Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is similar to a tattoo: color pigments are mechanically worked into the epidermis as individual hairs using a thin needle and remain visible for a long time. This treatment is suitable, for example, for eyebrows or eyelash thickening.

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How long does the result last?

A permanent make-up treatment should be well considered, because the result is visible for a very long time.

Although the name suggests it, permanent make-up does not necessarily mean that the result will last forever. The durability of the color is on average several years and depends on many different factors, such as the color selection used (the darker, the more durable), the skin type and lifestyle (solarium, etc.).).

What is the difference between permanent make-up and microblading??

A permanent make-up application involves the use of a pigmentation device. In contrast, with the microblading technique, fine hairs are placed manually using a blade. Learn more about Microblading for eyebrows.

How much does a treatment cost?

  • Permanent make-up eyelash line EUR 190,-
  • Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows EUR 290,-

Permanent make-up eyelash line

Permanent make-up eyelash line

Eyelash curling

You would like to emphasize your eyelashes in a natural way and do without fake lashes? Then eyelash thickening by means of permanent make-up might be the right thing for you. This method looks very natural and makes your lash line darker and fuller. It provides an expressive look, optimally emphasizes your eye and makes it appear visually larger.

In permanent make-up eyelash line thickening, the base of the eyelashes is emphasized by a fine black line . Your eyes will look more open and expressive than ever before by pigmenting the lash line. The thickening makes your eyelashes appear visually thicker and makes your eyes sparkle.

How long will my eyelash liner last??

The eyelash line thickening lasts for many years , because the pigmentation is done with dark color pigments.

Immediately after the treatment the upper eyelid is slightly swollen for two to three days. A few days after the pigmentation the treated area should be creamed with a special care ointment, for the application you use best a pointed cotton swab.

Mascara and water should be left on the treated area for approx. should be avoided for two weeks. The treatment is also possible for drooping eyelids, but not as useful.

Duration of treatment approx. 1,5 hours.

How much does the eyelash line thickening cost??

  • The initial treatment costs EUR 190,-,
  • the after-treatment after one month EUR 40,-.

What is the difference between permanent make-up eyelid line and eyelash line??

Permanent make-up eyeliner emphasizes the eye. You can see it as a line on the closed eyelid and also when the eye is open.

The eyelash thickening visually opens the eye and the pigmentation is only visible when the eyes are open.

Whether you should apply the eyelash line or. pigmenting an eyelid line also on the lower eyelid is a matter of taste. I recommend this only with very fine pigmentation, because a too strong black pigmented emphasis on the lower eyelid makes the eye look optically smaller.

Permanent make-up eyebrows before after

Permanent Make-Up eyebrows before after

Permanent make-up eyebrows before after


Eyebrows form the frame of your face. Optimally adapted to the shape of the face, they provide both women and men with a strong expression. Often, however, brows are damaged by years of plucking and grow back irregularly or sometimes not at all. Permanent make-up helps here: missing eyebrows are reconstructed by pigmentation and give your face a completely new expression.

If eyebrow hairs are still present, the shape can be emphasized even more beautifully with a permanent make-up treatment. The more own hairs you have on the eyebrows, the more natural the result will be.

You wish to have more natural looking eyebrows? With microblading, the result is even better than with permanent makeup: A very thin blade can be used to work particularly finely with this technique.

How long will my permanent make-up eyebrows last??

With your permanent make-up eyebrows you will have many years of pleasure. the durability of the color is up to 4 years, but it can vary depending on the skin type.

The Duration of treatment the initial treatment is approx. 2 hours.

Learn all about the care and other important information about your permanent make-up eyebrows.

How much does the eyebrow treatment cost?

The price for Permanent Make-Up eyebrows is EUR 290,-.

After ca. 4 weeks is a Aftercare necessary to achieve a perfect result in color and shape. The cost of after-treatment is EUR 40,-.

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