Pregnant despite condom?! This is what you need to know!

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The only contraceptive that protects you from infectious diseases and is very safe is and remains the condom.

But how it can still happen that you get pregnant despite a condom and what happens next, you will learn in the following article.

Pregnant despite condom? This is how safe the contraceptive is

That you become pregnant, although you have used a condom, is not so unlikely as one would actually think.

This is because the "Pearl Index" is relatively high.

The safety of contraceptives is always referred to as the "Pearl Index". This indicates how many women become pregnant within one year despite using a contraceptive method.

With condoms, the Pearl Index is 2-12. This means that 2-12 out of 100 women who use condoms in a year will get pregnant.

Compared to other contraceptives, the condom performs rather poorly, and the likelihood that you will get pregnant despite using a condom is not that small at all. And this is certainly due to the fact that there are many possible application errors and "mishaps".

The advantage that the condom has over all other contraceptives is that it protects against sexually transmitted diseases!

Correct use of condoms

Of course, to ensure full protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, you need to use the condom correctly. &

In all condom packages there are instructions for use, which you should look at.

What you can do wrong when using condoms, you can read in the next section.

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Pregnant despite condom? 5 possible mistakes

Condom put on the wrong way

Mistake number 1: The condom is put on the penis the wrong way and then can’t be unrolled properly. This actually happens very often and can also happen quickly in the heat of the moment. But what then? Just turn around and pretend that nothing happened?

Wrong! There may already be some semen on the tip of the condom. This could be enough for you to get pregnant despite the condom.
So: If it should happen, grab a new one. So much time must be.

Wrong size.

Mistake number 2: The condom is either too small or too large. There is a risk that semen can leak from the condom or that it simply slips off during sex. Therefore: Always pay attention to the right size.

Also make sure that there is always enough space above the glans for the "cap" of the condom. This is where the ejaculate collects. Press the air out of the tip with two fingers and then roll the condom over the erect penis.

Damaged when opened

Mistake number 3: Opened incorrectly. It is easy to remain calm and open the condom very carefully when the mood is already very excited.

But pointed and sharp objects must not be used to open the condom under any circumstances. The sensitive latex could already be damaged and that would be another reason for pregnancy despite the condom.

Material defect

Error number 4: Material defect overlooked.

You can also get pregnant despite a condom if you miss a material defect. This almost never happens, but material damage can of course still occur.

Therefore: Check the condom for safety’s sake briefly, before it goes off.

Expired expiration date

Mistake number 5: Even if it does not happen most of the time, condoms do not last forever. Therefore, it is better to look at the expiration date before use. Most condoms have a shelf life of 4 years, after which the material becomes porous and unsafe.

Pregnant despite condom. And now?

Of course contraceptive mishaps happen. Especially with condoms it happens more often that it slips during sex, it tears or some other mishap happens.

And of course you might be afraid at the beginning to be pregnant despite the condom.

It always depends a bit on how you handle the situation.

Maybe it was just a one-time thing? Or have you been together with your partner for a long time and you are thinking about starting a family??

First you should try to stay calm and wait to see if you are actually pregnant. Maybe you already feel the first signs of pregnancy and your period is overdue? Then you should immediately take a pregnancy test and carefully consider the next steps.

Of course there is also the morning after pill. It is best to ask your gynecologist for advice on this subject.

But the most important thing is: If you are pregnant despite a condom, it is probably a shock at first.
Try to take a breath and give yourself enough time to make a decision. Do not put yourself under pressure. This decision has a huge impact on your life.

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