Project: burning invasion – logbook of the scarlet fist

Collection of reports on the events and observations of the 3. Lance of the Order of the Scarlet Fist during the Crusade on the Devastated Isles.


Table of contents

1. Entry – probably 12. Day of the 10. Month

The crossing by ship has ended in disaster. The SHK "Tide Breakers got caught in a storm on the high seas and was attacked by elementals, which caused the ship to capsize. All men went overboard. Much of the armor and supplies have gone down. Judging by the coldness of the water, we had to be further north by now.

When we came to we were in front of an island, partly washed up, partly people were pulled out of the water by strangers, later helped each other.

Barren island, hardly any vegetation. A nearby cave was first shelter. Captain Vanth recovered Lordchevalier Lightblade from the wreckage and brought it to shore. She deserves the thanks of the order for it.

A rider came to us, introduced herself as a guardian. Kaldorei. The Illidari are not pleased. We are on the island of the Guardians, their old prison.

Guardians provide shelter and initial supplies.

Arrangement of the transfer of troops. The leader of the Illidari negotiates with the guardians in the Kaldorei language out of convenience. The Iliidari winter cross already causes problems at the beginning, provokes. Rebuke has taken place.

The guardians’ camp is not big enough for everyone, fear we are too much of a burden for them. People must have chores to do. Idleness must be prevented. Tasks, making useful, creating routines to clarify the thoughts. Dividing able-bodied people into troops for stockpiling, sorting flotsam and jetsam, distributing rations and blankets, setting up more tents and rain shelter. Except for Lightblade, all seem to be operational and participate, though some only with vigor.

Stranded goods boxes were collected – most of the armor can be replaced, as well as some of the equipment for the healers.

A. Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist
current commander of the crusade

2. Entry – 13. Day 10. Month

Have searched the shore of the island for more survivors, flotsam and remnants of the crossing. Were able to track down another squad and send them to camp. The Supreme Cleric also survived the crossing and made it to the camp by her own efforts.

The camp was attacked by a group of sorcerers and illidari during the absence of the search party. To what extent should this be considered overflowed or not rather "ours"? these are, remains to be seen. The reason for the attack was a person who, according to a guardsman, introduced himself as the High Oracle of the Cult of One and sought forgiveness. He was carrying a soul shard, which turned out to be a shard of Grandmaster Shukov’s soul crystal.

The bastards have shattered their souls! They will pay for this!

The oracle wishes to change sides and become the "good guys" to overflow. An apparition of the Grand Mistress and probably her husband appealed to the goodness of the crusaders and urged prudent action.

Extensive information was promised about the soul and the situation. An interrogation has not yet been possible because the enemy’s attack intervened and the defector spent himself fighting his former cronies.

Light give that he has suitable information when he wakes up, otherwise an example is made, what happens with liars and traitors.

A. Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist
temporary commander of the crusade

3. Day – 14. Day 10. Month

Have called a war council. The army has been camped in this camp for only two days, but there are already the first coordination difficulties and different levels of information up to rumors.

The whole thing seems so shamefully headless that I am forced to put things in order. Minutes of the meeting will follow at a later date. The Illidari will be an issue, especially this Winter Cross, she doesn’t seem to have much control over herself. The other commanders fear that she will become a problem in the long run, or even turn our hosts against us with her behavior. Told them that we should not get between the guards and their prey if it comes to that. Let them have that demon hunter and all her brood along with her.

S. White streak
Supreme Cleric

4. Day – 14. Day, 10. Month

And once again the question must be asked whether this hodgepodge of individuals is even aware of why we are here and what is at stake. Of course the question is rhetorical. It is obviously not clear to them.

Instead of effectively working on a solution to the current situation, they rather waste important resources with rash actions.

The Supreme Cleric told about the vessels necessary to keep the soul of the Grand Mistress safe and protected from the access of the Legion. A task of the highest risk. If it fails, the failure of the force is no longer even a question of time.

I wonder if the tactical understanding of the Kaldorei stops at the edge of Darnassus or if they cannot adapt to other environments outside of forests. Several people injured, some of them seriously. We have so far at the beginning of our mission neither the time nor the resources to care for the consequences.

The guardians are no less one-sided, preferring to stick to their previous ways instead of adapting to the current situation. But perhaps this is simply due to their people. It is to be wished that they act in this narrow-mindedness also in relation to the demon hosts.

At least the box and some more flotsam could be salvaged.

A. Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist

7. Day – 17. Day, 10. Month

Were able to destroy the outpost of the Legion. The guardians and their camp are no longer in danger from an attack from behind. Used the Legion’s portal route to the north of Azsuna to move the entire army to this region, only gave a cursory farewell to the guardians. A voice whispers to me that this will not be our last meeting. Captain Vanth led the attack on the Legion outpost, despite the advantage of the surprise effect, there were numerous failures in our ranks. It is reassuring that we took the initiative and did not wait until the enemy could turn his power against us in an organized way, we would probably have had more casualties to suffer.

We have set up in the outpost of the legion, a simple cave with magical affinity to move on tomorrow.

Bodkin seems excited, just too aggressive. He confronted Lieutenant Stardust outside the cave with ridiculous accusations. He claimed that it was the fault of our allies in the crusade that we were progressing so slowly. I know that Bodkin has a general dislike for strangers, but he has always been sincere and given them a chance to prove themselves. However, his behavior surpassed even the insane behavior of this demon hunter no. 543 as the guards called her, Winter Cross.

Bodkin’s behavior forced me to relieve him of his command, Chevalier van de Flierdt will command the troops of the Order. Until Bodkin can think clearly again.

I disarmed Bodkin and Velstadt and tied them up after Bodkin tried to strike me down with his fist. Velstadt backed him up when Lieutenant Stardust tried to intervene.

Bodkin’s subsequent examination revealed some magical influence, red veins running through his body. The mages and priests can’t make sense of it, Lieutenant Stardust suspects that it is related to the nightmare that afflicts the Emerald Dream, so it is a druidic matter. A disturbing development regarding the fact that we are now approaching Val Sharah. His little pupil is probably just a simple naive traitor.

gez. S. White streak
Supreme Cleric

Entry from 20. Day of the 10. Month

Two days ago a Kaldorei and Miss Lilkenday had set out on a scouting mission. They came back with a report about a settlement where the nightmare was looming, as well as satyr traces were found.

Based on the report, the main body of the crusade had left the day before to find the bearer of the second shard. When they returned, most of them were injured, some badly. An elf, Lieutenant Stardust, was missing. According to the report, she had sacrificed herself and handed herself over to the satyrs who attacked the squad in return for the shard.

A satyr was captured and interrogated. Results are not known yet.

Today, however, will be the darkest chapter in all time of this crusade.

During the discussion of the next steps, Lieutenant Stardust appeared, dragging a bundle behind him. She reported that she had escaped and killed one of the satyrs. She was distrusted, her immediate examination and fixing was ordered.

What followed can only be described as sheer, pure madness.

Some saw in the body a dead Kaldorei. Some saw in the corpse a dead satyr. Displeasure spread over waste of time and lack of plan. Calls were made for action and actionism. Chevalier van de Flierdt was one of the loudest voices and could not be appeased either. The tension was getting worse and worse and without a solution to it, an escalation of action in their own ranks was imminent. A spell cast for clear sight brought no change. Nor the proximity of a moon well.

The Supreme Cleric did the only thing that could be done. She ordered the bound stardust to be freed so that she could lead to the place where she had been kept. Some of the prudent went along to be able to intervene.

Light forgive us our trespasses.

After some time the druid Yaena came and attacked us with the accusation that people with our colors and coat of arms had attacked a druid school about half an hour ago and caused a massacre. Even with the best will in the world, there is no doubt about the truth of their words.

The chief cleric then ordered to move the camp. We have gone to the temple of Elune where the priesthood of Elune, together with our remaining clerics, want to prepare a ritual of purification. Our fighters join the temple guard to defend it to the last drop of blood.

Lieutenant Stardust showed me a waterfall as an escape route. I thanked, but I refuse this way. If I flee here and the temple with the priesthood falls all is lost. I will stay and fight. As it is and always has been my duty.

Light, help us and guide our brothers and sisters in the darkness back to your path.

Angus Bodkin
Brother of the Order of the Scarlet Fist

Report to the 21. Day of the 10. Month

They attacked the temple of Elune. They rushed at us with swords, shields, lances, claws, yelling that we were desecrating the ground and that they would stop us.

Our fighters supported the temple guards in the defense led by sir Vanth, while the clerics together with the priestesses of Elune prepared a ritual of purification.

It was as if nothing could stop them. They were bleeding, but they did not seem to be affected, not even slightly hindered. How to fight against an opponent you don’t want to kill, but who is to be held?

Just before they reached the inside of the temple the light blazed through the ranks of the defenders and the attackers. It burned like fire, blinding the eyes so that only glaring light could be seen. One by one they sank to the ground realizing their wounds and one of them, an elf, showed his true appearance as a satyr.

The defenders knew no stopping. They slew him until little more than pulp was left of him. Then the injured were treated. Guilt surged, shame and embarrassment made tears flow. And between everything. she appeared. And they.

Grandmaster Shukov’s ghost, and her old-time likeness in the Lordaeron army, mutually expressing doubts about the rightness or wrongness of their position, their way, their action. It hurt to see her like that, and yet it is a part of her that makes her who she is.

Angus Bodkin
Friar of the Scarlet Fist

Entry from 23. Day of the 10. Month

The crusade has moved on. The path led us north, in the direction of Hochberg. On the way we came across two demon hunters who showed the way, since the actual path was probably besieged by ettins. We marched to Donnertotem, where we were assigned to guest tents and admonished to behave properly. They are Tauren, but none allied to the Horde alone. And they seem to understand us, which is not very pleasant.

Angus Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist

Entry for the 24. Day 10. Month

Spent the first night in the Tauren village called Donnertotem. Was surprisingly quiet and pleasant, even if now and then a cooler wind whistled from the mountains.

In the evening one of the leaders was still in the camp, talking with the Illidari. In passing, I picked up a few words that suggested they were just talking about a sliver with the soul of someone who is wanted. When I asked, the Illidari denied that they were talking about anything to do with our shard of Grandmaster Shukov and talked about their ways of using soul energy and similar crap. They promptly fell back into their own language, according to WInterkreuz, because the guide did not understand ours. Stupidly, the night before I witnessed how well she understood us and knew our language and thus revealed her bold lie, demanded clear words.

They actually tried to lie to us. As if nothing else should have been expected.

The guide, Adara her name, told us about three Illidari she was looking for, who were probably carrying a shard and were considered renegades. I bargained with her that we would hunt the three, own the shard, and they could judge the three as they wished. If the three are renegades it is not my concern or that of the crusade to judge them.

The squad was placed under the command of corporal Falsworth, who designated sister Kalaana as her substitute. I myself remained in the camp to help organize and supervise the transport of the wounded and sick. The troop left shortly after, heading east on a mountain path that probably led to the mountain peaks further up the trail. Light give that they are found and it comes to no complications.

Angus Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist

Entry of the 24th of the 10th month (Supplementary report)

The expedition group set out to climb the mountain. On our way we had to fight against steep paths, meters of snow and strong gusts of wind. The demon hunter Adara led us up the mountain, probably following a trail, stopping every now and then to do a ritual. The first time she managed to do it on her own and summoned three spirits of Illidari. These spirits had the shard with them. At the second stop our mages gave Miss Adara their manastones so that she would have enough power. Again she performed this ritual and again the three spirits appeared. They did not agree. Near the top of the mountain Miss Adara again performed the ritual, but needed the energy of the mages for it. Again the three spirits appeared and quarreled. At the summit itself we found the corpse of an Illidari, who no longer had the shard with him. Because a storm was coming up and many were already half frozen, a lower camp of mountain tauren was sought out.

gez. Rahira Bateran

In the report of the 24th of the 10th month I was far behind and could not find out exactly what the spirits said, so this would have to be supplemented if necessary.

Entry from the 25th of the 10th month.

The storm still rages over this ominous mountain, forcing us to remain up here in camp. Fortunately the Mountain Tauren are so kind and let us have their fire like a part of their rations. Miss Lynggaard appeared that evening and told that she had landed here by an anomaly and not at the place where she wanted to go. This anomaly was probably in the vicinity, but could not be located closer according to my understanding. My magical understanding is also too small for this. An attempt is to be made to descend the mountain the next day, as no further finds have been made.

gez. Rahira Bateran

Entry of the 26th of the 10th month

The expedition group under the command of Magistra Falsworth set out that evening to begin the descent from the mountain. The wind blew strongly against us, as if to prevent us from leaving the mountain. At a suspension bridge we had to cross, the assumption became certainty. A mage prevented by conjured strong gusts of wind that the expedition group could pass the bridge. On closer inspection, it also became apparent that no spells could be cast by the mages up there due to an anomaly.

Fortunately the wind became so weak in an interval that the expedition group could pass the bridge secured with a rope. Shortly after, the bridge was completely destroyed by the mage’s wrath. A little further down the mountain slope we hear masses of snow moving and an avalanche crashing down over our heads. Due to quick reaction only three people were buried and then successfully rescued. All expedition members reached Donnertotem again that evening.

gez. Rahira Bateran

Entry for the 27th of the 10th month

We set out under the command of the venerable mother to a cave a little away from Donnertotem. On the way there we were attacked by giant ettins and pelted with rocks. Who does not believe this should travel to Hochberg himself once. At the cave itself we suspected to find another soul shard of the Grand Mistress. Arrived in the cave we had to abseil by rope and soon found a Kaldorei on a plateau. The Kaldorei was probably known to the Illidari and performed a ritual with the soul shard.

In another area of the plateau stood a group of Scarlet Crusaders in ghost form. It turned out that this was the 13. Bataillion under the command of Natasi Shukov was acting. In order to protect the ritual, the spirits attacked us. In the process the spirits saw us as undead. During the fight itself the weapons slipped through the bodies, so that after a time the victory was voluntarily handed over to the spirits. The spirits were very happy to have won another battle against the undead and the ritual with the soul shard was finished. The Kaldorei was taken away and the soul shard was taken into custody.

gez. Rahira Bateran

Entry for the 28th of the 10th month

We have been back in Donnertotem for a day and are taking a rest day after the exertions of the last few days. In the evening Sir Oderike Rakor was accepted as a novice into the order by the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood of Light. A solemn ceremony took place led by Father Aedan in which the mantle was handed over from the Brotherhood to Sir Rakor. Sir Rakor is now a priest novice in the Brotherhood of Light.

In addition, the previously obtained soul shard was opened with a banishing ritual that evening and a soul fragment of Grand Mistress Natasi Shukov was released. Several circles were drawn from asked for it and the splinter was destroyed with a consecrated blade. The fanatical Natasi Shukov soul fragment came out and lashes out until it could be caught in the sacred reagent.

gez. Rahira Bateran

Report on the 29th. Day of the 10. Month

Karl Wolfs, who was transferred from Herdweiler, was provided with armor and weapons for the time being, and was allowed to move freely within the camp. From a conversation with him it came out that he is previously stationed in the monastery of Tirisfals and has experienced horrors there, which has shaken his faith in the light noticeably. He will be given time to get used to the community again. Light willing, he will find his way into the order. Sister Katherina will continue to be responsible for his physical well-being.

After consultation with Miss Lynggaard it turned out that at least no more arcane reinforcements are to be expected in the weather, as they were connected with the ritual in the cave. This does not mean that the weather is now our friend, but passing the mountain pass on the lower pass instead of over the peaks should be much smoother and safer.

For the next day the further march to Sturmheim is planned.

A. Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist

Report on the 30th of the 10th month

On the order of the venerable mother the journey to Sturmheim was started. An advance party of four, led by Sister Bateran, was sent ahead, and the main party, led by the venerable Mother, followed at a distance. Shortly after leaving Hochberg, a single person was spotted on a hill. The person is a seer/shaman who wanted to join our troop. The lady is a Vrykrul who knew a lot about the goals of our crusade.

After a short questioning, the lady was disarmed and allowed to accompany the troop under guard. The weapon of the seer is in custody of sister Bateran. During the further journey the vanguard uncovered a possible trap, where a small troop of Vrykrul attacked us. The attacking squad retreated back to their camp after a brief exchange of blows with the crusading squad. The crusade troop could travel on without fail and came across a road littered with cadavers.

This led us to the camp of the previously attacking Vrykrul. The venerable Mother ordered an attack from three directions on the camp of the Vrykrul. After the provocation and challenge of sister Vayatri to a duel with the leader of the Vrykrul, the troops attacked the camp. There were several casualties within the crusade troop, therefore the night is spent in the camp of the Vrykrul.

gez. Rahira Bateran

*A note with neat handwriting is attached*

We set out from Donnertotem, heading for Sturmheim. The vanguard did the scouting and was very thorough in it. Nevertheless, there was an attack of hostile Vyrkul and a friendly one of this people accompanied us that day. The hostile creatures of huge stature retreated to their camp, according to the decision of the venerable mother, action was taken against them. It was possible to find it in their camp.

It came to the access. The crusade was divided into 3 groups. One group, the riflemen, took an elevated position. The 2. Group should go head-on to her and the last group should grab her like a pincer from behind. Zealot Vayatri life breath, then shouted verbal insults to that leader, who also responded to them and, after some exchange of words, also attacked me. The crusaders then attacked. The whole battle was successful and the approach ordered by the venerable mother brought victory.

The wounded were taken care of and the night was spent in the taken over camp.

Report, 31. of the eleventh month

A seer, who had already joined us the day before, accompanied us on the way to the Grey Watch. Just before we reached our destination, however, it turned and drove into a strange looking tree. From then on the tree talked to us. She told us a heartbreaking story about a king, his wife and daughter, their disastrous fate, how the king and queen were pulled into a realm of the dead and tricked, and how the daughter eventually got hold of important items to bring them both back to the realm of the living.

If a talking tree can be believed – they should burn the files after the crusade, no one believes us – then we find a part of Natasi in this realm of the dead. And to not go down royally we need a dagger and a lantern. Of course, we had to do a few tasks for the tree – everyone knows that trees are quite selfish and stubborn.. no matter. We did what was asked of us and received the necessary information.

The dagger was with someone in a nearby village to the north, the lantern was beyond the bridge we crossed and north from there. Oh yes, we found a shield. So far nothing special, but the coat of arms showed a mountain and a spear stuck in it. Maybe I’m seeing ghosts, that’s what talking trees are supposed to bring, but something is ringing a bell for me.

Towards the end of the day we made it to the Grey Watch, without any other seers, where we set up camp.

gez. Inneke van de Flierdt

2. Report on the 31. of the eleventh month

I would like to give here the history of the tree in keywords. I think I still have the most important in my head and maybe it will be important again:

This is the story of the Storrbrad family.

There was once a powerful king who had a beautiful wife. King Bjork was a great warrior. Had a fleet of 20 ships and an army of 500 men. Four villages and one city in his country, even the Storm Dragons bowed to his power and he was proud that because of his deeds he was sure of a glorious entry into the Halls of Valor.

Queen Gundi was his wife, she was a stately creature. The hair looked like a neatly combed carpet of gold and the eyes sparkled as bright as suns. No man resisted their wishes. Everyone was spellbound when she sang, her voice was more beautiful than the sound of 100 harps.

The daughter Siegrun was loved by all, it seemed that she had the advantages of both parents. All young warriors hoped to marry her.

But there was also threat from the shadows of envy and baseness. Deep from below (Helheim) the glances of Helya were greedy for happiness. The king should not enter the halls of valor but command their kvaldir and conduct the witch’s soul hunt. However, everything she did failed and no one turned away from Bjork, all remain loyal to him.

But there was still the warrior Gramhild. She was once promised to the king and she hated the queen. Eerie mist crept into her ear and heart. He whispers to her: "When the queen is dead, the king will surely turn to her and the child may learn to love a new mother."

So she went to the queen and told her about a meadow with beautiful flowers which she wanted to show her. The queen has never known betrayal, envy and jealousy and follows it. They came to a cliff full of beautiful flowers and Gramhild pushed the queen down. She immediately rushes back to the village and tells of the "misfortune". The king and the daughter are full of grief but the king does not respond to the advances of Gramhild but insults her because she wants to take advantage of this situation.

The king wants to find a way to save his wife’s soul from Helheim. After months he meets a man who could help him. His name was Arngeir and he was a wise man. He possesses a dagger which allows the journey to Helheim if one has the courage to hurt oneself with the weapon. The king rams the dagger into his heart and comes to Helheim.

Here followed a description of Helheim, in short it looks bad there. Broken ships and all. He also immediately realized where he had to go because the bloated body of the witch loomed in the distance. The spirit of his wife was waiting for him there. They make the following deal. If both of them make their way out of Helheim, both of them may live. But if Bjork turns around to see his wife or to help her or to give her mild, both have to stay in Helheim.

Both go off and after some time Gundi begins to complain that her feet hurt and because of a dry throat and the clammy air. On 7. The wailing of Gundi then changes on the eve of the first day. She begins to curse Bjork. He would want to torture her. He hears them fall and finally he turns slowly and sees the triumphant face of the witch. There was never a way. Chains were wrapped around the king’s soul and he disappeared into the floods.

Years later Arngeir the Wise came to Siegrun and told her about the fate. She is angry for 10 days and cries for 10 nights. Then she calls Odyn because of the injustice done to her parents. Odyn hears her and gives her golden wings, spear and shield and a lantern which can show the souls the way out of Helheim.

I’m writing this down because there might be some useful hints in it.

gez. Sonita Finkenfurt

Notes on the events surrounding Finkenfurt’s story:

We were led to a tree called Vydhar by the Vrykul woman, who had apparently been with the traveling party for a day and was trusted. He wanted to tell us a story (see Finkenfurt’s notes, looks very complete to me).

In the end he asked for help:

A group under Marshal Bodkin should set out to exterminate a nearby Vrykul village, which belongs to a "Skovald" served. Judging by the willingness of the people, this is not the first time we have clashed with Skovald’s troops. The mission was – of course – successful. Who the hell is Skovald?

A second group under Chevalier van de Flierdt should steal a sign from a nearby village. This also succeeded admirably. Now the tree has a shield and I’m sure it will help him when the stolen find it someday and set him on fire for it.

A third group under the venerable mother stayed with the tree and told him stories at his request. Sir Steinschlag and Frollein Nachtdings have done the job. (Please add, no one can remember these elf names. Was something about eagle owl.)

After making the tree happy (light, what times we live in! WE HAVE TAKEN ORDERS FROM A TREE!) we moved into the Greyguard, which is full of worgen, hair and drool.

I miss the tree.

Supplementary report to the 31. Day of the 10. Month

The task was to wipe out a vrykuldorf that had devoted itself to this skovald.

From the events of the previous day, this seemed to be not only an unpleasant contemporary, but also one who was definitely not someone who deserved a title like "God-King" were allowed to have. The term seems to be anyway contrary to the thought of these Vrykul and their realm of gods.

So be it. The task was clear. And it would take us further to find the next soul shard. The concerns that it would have been perceived fun to kill and would have been worrying, I think are exaggerated. Swords must be sharpened, the more intense the sharper they remain. We are here to save Shukov’s soul and if we can bring the justice of the light to these wild bastards, this is the will of the light. To question this borders on heresy.

The village was not far from the clearing with the tree. I split the squad into two groups, one on the left flank, one on the right under Shadowbeat’s leadership.

The Vrykul were mostly in their huts. A few were outside drinking or arguing or measuring their strength. The first were dead before they realized that we came upon them like the personified revenge of their gods.

It was liberating to be able to go into the fights without any limitations. Some vrykul tried to get out of the huts and make something like resistance. But they fell victim to our spells and blades. Those still in the huts were consumed by the flames as I gave the command to burn the village to the ground.

We then searched the village for anything useful. Wellert was given a free hand. Let him collect a compensation for his hardships. There were a few casualties, including Zealot Finkenfurt, who suffered a broken arm. It was comprehensively cared for in the camp.

Hides, a box of supplies and a barrel of pure oil were recovered. The latter is good for building up a solid supply of torches. Considering where our journey will lead us, not the worst thing to happen.

A. Bodkin
Marshal of the Scarlet Fist

Report on the 2. Day of the eleventh month

I arrived at the scene a little later because I was in the rear guard due to my injury. When I arrived most of the party was already on the way to the chamber and sister van Roth and some others were still on the surface with a dragon. The dragon goes by the name Gnarfir (or something like that). Sister van Roth obtained permission for me to descend on the dragon.

Once downstairs, the group was in the process of prying open a large portal. Behind it was a huge hall with a pedestal on which stood a shining lantern. Shining here would not meet what we saw, it was already shining. We looked for any signs of a trap and finally a certain McMarth went up the stairs and found a note on which was written (at least in sense): "Open it". Signed Gnarfir (or whatever the dragon is called).

After a few exchanges of words the lantern was also opened. An unimaginable bright light filled the room and a shock wave threw us all to the ground. Then she stood before us. Sigrun Storrblad. From her first words you could tell that she was not very fond of the dragon. He must have locked them in the lantern a long time ago and referred to a prophecy which probably included us or at least small ugly vyrkuul. We managed to convince her to give us the lantern, but to our amazement (at least I was) she claimed to be the lantern herself.

Together we then went up. There Sigrun and the dragon met and they made enough space not to get in the way of a possible fight, but the dragon showed a certain humility towards Sigrun from the beginning and called her "my queen". Although there was also something enough in it that the prophecy had now come true as he foresaw for Sigrun. He does not know his own way (according to his words no one knows his way) but probably this part of the way of Sigrun. Someone asked if Sigrun could ride on it, because the dragon together with her would be hard to beat in fighting power (I think it was the knight of Eastvale). This enraged the dragon and he thought that no one would ride on him. He got the answer that this could be his way and so Sigrun swung on him and they came with him to the camp.

I would also like to mention that Sister Litonja van Roth, because of her care for the fallen and her observance of the virtue of Peace to the Dead, has won the respect and esteem of both the Dragon and Sigrun. She got a crystal for it which Sigrun broke out of the dragon’s tail.

gez. Sonita Finkenfurt

Report about the descent to Helheim to the 3. November

Prayer of the day: The tides rose against us, but we did not bend. Madness has reached for our spirit, but we have banished it.

With the "dagger and the "Lantern we were now ready to do what we had been waiting to do for days: climb to Helheim to get the next shard out. We gathered at an ancient ritual place, where the venerable Mother sent us to Helheim with an ancient ritual. Our souls were separated from our bodies, which was exactly as creepy as it sounds. So we stood in Helheim and began our quest. We met an old acquaintance, the wanderer Michael Schwarz, who claimed to have lost something and kept quiet about the circumstances of his own stay in Helheim, which aroused our suspicion.

When we pressed him, that treacherous little son of a bitch turned out to be young White from the twilight forest. He changed sides to the losing side and sold his sad little soul to the man who ate his parents. Even after repeated requests he was not ready to repent. His soul was judged, a terrible punishment for a terrible sin.

Before his death we learned that he had the soul stone with the soul of Grand Mistress Shukov with him, but lost it. Her soul escaped this sad figure of a lost boy. We moved on, and found Father Greycastle, a memory of Natasi Shukov, who kept her company in this dark time. He took us across the eternal battlefield to her (This is where the incident with the sullied Xinuel eating a soul occurred, ass on the ice throne, I have to be careful not to vomit at the memory on this report) and we bound it back into the soul crystal to take it with us. Father Aedan keeps this part.

By the Valkyre Sigrun, the "lantern", we escaped Helheim and came back into our bodies, which is as strange as it sounds. It was a moving experience. I hope that one day we will no longer have nightmares about it.

Logbook 06.11

  • Plan: Create soul compass. Needed: Ritual item of the Vyrkul
  • Target: shield from the "tree the Vyrkul get.
  • Met at the tree on a group of Vyrkul, we celebrated with them, told heroic stories, held practice fights, and received a ritual "mead jug?". The mead jug replaced the shield.
  • During the stopover 5 people got strange feelings/illusions. Aveline, Svogthos, Crawford, Oderike, Matriax.
  • Aveline felt hunted, pursued, scared to death.
  • Oderike felt like she was being threatened by someone familiar, but she just couldn’t figure out who it was.
  • Matriax had the feeling of being strangled by snakes, also scared to death.
  • Svogthos and Crawford still unknown.

gez. Matriax Velstadt

Note van de Flierdt:

The jar is a bronze bowl – intertwined knots on the outside of the bowl, quite similar to the marks found on Vydhar’s tree. Probably such a vrykulding.

Log 07.11

  • A draenei shaman visited us, it turned out that the little orc spirit from Shadowmoon Valley is here, and wants to talk to us, to warn us.
  • A ritual was performed, the spirit entered a rabbit and answered our questions through a board with letters.
  • Answers: Evil woman, demon, on an island in the south with a tower, sees us, waits for us, has a soul? Is a soul shake? We know them.
  • Theory: The female Eredar from Shadowmoon Valley, from whom we could only run away, is waiting for us at the Tomb of Sargeras, and she is in possession of the Soul Shard of Natasi.

gez. Matriax Velstadt

Log 9.11

  • The soul compass was created
  • With his help we set off, we followed him, on the way, however, general chaos broke out in the crusade, people became aggressive, images of crusade members talking verbal shit appeared.
  • It turned out that a witch with mirrors in her face was to blame for this chaos. We killed her and took her body, it was searched and burned.
  • It also turned out that this witch influenced the soul compass, so that we ran in circles, the compass should work now. We rest in the camp.

gez. Matriax Velstadt

Supplementary report to the 9th of the eleventh month

The dead illusionist who attacked us was searched by Sister Bateran before being burned. The following items were recovered.

  • vial with probably poison
  • Small mirrors, taken from the face
  • Amulets that look grotesque made of wood, bone
  • golden medallion
  • a dagger
  • small green crystals, bloodstained.
  • green rock crystals from the back, destroyed the same evening.

The back of the body was littered with small rock chips which, according to Miss Lynggaard, served as a force amplifier. Green veins went from the crystals down the back, also pus came out after removing the crystals as well as a foul smell. The pus is because they are wounds that were inflicted on the back. The vial of poison was given to Miss Lynggaard, who wanted to remove the contents safely.

There was a conflict between Miss Lynggaard and one of the Illidari who should now take care of the rock crystals from the back. Finally both persons destroyed the rock crystals together. The dagger has a stone blade and is from the army stock of Stormwind according to Mr. Richards. In the golden medaillion are two pictures deposited. On the one picture you can see a man in Stormwind armor. On the other side a little girl is depicted.

Mr. Richards recognized the man in the picture as a soldier who was with the Reserves. He had been drafted for the troops during the demon invasion. Since the woman has the medallion, she was probably the man’s wife, who, to Mr. Richards’ knowledge, belonged to the scouting party. Probably a survivor changed by the enemy. The medallion was promised to Mr. Richards after the crusade to confirm the death of the lady. The mirrors and the small green crystals have not been examined yet.

Note: It is possible that the illusionist also poisoned the people she mirrored. The people should be watched for late effects.

gez. Rahira Bateran

A letter is handed over to the scarlet commando.

The contents of the vial were analyzed in detail. It contains an intoxicant that the illusionist probably consumed to deal with the pain of her "body modifications" to live. Otherwise, I do not see any danger for us from the contents of the vial. If the intoxicant had been instilled in a crusade member, he would most likely be running around screaming, seeing pink unicorns, and tearing his teeth out single-handedly. The contents of the vial is really no fun.

Signed: Rusan Lynggaard

ps: this letter will not self-destruct 20 minutes after opening, the knowledge in this one is welcome to be shared and is not subject to secrecy.

Report to the 14. of the 11. Month

The Worgen were robbed by some Vyrkuul. The sisters Bateran, Rodenwald, van Roth and later Finkenfurt started to search for supplies.

One met a Vyrkuul with the name Ingerodd Jomsdotir. She had dragged some of the boxes with her. Now I have to fall back on what I was not present at and what I know only from stories. Maybe someone can add something to that. In the end it was probably the negotiating skills of Sister Bateran that the Vyrkuul was willing to give up the crates again. In return a song had to be sung which praised their deeds. This was taken over by Sister van Roth to the fullest satisfaction of the Vyrkuul, so that we could return with the boxes.

I must also write here that I have broken the commandment that a Zealot must not consume any stimulants. In fact, I had drunk several sips of beer in order not to anger the hostess and thus complicate or even cause the negotiations to fail.

counted. Sonita Finkenfurt

15.11. – 16.11.The persecution and the end of Lucius Lightblade

Daily Prayer: In the light we are one. The light will change everything for the better. Do not despair.

Order Auditor Weiland Klarblick, Order Knight Danee Tyrell, Order Guardian Rahira Bateran, Order Guardian Litonja van Roth, Order Servant Katherina Rodenwald, Order Servant p.t. Matriax Velstad, Zealot Sonita Finkenfurt, Zealot Vayatri Lebenshauch. Later: Friar Lucius Lightblade.

We came to support a camp of Gilnee allies, as described by Sister Lifebreath. In the course of our stay, we learned that Lucius Lightblade had also helped the Gilneans defend the camp and now went after the attackers to kill the Forsaken. We followed the trail of slain Forsaken until we came upon a larger battlefield. Apparently Lucius had encountered a demon patrol and now turned his attention to this larger foe.

In the corpse of a wrath guard we found a blue engraved axe with the runes of the death knights, which first Weiland Klarblick, then I took to myself. I cannot exclude at this point that the axe had some attraction to me – it showed visions of Northrend, visions of how I should fight with the axe in my hand. But it was a link to my goal, and knowing that my brothers and sisters would take care of me, I took it.

After a long hike through Stormheim, we arrived at a remote peak in the camp of Felan worshipers. They were involved in a ritual that was supposed to use the power of Lucius to bring a demon into this world. We stormed the camp to slay the lesser demons and their master. When I wanted to release Lucius from the chains that bound him to the ritual. we became. with her, I think. Astral energy enveloped us and swept us away.

When we came to, New Avalon burned below us. We wore the guise and armor of death knights of the Lich King, a harrowing experience. His Grace appeared as our instructor, a disgraced executioner in hand, to give us orders. We decided to go with him to see where this vision might lead us.

I noticed that the axe of Lucius Lightblade had found its way into the vision and spoke to me. It warned me that the demon had pulled us into one of his memories to suck us clandestinely and wanted to use our life energy to complete his dark ritual. Light, on the one hand it actually calmed me to hear that voice, on the other hand I didn’t want to put too much faith in the word of a death knight. We rode through the slaughter towards the burning chapel of the Scarlet Flame.

When we got there, from the side came. something that looked like my husband as a human crusader. I was confused as to what he was doing here when the vision of Cathalan Lightblade drew his rune blade and tried to execute him. I regret to report my reaction – I gave my horse the spurs and rode him over. My only excuse is that I would always choose life over undeath – And that it would be mylord’s own will to be executed if undeath came for him. Still it was a bitter act, and I am not proud of it.

The apparition of Veyt had a strange name. He spoke of children we had and that he was my conscience, though this was not my memory. The voice of Lucius warned me that he was a deception of the demon. Besides, we were becoming more and more exhausted, proof that the claim that we would continue to be sucked dry by the demon was probably true. I decided to strangle the image of Veyt. If he were the real thing, I could break off when he passes out. If he were a mirage, he’d put up a fight before he was taken out – and so he was. His hand became a claw, and I tried to drive him into the near fire. I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to go against my husband with an axe. The siblings were able to find Lucius, free him, and in the burning cathedral a battle ensued.

Here my memory blurs – It was painful, smoke and fire everywhere. I think Lucius stalled the demon long enough for us to break free. With his sword and axe, we finally managed together to deliver the death blow to the demon who had been sensitively wounded by the siblings. He dissolved, and we found ourselves back in Stormheim, battered but alive.

Lucius was dying. His last concern was for his father. When he died, the valkyrie Sigrun came to escort his soul into the light. Light is kind.

Report on the persecution on 16. of the eleventh month.

The pursuit of Lucius Lightblade has been successfully completed. A trail of undead dead showed us the way, later lower demons were also among them. In the end we met demons and summoners who wanted to open a portal. There was a fight at the end of which there was a bright light. After that, many things happened that are certainly worth knowing, but I don’t think I’m the right person to do it, nor is it the right way to write it down and read it. Out of respect for the brothers and sisters who were involved, I am deliberately leaving this part out. Should the story be told as it is in the lands where it happened.

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