Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

The exciting release date of the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro is set to be announced after the launch event on 26. September just around the corner, which is why new rumors are popping up more and more every day. For this reason, we have collected all the news and information about OnePlus 7T in one place for those who are interested.

If you ask yourself: ‘Should I buy the OnePlus 7T??" "Will there be a OnePlus 7T Pro?" or discuss getting one over the Pixel 4 XL, we’re here to help. Here are all the details.

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

Now that you know some of the basics and we’ve answered some important questions, here’s some additional information that will excite you.

Release date of OnePlus 7T

First things first: the wait for the new phone from OnePlus is almost over. While the "T" model in the second half of each year usually arrives in November, this year the company will release both phones on 26. September bring out, which is earlier than usual. Here’s the proof of these new phones and a OnePlus 7T Pro teaser video.

Recent leaks point to release date 15. October in the United States, but we think the below 10. October makes more sense as a release date in the business.

26. September launch in India
10. October launch in the US/EU
15. October sale

– Max J. (@Samsung_News_) 19. August 2019

For comparison, the OnePlus 6T was released on 6. November 2018 release, but each year the date has been pushed up a bit. So get ready for these phones before the end of the year and before the Pixel 4. The OnePlus 7T will also launch with Android 10, which is exciting.

OnePlus 7T leaks& Rumors (September 2019)

Until recently, OnePlus hadn’t confirmed a "T" model of the 7 Pro, but we’ve seen leaks all over the place about it, rumored release dates, not to mention almost every device they’ve ever released had a follow-up later in the year. In addition, the company’s CEO recently confirmed that it will release a 5G phone in late 2019, which we now know is the OnePlus 7T Pro.

The latest information comes from Ishan Argarwal on Twitter, who suggested that the OnePlus 7T will have a larger 90 Hz display. Yes, the smaller, cheaper model will get an improved display. This means that both the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro will have beautiful 90 Hz screens. OnePlus has since confirmed this as well.

Interestingly, the image you see below, which is from an unknown device actually leaked before the OnePlus 7 came out earlier this year. It’s basically a design that everyone forgot about and now could actually be the brand’s next phone.

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

Popular leakster @onleaks also shared these images.

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

Above, you can see the OnePlus 7T, the smaller, more affordable model. Yes, that’s a picture of the cheaper OnePlus 7T. The larger "flagship" OnePlus 7T Pro will retain a similar design to the model from earlier this year and won’t adopt that circle camera style. It won’t look any different.

OnePlus will use the "T" variant to compete with iPhone, Galaxy Note and Google Pixel towards the end of the year. This pattern keeps its devices up to date and competing with the latest technology.

However, this is where things get tough for the OnePlus 7T as well, as it’s already ahead of the competition in several areas. So how are they going to improve on an already great phone? The current device has almost no bezel, no notch, a pop-up camera, a 90 Hz display, etc. It’s a top-of-the-line phone. But don’t worry, the 7T will be even better.

We’ll be on the lookout for more information on the cameras, these leaks, or possibly a 120 Hz display and more. As soon as we hear something we will update this post.

OnePlus 7T specs and features

Obviously, it’s still too early to know exactly what’s coming, or if they’ll even release two phones with different specs and screen sizes again this year. However, we already have a good idea of what to expect, simply because technology only improves to a limited extent every year and OnePlus sticks to a pretty standard upgrade formula.

Again, this is largely speculative, but given OnePlus’ previous releases, what’s currently available and confirmations of a fast Snapdragon 855+ available in the second half of 2019. Also, OnePlus rarely changes the internals or cameras too much on the T model, instead focusing on the display, notch, camera performance, and some other small but notable upgrades. In any case, it should be two powerful phones capable of competing with the best of the best and taking on the Galaxy Note 10 almost across the board.

We heard a rumor that OnePlus would try to abandon the pop-up mechanics and place the front camera inside and below the screen, without a cutout like we see from Samsung. Basically, the front camera lens would be under the screen and only visible when in use. Unfortunately, we doubt the technology is ready yet and we’ll see it on the OnePlus 8 next year.

OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro cameras

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting news besides the bezel-less display is that OnePlus might finally put more effort into the rear cameras. We’ve been saying that for years, and every year they’re a little better, but still nowhere near as good, powerful or consistent as the competition. That could finally change with the 7T or the OnePlus 8 in 2020.

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

Early leak possibly showing us the 7T rear camera

The image above could be a completely old style that they scrapped last year for the OnePlus 6T or 7, or it could possibly be the OnePlus 7T, as these companies usually test devices several months, if not years, before release.

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

We’re pretty confident that the OnePlus 7T will include at least three cameras to compete with the Galaxy Note 10 or iPhone 11. These are:

The image above shows a rather odd black square on the back that hides three new cameras. We’re seeing a similar style of Nokia, Huawei, Apple, Google, and other brands. Basically, don’t be surprised if this is the final look. We hope the camera will be faster, smoother and more consistent. And again, this is the smaller OnePlus 7T, not the 7T Pro.

OnePlus 7T price

We have no idea what to expect from OnePlus in terms of pricing, especially since they are raising the cost every year. But unless they add a lot of new features, the price should stay the same.

Instead of $299 or even $479 as we’ve seen from OnePlus in the past, the 7 Pro was almost as expensive as a Galaxy S10.

And while that’s still far less than the $999 asking price for the comparable Galaxy S10+, it’s not cheap, and some people don’t want to pay those prices.

Do not be surprised if the $ 699, $ 729 and $ 779, if not more.

Other OnePlus 7T news and rumors

Now that we’ve gone over the OnePlus 7T release date, specs, features, leaks, and potential pricing, we’d like to share a few other things that didn’t make the cut. This section contains other news that is unconfirmed or that we don’t want to believe. Rumors that are dubious, or just other information that didn’t fit above.

One of these comes from TechRadar. And while we don’t doubt the information, it does suggest that the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro may not be different from the regular 7. Basically, it is said that the changes will be very minor, which actually sounds right.

Oneplus 7t release date, specs, leaks and news

In conclusion, we didn’t think these phones would show up in September, but that’s exactly what’s happening. We assume OnePlus wants to launch Google, which is why this phone is coming out over a month earlier than in previous years. In fact, the release date (after the announcement of 26. September) will be the same day Google releases its Pixel 4 on 15. October announces. We will have to wait and see. In a few days we will know for sure.

We’re still not sure when these phones are coming, but they will be on 26. Announced and hitting shelves and online stores about a week later. So stay tuned for more details.

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