Putting together your own pc – how to build the personal computer of your dreams

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If you don’t want to spend horrendous sums of money on a new all-in-one PC in an electronics store, you can also simply put together your own computer. On the one hand, this is not as difficult as many first assume, and on the other hand, you can usually even save quite a bit of money in this way. We explain, how one arranges the personal dream computer for which requirements correctly.

What hardware do I need for my requirements??

Every PC user has completely different demands on a computer. While some users are satisfied with a standard PC that is good enough for surfing the web and simple office tasks, others can’t get a computer with enough performance. You value high-performance hardware components for computationally intensive applications, such as in the areas of multimedia and gaming.

The following table gives an overview of which basic components PC users need to build which computer:

Office PC

Multimedia PC

Gaming PC


Hardware needed

– Cheap processor (ideally with integrated graphics unit)

– 4 GB RAM memory

– 500 GB hard disk

– Dedicated graphics card (z.B. NVIDIA or AMD)

– 8 GB RAM main memory

– HDD/SSD hard disk with enough memory (z.B. 1 TB)

– Cases with fan throughput

– 4 or 8 GB RAM working memory with two bars

– High-performance graphics card from the upper price segment with at least. 4 GB of graphics memory

– Sufficiently large case, which offers place for additional extensions


It is important that all components are basically compatible with each other. This includes making sure that CPU and motherboard sockets match each other. Furthermore, the right DDR4 or DDR5 working memory has to be purchased and the used power supply has to be sufficiently dimensioned. High quality hardware components from many well-known manufacturers such as graphics cards, processors and much more can be discovered here.

Other important additional components

In order for the PC to be fully functional, suitable software in the form of an up-to-date operating system is also essential in addition to the hardware. In addition, you need some important peripheral devices to put the computer into use. These include the following, among others:

  • Monitor
  • keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Loudspeaker

Regardless of whether you use the computer for simple office tasks, or if you want to use it to play current online games in VR quality, you also need a good internet connection.


No matter if you want to assemble a conventional standard PC for the small purse, or a real power machine in the high-end sector – there are hardly any limits to the possibilities – both in terms of hardware performance and price. A detailed guide on how to best assemble your personal dream PC can be found here.

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