Permanent make-up

Permanent makeup is the name for special cosmetic pigmentation on the face, through which permanently durable artificial eyelid lines or lip contours with shading are created. Permanent make-up is a permanent contouring and / or filling by microfine color pigments of eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. However, with permanent here is not the lifelong contouring resp. Filling meant. It can be assumed that, depending on the skin type, an effective durability of several years is achieved before the permanent make-up needs to be refreshed. In pigmentation, colors are implanted into the upper layers of the skin with a fine needle, which can be compared to tattooing. These needles are extremely thin, so that skin stress and irritation are largely avoided.

How does permanent make up work?

La belle cosmetic studio permanent make up drawing in preparation face eyebrows

Drawing in the new contours

The beautician draws the contour of the permanent make-up with a special pen before the procedure. This step is done very carefully and with enough time, because here the new shape of the following pigmentation is already determined. As a customer, you can see the result before the color is actually applied. Once this preparation is complete, color pigments are inserted millimeter by millimeter into the skin with an extremely thin needle under local anesthesia. The needle is designed in such a way that the fine color pigments reach the intended layer of the skin. The process of pigmentation is not as painful as the classic tattoo, which is done with coarser impulses and devices.

How long does permanent make-up last?

Permanent but not definitive. Permanent decorative cosmetics is an everyday make-up, in which you wake up every morning already perfectly made up. Since it cannot be removed at will, it must above all be natural. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from applying your permanent make-up as you wish with classic cosmetic products such as lipstick, mascara, eyeliner etc. to underline additionally.

The duration of permanent make-up depends on various factors: how quickly the skin renews itself, the colors used, lifestyle and skin type. The make-up is not definitive but lasts only 2 to 3 years, which is not necessarily a disadvantage. Fashion changes and with it the make-up trends. Also, with age, of course, personal taste evolves.

La belle cosmetic studio permanent make-up treatment pigmenting eyebrows

Eyebrow pigmentation

What are the advantages of permanent make-up??

  • Permanent make-up does not run or smear.
  • You will have a perfect make-up 24 hours a day, whether you wake up immediately, after dancing all night or after sports.
  • With this pigmentation technique, there is almost no bleeding and the patient is "presentable" again very quickly after the procedure.
  • The pricking with the needle stimulates the micro-circulation and with it the cell activity: wrinkles are reduced.

What does permanent make-up look like?

The permanent make-up looks very natural and a harmonious part of the face when professionally applied. Below you will find some "before – after" examples from my studio.

Duration and cost of permanent make-up

Duration and costs for different permanent make-up options can be found in the prices or directly in the online booking.

With every first treatment, a professional anamnesis / skin assessment is carried out. This service is included for my clients and also mandatory to define together the appropriate treatment.

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