Pc does not recognize cell phone: what you can do

If the PC no longer recognizes your cell phone, it is usually just a simple problem. We show you the most common causes and the corresponding solutions.

Pc does not recognize cell phone: what you can do

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PC does not recognize cell phone – what to do?

If you have successfully connected your cell phone to your PC before, in the best case there is only a temporary problem that can be easily solved.

  • Turn both your smartphone and computer completely off and on again. A restart will fix small errors in the cache already.
  • Also try to establish the connection with a different USB cable. Especially with cheaper cables the transmission of data can fail over time.
  • Plug your phone into another USB port as well. do not use hubs, but connect directly to the PC.
  • Also take a look at your phone and unlock it. Usually you have to confirm here that the computer is allowed to access the data from the cell phone.

PC does not recognize cell phone connected via USB

PC does not recognize cell phone: drivers are to blame

If the problem persists, it is very likely that the driver is the cause.

  1. Press the [Windows] and [R] keys at the same time so that the "Run" command appears öffnet.
  2. Enter here "devmgmt.msc" and confirm with "OK. Then start the Device Manager.
  3. Öopen the category "USB controllers" below and look for the driver for your phone.
  4. If the driver does not bear the name of the manufacturer, disconnect and reconnect the phone to find the right driver. If necessary, also activate USB debugging.
  5. Right-click on the driver and select the option "Uninstall device".
  6. Unplug and plug the phone again and wait for Windows to reinstall the driver.
  7. If this is not the case, restart Windows. If the driver is not reinstalled even then, download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Uninstall cell phone drivers in the device manager

Smartphone is no longer recognized: Reinstall cell phone

If all this doesn’t help, the problem probably lies with the smartphone itself. In this case, you can reset the Android phone to factory settings.

  • Before you do this, however, you should connect your cell phone to another computer to make sure that the problem does not lie with the computer.
  • A hardware defect on the smartphone is only very rarely a possibility with such symptoms.
  • If the problem is definitely with the phone, a repair may help. During the warranty period, the repair is free of charge at the manufacturer’s.

Tip: max out your cell phone battery with Android

In the next practical tip, we’ll show you all the possibilities for transferring data like photos from the cell phone to the PC.

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