Properly good boeuf stroganoff – step by step

Although there are many different variations of this classic dish all over the world, there is only one true recipe for it. But how to prepare the Boeuf Stroganoff flawlessly? We reveal to you the most important tricks around the Russian traditional meal.

The origin of one of the world’s most famous dishes

We can guarantee that everyone has heard of the famous Boeuf Stroganoff, even if they have not tried to prepare it themselves. The first historical mention of meat in creamy mustard sauce was in a Russian cookbook around 1871. However, the recipe did not achieve worldwide fame until a few years later in Paris, when a Russian chef competed with it in an international competition of upscale gastronomy and triumphed. From then on, the Russian-style beef stew made its triumphal march across the globe.

Boeuf Stroganoff

Fillet of beef from the Hinterwald – to be precise the tender tip of the fillet. Its lean and juicy meat is ideal for short roasting. The pleasant texture of the cut is due to its position – the tenderloin stretches along the side of the spine and is hardly stressed by the animal, so it remains extra soft. Compared to the rest of the muscle mass of a slaughtered animal, the tenderloin makes up only a negligible part and is therefore the most expensive part of the entire beef. A beef tenderloin is usually divided into the head, the middle piece and the tip. Besides the traditional filet mignon, you can also prepare buttery tenderloin from the tips of the fillets.

In brevity lies the spice

Because the sensitive fillet tips should not be exposed to heat for too long. The right cooking point is once again crucial. After sauteing, they may still be raw inside and must rest only briefly. Once the fine strips of meat bathe in the sauce, the stove stays off and nothing is allowed to boil up. From now on it can be served quickly, as the meat will continue to cook due to the temperature of the sauce and can quickly become tough.

Boeuf Stroganoff

Ingredients of Lucki Maurer’s Boeuf Stroganoff (for 2 persons)

  • 400 grams of beef tenderloin (Lucki uses this piece of SMA meat in the video)
  • two mushrooms
  • a little mustard
  • two pickles
  • one fresh beet
  • A pre-cooked beet
  • ¼ cucumber
  • two shallots
  • sugar, salt, white pepper
  • a small glass of Wagyu fat
  • two eggs
  • one untreated organic lemon
  • butter
  • two brioche buns
  • A handful of wild herbs (wild arugula, bronze fennel, yarrow blood sorrel o. a)

Properly good boeuf stroganoff - step by step

Properly good boeuf stroganoff - step by step

The only true Boeuf Stroganoff

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