Oh ha, fir tree most beautiful decoration for the christmas tree

Slowly it goes into the hot phase and in the back of our heads ticks a quiet countdown: seven, six, five, four, three, two, one days, then is Christmas Eve, the highlight of the Christmas season. Our care time budget is already maxed out weeks in advance, with gift lists, dinner plans, Christmas parties, Advent calendars, cookie baking or snacking dates and so much more, not to forget – the Christmas tree.

Little tree, decorate yourself

Of course, getting a tree and decorating it is also on our agenda, because if the Christmas tree isn’t up, where can we put the presents and the snapshot for the family album?? In big cities like Berlin, Christmas trees can even be left until 24.12. shopping, and so the biggest challenge is not organizing the tree on time, but getting it out in time for the festivities.

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have been showing us for weeks how perfect and festive Christmas trees can look in other living rooms. Plus wonderfully tidy backgrounds and crumb-free carpeting – lovely, feels like a vacation – but also really great inspiration for picture-perfect Christmas trees.

Queen of DIY ornaments

Andrea from wlkmndys regularly puts a twinkle in our eyes. Her ideas are magical and the realization even more so. And because we’re not the only ones who see it that way, Andrea has recently started sending out DIY craft boxes, so that we can copy at home what she comes up with week after week.

Her easypeasy idea for pimped tree balls: Simply paint glass balls with white acrylic markers! The paint dries ultra fast, is nice matte and covers wonderfully. No magic (she says!).

Or her Advent calendar made of empty toilet paper rolls: with leaves glued on, they suddenly look like pine cones. And the craft decoration not only works as an Advent calendar, but certainly looks great on a Nordmann fir as well. For even more Christmas decorating tips, check out Andrea’s post on the blog.

We take a bow!

Mer(r)i Mer(r)i Christmas

Meri Meri has already made more than one party a feast for the eyes in our house. The decorative items are simply too good to be true and so it was only logical that at Christmas, too, there is a lot to be done, not spilled. If it’s up to the art directors at Meri Meri, we’ll hang stuffed animals on the tree and decorate the walls with garlands. Or the other way around! And why not actually.

Even more great decoration ideas from Meri Meri on Instagram.
And not only decorations, also accessories for the children’s room, jewelry for braids, napkins, plates and everything around a successful Christmas table, even cookies. Now you just have to decide.

Oh ha, fir tree most beautiful decoration for the christmas tree

DEPOT Online

While I’m still marveling on Instagram and wondering why Scandinavians seem to look and live "perfect" all the time, and mentally saying goodbye to the idea of ever getting it even remotely like said ladies, the home decor experts at DEPOT are helping me get on my feet. They’ve dedicated their Christmas Worlds to different cities this year, and that’s insanely handy for people like me. On a few clicks you can see how fir trees in Paris, Milan, St. Petersburg, Kitzbuhel or just be decorated in Stockholm.

You can study the Skandi style at DEPOT at your leisure and, conveniently, also order everything from Christmas tree balls to reindeer fur. And if you want to avoid postage and delivery madness, you can simply store for the decorations in one of the many stores. As a tip: in some toom home improvement stores there are now also DEPOT decoration areas.

Trees from Disney princesses

… you decorate best with these great pendants.
Because Helene and Izzy are still fans, of the brave sisters Elsa& As the tree ornaments for Anna from the Disney movie "Frozen," Camilla set out to find the perfect tree ornaments for the perfect "Frozen" set. All tree decorations are linked.

My tree will probably be a "colorful dog" this year.

We have old glass baubles hanging next to glitter baubles with sequins, pink next to red, disco glitter next to paper and absorbent cotton angels. We have a tree that looks like a diary, with achievements from all our lives and places we have traveled, gifts from others and baubles that have joined us in the course of life. Today I have broken 2 pieces again and I have not cried a tear for them. Because for the space they free, a new ball can join and tell a new story to it.

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