Quit online coaching?

Hello dear community, namely it is about that I have completed an online coaching on 25.1.2022 respectively. has been more or less ggequatscht and I want to cancel that. I wrote a letter of resignation and received the answer that it is not possible to resign.

I have included pictures in the attachment

Is it possible to proceed against something like this ?

Many thanks in advance

Quit online coaching?

Quit online coaching?

Quit online coaching?

Quit online coaching?

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Quit online coaching?

Yes, somehow the coaches have to earn their money. Without knowing now if you really waived your right of withdrawal, I assume that this will be the case. The pages and the contracts are structured like this.

The fact that the contract is not cancelable is of course wrong. Only then a corresponding compensation is due. In this case the terms and conditions determine.

Strangely enough, and this is the only positive thing for you, the good reviews, and that from serious media. Whether they are true, you will probably be able to find out in the next few weeks.

How should I proceed now?

This means that legally I can cancel the contract correctly?

Yes, you can cancel. And they are allowed to claim damages, which will be 100% based on what they write.

Just heard the other day that over 50% of Amazon reviews are fake. Believe it was even 2/3.

Have a quick look at the consulting page. Seems to me more like the pseudo successful YouTubeers who guarantee you a Lamborghini in a year if you come into their WhatsApp group.

Yes, but they also have reviews from reputable sources, as I said. This is rather unusual for a coach. But well, I also had a store that was 100% positive on Trustpilot – and in the end was a fake store. The net is full of nasty surprises.

But you overlook one little thing. These are not real articles, but purchased ads. Quasi an advertisement, but intended to give the reader the impression that this is a serious article. Deceitful foxes, these pseudo consultants. I could list more examples from the home page. But I don’t want to drag this out here either. In any case, the scam is not unknown to me.

Yes, could be, I have not checked.

You have to read the "articles simply open. Überall stands somewhere in small letters in the head the word advertisement.

Yes, you are right. Well watched.

Okay then I will write my resignation normally. They have already answered but then I just let it go so far until a debt collection reports or ? I am finally in the right then.

But then you may be giving up your benefits.

You need to know that.

As I said, according to what you probably signed/contracted, no.

I do not want to use this service. Oh I took the answer from you that I am in the right if I cancel or I have to pay more. that I can cancel aufjedenfall.

Yes, you can quit. (Because you can not unilaterally prohibit a contract can not be canceled.)

But they can (probably) still demand the money. How likely that is, I can not tell you so. In case of doubt, a judge will decide.

Do I have to call in a lawyer now? Because he wrote above that it is not possible to cancel. Or do I have to expect consequences if I do not pay more ?

Well, as I said, that’s your decision to make. I could imagine that they let out a reminder notice. But no one can be clairvoyant. Lawyer costs just also money. Quandary, unfortunately.

The reminder would then also Rechttens or?

Again, only a judge can ultimately sort this out.

Seems very unserious in any case. How do you let someone talk you into this?? That is almost 4000€? Regarding. right of cancellation: was the contract made online or in person? When in doubt, you’re better off consulting a lawyer. The will also cost a bit, but certainly much less than the contract. Think you can get out of it again. Just because something is in a contract, it does not mean that it is also effective. Keyword salvatory clause. But I am also not a lawyer. Wish you good luck.

So the whole thing was concluded by phone. Sent a link and then a signature was automatically put under it.

Becomes more and more curious.

Let me quote something on the subject of the right of withdrawal.

Right of revocation for contracts on the phone

But special rules apply to selling on the phone or. for consumer contracts, as Jurgen Widder explains. The lawyer is chairman in the North Rhine-Westphalia regional association of the German Bar Association (DAV) and explains: "The right of withdrawal for contracts concluded over the phone is 14 days."This period is valid from the moment when the instruction is received in writing by the consumer – and it must be received, otherwise the verbally concluded agreement is not valid. "So the customer is in a relaxed situation: without proper instruction no initiation of the deadline," says lawyer Jurgen Widder.

So my advice. Go to the lawyer or consumer protection, if you do not get on alone.

Quit online coaching?

Contact the consumer advice center. Smells like fraud. My goodness, the things people get thrown at them.

Is the consumer center free of charge ? or. How can this help me?

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I am going to 15.07. cancel, so that I am entitled to my annual leave. Now I have expressed my intention to terminate to the secretary of my supervisor, since she coordinates the appointment. I had good intentions and wanted to tell my supervisor as early as possible so he can plan ( deadline actually only 4 weeks).

Can this be my undoing now?
Can my supervisor now terminate me without notice (you will always find a reason here) or do I worry unnecessarily??

What options do I have?
Should I submit my written cancellation tomorrow?

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I have recently signed a training contract from August, but have now received a commitment from another company which I favor and would like to cancel the other training contract, is that possible?

Do I have to pay attention to something? And is it enough if I send the notice by mail?

I want to terminate finally, because it is too much for me. I won’t go into exact details, this is how I chose to do it.

Can I irgentwie make my own cancellation or irgentwie cancel that I’m just quickly gone there.

2 employees who have done the training with me have also already quit, and with denn it took a very long time until you have pushed out the notice at all, but I want to go in there as soon as possible, best to hand in your own notice if it goes there and directly out there again and no longer come there.

Hello, my question would be, I have a contract with a gym 2 years concluded. After 8 -9 days have tried to cancel my resignation to cancel or quit. They had written me that my resignation not take back.

i went to the doctor and got a medical certificate. because with my illness unfortunately can not continue to do sports.

I have sent the letter by registered mail and also by email. they have not given any offer yet what should I do?? how should I behave ?

I will not get out of this contract? although have a certificate.

what should I do if I get reminders in the future?

Hey I want to cancel my fitness contract because corona. etc.

I have sent a notice but my contract runs to the 14.02.2021

Can I not somehow immediately cancel?

I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily every month.

I am just about to cancel my contract..now I find 3 addresses (!).. First address .. Mobilcom Debitel Erfurt. 2te Vodafone Dusseldorf. and last but not least as the 3rd Customer service in Ratingen.. Where do I send the notice now . Thank you very much..Kathrin

Hello I wanted to resign from FIT X !
I signed the contract in April 2015
when do I have to cancel so I don’t have to pay for a year more ? Do you understand ??
Fit x has such a deadline that you have to cancel so and so many mon.

I would like to cancel my International FSJ after really long and sufficient consideration. I complete it in the Czech Republic and do not feel well at all and want to go home as soon as possible.

I have never written a resignation before and now have some questions.

1. Have I understood the terms of the termination correctly and would my termination be legally valid??

2. If I still cancel this month, then the contract is to 31.03 canceled and I am in April at home. – is that true?

3. Do I have to do the "mentioned in the contract"? clarifying conversation lead with the assignment location or the sending organization? (I already had 2 conversations with the sending organization, in which I expressed several times that I most likely want to go home.)

4. I would like to state the following reasons for termination in the notice, but I need help in formulating it or. I am too stupid to insert the reasons in the text.

-I feel uncomfortable especially due to previous problems with the assignment organization

-the FSJ abroad is not the right thing for me

-I am generally homesick

So far my notice looks like this:

Dear Sir or Madam,

herewith I terminate my contract with you on 31.08.Employment contract concluded in 2019 by the deadline of 31.03.2020.

Please send me a confirmation of termination stating the termination date. In addition, I would like to ask you to issue me a certificate stating my performance.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

I just wanted to cancel my DSL contract online or a notice and confirm the because by phone now it is unfortunately so that it says that this option is not possible in writing I can not cancel unfortunately has someone also is it just at the moment to a fault or it does not work at all?

I would like to cancel tomorrow (Sunday) or the day after tomorrow (holiday) my internet, both before the 01.10.

I would cancel online via the contact form, just as planned.

Is the cancellation at all considered timely? considered due to Sunday + holiday?

Good dear readers,

I have a problem. I signed up at the beginning of the year in a fitness studio** FITNESS KING**. I have a 12 month contract and a beverage flat + fitness flat concluded. The flats are supposed to be from an external provider as I found out in a personal conversation with an employee of Fitness King.

I have the problem that I move and me so the fitness studio no longer brings anything to the cancellation of the fitness studio I find a thousand cancellation forms but unfortunately this brings me nothing because I want to know if I can immediately Kundigen and under what conditions.

In the same way I would like to cancel the flats that are from an external provider Bodylovers I can’t cancel the subscription on the machine in the fitness studio and I can’t find anything online either. How can I get rid of these flat rates, especially since I haven’t used any of them for the last 4 weeks because I’m trying to cancel them?.

I ask for help and thank you for every competent answer ;-)

I have a subscription with a dating site concluded shortly after I have changed my mind and sent out a notice.

after that I got a mail, where it says that I should send the cancellation by fax.

but after that I said that I have no possibility to fax.

then I was sent a mail with the contact form, asking me to cancel it in this way.

again without confirmation.

now 2 weeks later I was debited 209,70€ and the company claims not to have received a notice of cancellation.

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