. The mini fried eggs are always an eye-catcher, they are sure to go down well. We raclette tomorrow out, but the sauces I will also make again and bring – they were specifically requested& I wish you a lot of fun with it and a happy new year!

Manuela Kochte-Chalupka says

Hello Katha,
a healthy new year to you and your family.
I just wanted to tell you that our raclette was an absolute success. Above all, we and our guests were thrilled by the many dips. One tastier than the other. The bowl with the California Dip was the quickest to empty and the quail eggs were, as expected, the highlight.
Thank you so much for this!!
Further all the best.

That with the California Dip is with us also always so& Glad that you had so much fun with the Raclette!

Sounds all very very tasty, am curious how the dips arrive tomorrow& can you prepare them all also a day before or is that rather bad (z. B. because of the limes?)

/>katha-cooks means

Hallochen, we have the dips also the next day still eaten as leftovers and they still taste good then – however, they are simply the nicest from the consistency on the first day. So I would rather make them fresh tomorrow (early). &

Love greetings,

Convinced thanks for the quick feedback, happy new year!

/>katha-cooks means

Gladly& The I wish you also!

thank you for the great and easy to prepare sauces.
merry christmas..
love greetings

/>katha-cooks says

Dear Christina,
you’re welcome – I hope you had a merry christmas with lots of delicious food!

Thank you for the delicious sauce ideas! I have prepared the herb, curry and California dip for tonight and I’m curious to see how it goes down with everyone! &

Love greetings,

/>katha-cooks means

Love Romina,
it’s similar to ours – I had herb, California, horseradish and cranberry dip.
I hope you and your guests enjoyed the dips!

Love greetings,

the dips were very well received, many thanks for that!
There will be it in any case again.

Love greetings,

susanne claus says

hello katha! have already tried some dips.yummy,yummy. the absolute racer however is the california dip.thanks for the great recipes. l.g. susanne

/>katha-cooks says

Oh yes, it is always an absolute favorite with us too! Glad you like my dips so much&

Love greetings,

Dear Katha,
I stumbled across your sauces by accident on Pinterest and definitely want to try them for Christmas. & I am already quite excited!
I have a question about the cranberry sauce though, do you make it with the sweetened cranberries that you get in a jar? Or with unsweetened?

Thanks for sharing your recipes with us&

Love greetings

/>katha-cooks means

Love Moina,
I am glad that you like the recipes! Just the sauces come with us really every year at least once on the table.
For the cranberry sauce I always take the sweetened cranberries from the jar. Especially over the Christmas season I have there usually a little jar open and then it fits quite well&

Love greetings,

Hello Katha,
everything sounds great. Will try it on new year’s eve.
What bowls you have there? The one in spoon form.
The ingredients do great in these!!

/>katha-cooks means

Hello Karin,
I bought the bowls years ago at Nanu Nana and I’m not sure if they still have them. Otherwise, there are looked at Amazon these here (affiliate link) they should be comparable in terms of shape and size.

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