Outdoor mask requirement: spanish government opposes quick end to regulation

2. February – Some autonomous regions had demanded a return to the original state in view of the hospital situation, which was not dramatic. Until Christmas had been allowed to remove the mask in outdoor areas. more.

2. February – The court argued that these decrees should not have been adopted because of the unconstitutionality of the two Spain-wide so-called states of alert. more.

2. February – Slight decrease in new infections, hospital situation more relaxed, but three deaths more. more.

2. February – The Guardia Civil accuses the 70-year-old of having tricked and then killed the animals. more.

2. February – On streets like the Rambla, Sant Feliu, Montision, Colon, Morei or Sant Jaume, the price per square meter is now up to 20.000 euros. more.

2. February – The convict had coordinated the transport of drugs across the Atlantic in the unusual vehicle from Palma’s suburb of Son Ferriol. more.

2. February – More than 1400 people are currently collecting signatures calling for Palma airport to be named after the Mallorcan from Manacor. more.

2. February – The regional government is to pay 91.5 million euros in compensation for a real estate project near Port de Soller that was prevented in 2010. more.

2. February – Currently, the ship is on a month-long expedition, where, in addition to Mallorca, it will stop in Melilla, Ceuta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz in Tenerife and Tarragona. more.

How will the Mallorca summer 2022?

2. February – The Festival of Lights in Palma’s Cathedral could take place on Wednesday, thanks to good weather conditions. For the second time since the pandemic began, the Seu has opened its doors to visitors. more.

2. February – The new sports facility includes not only a swimming pool but also a fitness area and a parking lot. More.

2. February – Licensing of the six beaches is said to have been not above board. Now the justice investigates. more.

2. February – Between Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., patients can get immunized there. more.

1. February – Again noticeably more new infections, but slight relaxation in the hospitals. Five more fatalities. more.

1. February – At the beginning of the high season it should be so far, employees are already looked for. The establishment on the Playa de Palma had to close at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. more.

1. February – The company Birdie Son Vida, a company of the German real estate agent Matthias Kuhn, planned many years ago on a hillside above Port de Soller to build luxury villas. But nothing came of it. more.

1. February – Constantly something changes and you lose the overview. Now the antigen test for the unvaccinated must be no more than 24 hours old. And there are further changes. Here is an overview, status 1. February. more.

1. February – The Spanish Ministry of Health reported 849.87 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. In the Federal Republic the seven-day incidence is clearly higher. more.

1. February – It blows strongly from the northwest. Temperatures rose only to 15 degrees. In the past few days, the lows had at times dropped below freezing point, even in the lowlands. more.

1. February – How would it be to visit the beautifully situated place Sant Jordi times? Bus 14 gets you there, whizzes past dozens of mill ruins. A tour of duty. more.

1. February – A new campaign from the United Kingdom aims to combat British "booze tourism" nip in the bud. Organizers and players are to pay heavy fines for non-compliance. more.

1. February – For the town located in the middle of the mountains, the seven-day number 1442 was announced. Followed by LlubI, Inca, Santa Maria del CamI and Sineu. more.

1. February – The Balearic Port Authority (APB) now wants to change that. Now the concession for a restaurant and bar is to be put out to tender. more.

1. February – The Swiss lawyer Andrin Vogeli takes over the branch of the real estate company in the southwest of the island. more.

1. February – More than 25 other animals seriously injured. Some had to be slaughtered. more.

1. February – In the bathing resort Portals Nous in the southwest of Majorca popular with Germans is for years a rocky coastal area, which apparently private residents with pointed stones disfigured. more.

1. February – The shipping company now named a concrete date after criticism of the practice. It uses among others the Aida Stella from Mallorca. more.

1. February – Police found that the youths had damaged traffic signs and violated traffic rules. more.

31. January – The 54-year-old had helped shape the weekly newspaper since 1995 and made a name for himself as a society reporter with reports on prominent island visitors and residents. more.

31. January – Since 22. January one can enter Switzerland from Mallorca as a vaccinated person without an additional PCR test result. Here the current regulations also for Germany and Austria. more.

31. January – Decline in new infections, hospital utilization stable at high level, two deaths more. more.

31. January – The incident occurred on Friday in Palma. Previously, according to media reports, the vehicle was stopped in Tomas Rullan Street. more.

31. January – On Sunday afternoon, a young man was found bleeding on the Carretera Militar discovered. The second victim was on the Cannes road. more.

31. January – The district court Munich rejected the complaint of a holiday-maker, who had demanded the travel price back from the organizer, after he had to isolate himself in Cyprus because of the infection of a fellow traveler in its hotel room. more.

31. January – The aim is to transform Mallorca into an upscale destination that is increasingly moving away from the so-called booze tourism. Three-star hotels and also houses with an even lower standard do not fit into this concept. more.

31. January – In the format, viewers learn about the Canary Islands plans of the landlord Jerkel and his wife on Monday night, the expansion of the Gulpen hostel picks up speed. more.

31. January – A drunk driver ignored a stop sign on Sunday and collided with a motorcycle. more.

31. January – Due to high demand, the winter schedule will expand from 50 to 75 connections by the end of April 2022. more.

31. January – According to initial investigations, the insect discovered in Israel could cause considerable damage to citrus plantations. more.

31. January – The winner particle is to represent in the future the festivities of Palma’s patron saint Sant Sebastià and bear his pet name "Tianet. more.

31. January – The property, built in 1932, is to be renovated at a cost of about 1.6 million euros and transformed into a four-star establishment. more.

31. January – The text states that "independent apartments in apartment buildings or duplexes are not considered isolated under any circumstances and, consequently, the commercialization of tourist stays in these apartments is prohibited". more.

31. January – The 19-year-old Belgian from the Lotto-Soudal team was the fastest on the 169-kilometer course. more.

30. January – The regional government of Mallorca and neighboring islands has reported 1363 new infections with the coronavirus in the past 24 hours to Madrid. more.

30. January – He prevailed 2:6, 6:7, 6:4, 6:4 and 7:5 in an epic final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev. more.

30. January – Since Christmas the friendly and calm winter weather hardly changes. The nights remain cold. more.

30. January – Tennis pro Rafael Nadal from Manacor was rewarded with winning his 21. Grand Slam tournament the best player ever. more.

30. January – The island council points out not to interfere unnecessarily with nature. more.

30. January – The village on the edge of the Tramuntana mountains is on its way to becoming an innovation hotspot. A hydrogen project in the former cement factory will change the place. more.

30. January – In the coming days, the infection situation in Germany is expected to be worse than in Mallorca. The trend reverses as so often. more.

30. January – The effects of climate change are also visible on Mallorca. Two researchers from the Balearic University present an action plan with concrete demands. more.

30. January – On Sunday it goes on the last stage from the Playa de Palma over Sineu and 169 kilometers to Palma. more.

29. January – The regional government of Mallorca and neighboring islands reported to Madrid on Saturday 2190 new infections with the coronavirus in the past 24 hours. more.

29. January – They remained peaceful, but did not wear respirators as required and shouted words like "freedom" more.

29. January – A German start-up sells healthy, fruity-herbal thirst quenchers in glass bottles on Mallorca. The company wants to establish the drink. more.

29. January – The pressure on the hospitals on the islands remains high. On Friday, 474 people had to be hospitalized with corona disease. more.

29. January – The section was named "Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana denotes. In which the Belgian was already several times successful. more.

29. January – Producers stress that the cost of each hotel room is about 500 euros. In boutique apartments, the price can be significantly higher. more.

29. January – In case of flight delays and cancellations help online service providers. But against the make airlines seriously. more.

29. January – The expanded supply is a result of the easing of Corona restrictions by the British government. more.

29. January – The "Flexplus" tariff Is an additional option, the cost depends on the total trip price. Starting at 45 euros. more.

28. January – On the 16-square-kilometer rocky island about 13 kilometers off the coast of Majorca, the main aim is to develop infrastructure. more.

28. January – The regional government of Mallorca and neighboring islands on Friday, 28. January, 2514 new infections with the corona virus in the past 24 hours reported to Madrid. more.

28. January – First experts established a connection between a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Tonga archipelago and the new sandy beach on Mallorca. The scientific explanation is however another. more.

28. January – In the night from Thursday to Friday the Spanish weather service Aemet issued the warning level yellow because of cold weather. Temperatures down to -4 degrees were recorded in the Tramuntana mountains. more.

28. January – Nadal won the semi-final 6:3, 6:2, 3:6, 6:3 against Italian Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini. more.

28. January – The stays in various four-star hotels will take place from January 15 to 15. March to 7. April 2022 instead of. more.

28. January – Carolina Darias pays a visit to Balearic President Armengol in Palma. At the meeting, she also announced that the "compulsory outdoor masks" would be abolished, to be abolished as soon as possible. more.

28. January – Drunk kamikaze driver is arrested on the highway of Llucmajor. The woman drove in the opposite direction and had two dogs on board. More.

28. January – The National Police breaks up a criminal network that had committed credit fraud worth millions of dollars. Nine people from different cities in Spain, including Palma, have been arrested. more.

28. January – A total of up to 10 trees are to be planted in this legislative period.000 new plants and trees to be integrated into Palma’s green spaces and parks. more.

28. January – The 21-year-old won the silver medal at the U-23 World Championship last year. more.

The national rule that requires tax residents in Spain to declare their assets abroad is contrary to European Union law, the court announced. more.

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The endemic state is within reach – hopefully

The bad news about the ever increasing numbers of new infections with the corona virus do not stop at the moment – and annoying. But many consume it almost more.

Welcome to Mallorca year 2022

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The national rule requiring tax residents in Spain to declare their assets abroad violates European Union law, the court announced. more.

"Goldcar gets fine of 680.000 euros imposed

The Italian competition authority sanctioned Goldcar Spain and Italy now for the second time. The business practices are also known in Mallorca. .

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The TV station Sat.1 shows the romantic comedy with the actor Uwe Ochsenknecht, who lives on the island. more.

" The new HM Hotel is the third of the chain in Palma

The four-star hotel cost 30 million euros and will have 118 rooms. 60 employees take care of the well-being of the .

" Spain releases booster vaccinations for everyone over the age of 18. age free

To get the third booster vaccination in Mallorca, citizens can request an appointment on the online platform BitCita. .

"Fira del Ram" Fair will take place again after a break of two years

This year, the organizers count with about 60 rides and 100 stalls. .

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