Planting roses: best in autumn

Planting and giving roses already known since ancient times: especially as a Symbol of love, joy and beauty.

Ancient legends describe the Origin of roses as a trace of dawn on earth, when they bloomed together with Aphrodite rose from the sea foam.

But with the rose has always been the idea of the Pain No rose without thorns – and it always stood for transience and death.

Roses and mythology

The red color was attributed to the blood of Aphrodite, who injured herself on the thorns, or to the blood of the nightingale, who dyed the originally white rose red with her heart’s blood.

The early Christianity developed its own rose symbolism: in many churches rose tendrils as symbols of an eternal life blossoming out of death pictured.

Widely known is the Rose mysticism around Jesus and Mary, as they are for example every year again in the Christmas carols Mary went through a’ thorn forest or A rose has sprung up is sung about.

Planting roses

Roses: charm and fascination

To the charm of roses can – and will! – no one can escape: be it the shape, the color or the scent. No coincidence that Roses the Germans favorite flower are!

However, roses with their sharp thorns can also be very unpleasant: This Contrast of the rose’s charm and weapon has been a rich source of love poems, love songs and many a tearjerker over the centuries.

Because of this Fascination garden owners continue to plant roses in their gardens today – and there is hardly a garden that does without roses completely.

Roses: diversity without borders

The rose breeders are looking for always new varieties. Compared to other types of plants, roses have had a exceptionally large variety of:

  • ground-covering roses to climbing roses,
  • of bedding roses with single, double or even double flowers.
  • The color spectrum is immense, some varieties even bloom multicolored.
  • And not to forget: many rose varieties are fragrant!

The assortment also includes roses that are equipped with a conspicuous number of thorns … and varieties with particularly ornamental fruits, the so-called Rose hips.

The variety of roses therefore contributes particularly to the fact that they are so popular. Placed in the right place and properly tended, roses are Roses grateful and little demanding garden plants.

A old rose bush is a real jewel in the garden, because for roses is true the older they are, the more beautiful they become!

Roses: tips and location

Typical for roses is their extraordinary deep root system: This also explains the fact that roses are even at extreme locations with little soil develop splendidly, for example, on castle walls.

Incidentally, the length of the root system is also the reason why Rose pots in comparison with other plant pots are much deeper.

Old rose bushes thus easily reach water with their extensive root system, in young years and during longer dry periods in summer, however, garden roses are also happy about a occasional watering.

Roses prefer a bright, sunny location: light fertilization, best at budbreak in spring and after the July cut, ensures abundant flowering.

Otherwise roses no special requirements to the location, they only show bitchy when planted in a place where roses have stood before.

So direct replanting is not recommended: either the soil should be replaced or an intermediate planting should be made.

This phenomenon of the so-called soil fatigue show besides ornamental roses also some fruit trees from the rose family, for example Apples or cherries.

Planting roses

For almost every garden situation there is a rose to match:

  • As bed roses along the way or
  • as Rose ribbon in front of the garden fence,
  • as climbing roses above the rose arch,
  • as a fragrant, solitary Shrub roses

It is best not to be spoilt for choice in the wide range of roses, but to plant the same several roses at the same time.

At Spring should have roses in the pot, the so-called Container roses, planted. – Bare root roses is best planted in the Fall.

Very important is that the Planting hole sufficiently deep is so that the Grafting point of the rose about five centimeters below the ground comes.

Vigorous watering and multiple irrigation is in the first two weeks highly recommended after planting in the spring: The roses will thank you with vigorous growth and abundant flowering. [PdM, GTD photo]


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