Permantent makeup: everything you need to know about the trendy treatments

We took a closer look at the most popular permanent makeup methods and found out what you need to know about microblading, lip sculpting& Co. should know.

Here's everything you need to know before your permanent makeup appointment!

Here’s everything you need to know before your permanent makeup appointment!

The biggest trend in beauty in recent years, permanent make-up is celebrating a major revival: More and more women are forgoing eyebrow pencils, eyeliners and even mascara, as they are associated with Long-lasting treatments such as microblading, nanoblading and eyelash extensions already have plenty of. In 2020, we couldn’t get past the hype until now either, and we got to the bottom of it in more detail. We have found out for you everything you should know about the subject before you take the step yourself..

What is permanent make-up?

Basically one understands under permanent make-up any treatment, mostly special cosmetic tattoos, which are performed by the beautician or beauty-doc we trust and conjure us full brows, a perfectly drawn eyeliner, long eyelashes or red lips. Therefore, it is also known as "tattoo make-up" known. Perfect facial features without using any makeup – we’re on it! But "permanent" does not mean "forever, because also this kind of beauty treatments have their expiration date, which varies depending on skin type, sun exposure or care.

Durability of permanent make-up

Just like tattoos most procedures are done with professional tools and needles. However, the color pigments used are not as strong as those of tattoo ink. This is because in this case the beautician works on more sensitive areas, such as eyes or lips, and has to protect them from irritation with milder products. The durability is therefore affected and this means Regular refreshing of the permanent make-up. Depending on the brand, color intensity, UV resistance and care, the durability of Microblading, lip make-up varies& Co.: eyebrows usually disappear after 2-3 years and must be ca. redrawn every 12 months, while lip contours and eyeliner last a little longer (up to 5 years).

Remove permanent make-up

A perfectly made up face without foundation, lipstick, mascara& Co – who does not wish for that? But before you undergo special treatments such as microblading or lip pigmentation, you should be 100 percent sure that it is really the right way for you. Because clearly, the treatments do not last a lifetime, but will be be visible on your face for at least a few years. You should also the studio, in which you have the permanent make-up carried out choose carefully, compare prices and do not proceed rashly. Many beauty salons may seem overpriced at first glance, but on the other hand, the too low price can mean bad services or low quality of products.

But if it’s already too late for that, stick with, for example unsuccessful eyebrows only painful laser treatments, which can cost several 100 euros per session. By the time the microblading has completely disappeared, it is possible to even 6 to 8 sessions be necessary. Auweia! So ladies, take your time – a well-considered permanent make-up is worth it.

Permanent eyebrows

One thing is clear, your make-up is not complete until the brows have achieved the perfect shape, fullness and color. This is not so easy! This is exactly why more and more women have been resorting to permanent make-up methods for several years now, and thus say "Bye, bye" to your threadbare and patchy eyebrows. Often we feel our brows are too short or the color is too light: Through innovative treatments such as micro- or nanoblading, the brows are perfected in a (semi-) permanent way, the gaps are then completely covered and places where too much plucked and therefore no more hairs grow back, get their fullness back. Even with complete hairlessness, eyebrow beautification is a great help, because it completely brings back the former appearance. Everything else you should know about microblading, you can find out here.

eyelash extensions

A perfect eye look is every woman’s dream and an eyelash extension makes it possible. Especially since last year, the 3D eyelash trend has spread: Stars like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande showcase their long lashes on Instagram and we want to copy them, of course! These treatments are not real permanent make-up, but they still promise a long-lasting result. With extensions, about 60 to 150 individual eyelashes are attached with a special adhesive, and last ca. 4 weeks before they need to be refilled. It is important to pay attention to proper care after the treatment: No water or other liquid should touch your lashes for 24 hours, as the glue could still loosen. Also in everyday life you should on oil-containing make-up remover and facial cleanser, as well as mascara, eyelash curlers& Co. WAIVE, the glued eyelashes to the collar.

Permanent lip make-up

Full, sensual lips like those of a Victoria’s Secret angel – who doesn’t want that?? Fortunately there are a second alternative to the classic fillers: Lip beautification. A treatment in which narrow, pale or contourless lips can be transformed into the perfect kissing mouth. The proportions between the upper and lower lip are restored – as far as it is possible without surgery – and you can look forward to a long lipstick-free time afterwards. Between lip modeling, lip contouring and lip color enhancement you can choose the right treatment for your type and wishes. The cosmetician who carries out the treatment will advise you on oil-retaining make-up removal under the arms and advise on the correct treatment:

  1. Lip sculpting: Is the most discreet permanent make-up for your kissing mouth?. In this case, the edge is traced with your own color tone and your lips are thus contoured in a natural way.
  2. lip contouring: With this treatment your lips will be emphasized in color and shape. It’s perfect for normal sized mouths – not narrower ones. For these you should rather resort to lip modeling. The rim becomes one shade darker than the rest and can be worn with or without lipstick.
  3. Lip color refresher: This treatment is the perfect alternative to lipstick. The entire surface of your mouth is pigmented with a color of your choice. This can be a delicate pink, for example, but radiant reds and Bordeaux are also very popular. Many people even decide to combine this option with contouring.

Permanent eye makeup

The time in the morning to draw the perfect eyeliner is getting shorter for you? Then the only solution is permanent make-up! Not only can the intensity, shape and size of the line be determined, but for the more courageous among you, the color can also be chosen. Especially for contact lens wearers and simultaneous eyeliner fans, the following three methods are recommended, because products such as eyeliner, eye shadow and kohl could penetrate the eye, irritate the mucous membranes and even damage the lenses.

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