New year’s eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

New Year’s Eve sayings are simply part of New Year’s Day. Send it to acquaintances, friends and relatives and wish them a Happy New Year. We have five New Year’s Eve poems and 60 beautiful, funny, thoughtful and short sayings for the new year. They are suitable for cards, voicemails, gift tags, WhatsApp and Co.

New Year’s Eve sayings express what a new year can mean. For most people, the turn of the year is a Time of new beginnings and new opportunities. It is reflected on the past year and thought about what could go better in the new year. There will be good resolutions made, new plans made and Goals Set. Motivation is usually at its peak on New Year’s Day. Support other people by showing them that you are thinking of them.

Why we celebrate New Year’s Eve

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

Why we celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is also celebrated regionally "Old Year’s Day" named and on 31. December Celebrated. This event was named after the holy Pope New Year I. A celebration at the end of the year has already celebrated the Romans. The typical fireworks, which we know today, goes back to the Germanic fire festivals celebrated at the turn of the year. They were supposed to drive away evil spirits in pre-Christian times.

As "New Year’s Eve" (lat. ‘Waldmensch’) we call the turn of the year, however, only since 1582. The Gregorian calendar reform at this time moved the last day of the year from 24. December to the 31. December, the anniversary of the death of Pope New Year’s Eve. However, he died already in 335 after Christ.

Today, apart from the fireworks, there are some other traditions for New Year’s Eve: the pouring of lead, toasting with champagne, lighting sparklers and the New Year’s kiss at midnight. Churches usually offer nightly services. To wish good luck for the new year, 1-cent coins, shamrocks, chimney sweeps or small lucky pigs are also often given as gifts or featured on New Year’s Eve cards.

New Year’s Eve sayings and poems for the turn of the year

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

New Year’s Eve sayings and poems for the turn of the year

With the following sayings and poems you can make your loved ones happy at the turn of the year. In our 60 sayings you will find some depending on your mood and taste beautiful, thoughtful, funny and short life sayings, proverbs, quotations and proverbs. The five poems are especially suitable for the older generation or for people who simply enjoy poems and rhymes.

The New Year’s Eve sayings can help you with your writing too, by using them as inspiration and then individualizing them. Especially quotations are suitable to interpret them afterwards in a short text. They are also nice to fill empty spaces in your New Year’s cards.

15 beautiful New Year’s Eve sayings

In the following you will find a selection of the most beautiful New Year’s Eve sayings. you are positive, optimistic and motivating and are suitable for all kinds of contacts. Most of them are particularly suitable for friends and family, because they are heartfelt advice give. If you haven’t found one yet, here are more motivational sayings for you that fit the New Year’s spirit, and here are examples and tips on how to simply say thank you for the New Year.

  1. Wherever you go, go with your whole heart.
  2. On the threshold of the new year, hope laughs and whispers it will bring us more happiness.
    (Alfred Tennyson)
  3. Welcome the new year with confidence
    and without prejudice, then you have it
    already half to the friends won.
  4. In the new year a new hope,
    the earth still turns green
    also this March brings lark songs,
    also this May brings roses again,
    also this year lets blossom joys.
    (Karl von Gerok)
  5. Our time, swift and far-seeing, spurns the transitions; but the transition points are the points of life.
    (Ernst Freiherr von Feuchtersleben)
  6. Let us go into the new year with a fresh spirit! Old shall be our love and loyalty, new shall be our hope.
    (A.H. Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
  7. A life without hope is like a bird without wings. A life without love is like a sky without stars.
    (Ernst Thalmann)
  8. A new year takes its course.
    The young sun rises.
    Soon the snow melts, soon the ice thaws.
    Soon the bud already swells on the rice.
    And whether we do not look until tomorrow,
    Let us hope and trust.
    (German proverb)
  9. The time passes in rapid flight,
    The old year is followed by the new;
    Keeps us faithful to our friends,
    So gladly we call: Happiness enough!
    (Bruno Alwin Wagner)
  10. We do not grow older with the years,
    we become newer every day.
    (Emily Dickinson)
  11. As like a day of rest, so is the end of the year,
    Like a question tone, that this complete,
    Then appears the spring’s new becoming,
    So nature shines with her splendor on earth.
    (Friedrich Holderlin)
  12. Life is like a journey, New Year’s Eve like a milestone.
    (Theodor Fontane)
  13. Let us look forward to it, as we look forward when a child is born to us.
    Let’s laugh at it, the new year, let’s smile at it!
    (Charles Dickens)
  14. Laugh at life! Maybe it laughs again!
    (Jean Paul)
  15. The best way to start each day well,
    When waking up it is to be thought of whether one
    not at least one person on this
    Days could make a joy.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche)

15 New Year’s Eve sayings to think about

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

New Year’s Eve sayings to think about

The following New Year’s Eve sayings are mainly from well-known poets and thinkers. Some refer specifically to the coming new year, others thematize Hope and new beginnings in general. But they all fit perfectly into a slightly pensive New Year’s Eve mood, reflecting on life and open to good new advice is. Here you can find sayings about life, which also fit to the turn of the year and here tips to the Meaning of life and examples for Happiness of life.

Also for the contemplative Christmas time sayings are suitable to the reflection. If you already want to wish a happy new year together with your Christmas greetings, you can find combined greetings here: Christmas greetings, Christmas sayings, Christmas wishes, New Year greetings.

  1. When the first morning of the new year dawns, the sky seems no different from the day before, yet one feels strangely fresh.
    (Yoshida Kenkō)
  2. You can recognize the high by the transitions. All life is a transition.
    (Hugo von Hofmannsthal)
  3. The new year looks at me kindly, and I leave the old one with its sunshine and clouds quietly behind me.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  4. A joyful hope is worth more
    than ten dry realities.
    (Franz Grillparzer)
  5. A new year of life means: new grace, new light, new thoughts, new ways to the goal of new ways.
    (Otto Riethmuller)
  6. Hope falls refreshingly as dew in our lap.
    (Theodor August Schuler)
  7. The folios turn yellow, the cities’ scholarly splendor fades, but the book of nature receives a new edition every year.
    (Hans Christian Andersen)
  8. The world is a snake, and its skin the year;
    The new, when it changes, will be like the old was.
    (Ephraim Moses Cow)
  9. Hope helps us live.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  10. The bells are ringing
    To the new year. – Will it be a bebres?
    (Frank Wedekind)
  11. Did you look forward to a new year,
    praising the future with an eloquent mouth?
    It rolls up and hurls, o how far!
    You backwards. – You sink into the old gullet.
    (Gottfried Keller)
  12. The ideas necessary for our life may have been exhaustively thought out three thousand years ago. I guess we have only new fire to put on old brushwood.
    (Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)
  13. For the next year I wish you a smile. May it make the hard times a little happier.
  14. It quilts hope away in our breast,
    But happiness, always near, escapes us;
    Banished and dull the dull spirit wanders,
    It lives and weaves in a beb’ren future.
    (Alexander Pope)
  15. A moment of peace of mind is better than anything else you may strive for.
    (From Iran)

15 short New Year’s Eve sayings for WhatsApp and Co.

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

New Year’s Eve sayings for Whatsapp& Co.

The following New Year’s Eve sayings are kept extra short so you can use them as your WhatsApp status can post or send to your contacts. Of course, they are also suitable for Facebook and Twitter or as a caption for Instagram, if you want to post a motivational or funny photo for the new year.

If you send the sayings on WhatsApp, you can also send them together with a photo. Here’s how to make your New Year’s greetings not only more personal, but also stand out from other New Year’s messages. Don’t forget that the older generation often doesn’t have WhatsApp. So send some cards or call the people who are important to you.

  1. I wish you for the new year especially one thing: time. This year too will be as it was – a part of eternity.
  2. Live today – forget the sorrows of the past.
  3. Every new year is an opportunity. Discover yourself, discover the world. Enjoy the time and reflect on what counts.
  4. New motto for exams in the New Year: Serenity is a graceful form of self-confidence.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  5. The sun doesn’t always shine, not every year is beautiful, so I wish you the courage to take a detour sometimes.
  6. Look at every day as if it could be the last one.
  7. Everything has an end, every New Year’s Eve brings a turning point, a magic of new beginnings, get involved and start tomorrow.
  8. Do not postpone the kiss until tomorrow!
    (Sidonie Grunwald-Zerkowitz)
  9. The old year is saying goodbye, I wish only the best for you in the new one.
  10. A new beginning, that gives us courage. I am sure the new year will be good.
  11. All the good resolutions already exist, we just need to apply them.
    (Blaise Pascal)
  12. The old year, that is soon gone. I wish you still quickly nen happy new year!
  13. New Year’s Day is the first page of a book still unwritten. Make sure that all 365 pages will be wonderful.
  14. New year, new happiness.
  15. I don’t need new good resolutions, the old ones are still untouched.

15 funny New Year’s Eve sayings

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

For a bit of New Year’s fun, check out these funny New Year’s Eve sayings. You will find some among them Rhyme, but also Funny life sayings, like Abraham Lincoln’s: "Set aside thirty minutes every day for your worries, and in that time take a nap." This quote is not only a good New Year’s resolution to take more time for yourself and forget your worries. It is also surprising by the fact that such a famous former president of America openly says that he is a fan of naps and skillfully ignores his worries.

If you like Abraham Lincoln’s quotes, here are two more for you that make good New Year’s Eve advice: "Most people are as happy as they set their minds to be." and "I have made the experience that people without vices also have very few virtues." The second quote is funny especially for the people who like to party, drink, smoke and eat unhealthy food on New Year’s Eve.

  1. If the old year was successful,
    then look forward to the new.
    And was it bad,
    yes then even more.
    (Albert Einstein)
  2. A new book, a new year
    What will the days bring?
    Will it be as it always was
    Half fail, half succeed?
    (Theodor Fontane)
  3. Start the new year in an environmentally friendly way and limit yourself exclusively to the reuse of your old good resolutions.
  4. Keep thirty minutes every day free for your worries, and in that time take a nap.
    (Abraham Lincoln)
  5. It depends on you whether you want to use the new year as a brake or as an engine.
    (Henry Ford)
  6. I am the little New Year’s fairy,
    deep in the thick snow,
    so I’m sending you from far away
    a handful of magic stars!
  7. A lucky pink pig came running at midnight, with a lit sparkler in hand. It grunted and squealed loudly "hooray", I wish you a happy new year!
  8. The new year has just begun, the many resolutions have melted away. What the heck, there is no going back, for the new year good luck and success!
  9. I wish you only the best for the new year – and that’s me!
  10. A shamrock stands by the wayside,
    Was all alone when I found it.
    I picked it up and went a piece,
    I give it to you, it brings you luck.
  11. At! Again a new year… Again a postal station, where fate changes horses.
    (George Gordon Byron)
  12. Welcome to the New Year!
    Let us lift our eyes cheerfully!
    Friendship live true and faithful!
    Freedom shall live highest!
    (Ernst Moritz Arndt)
  13. It is not good that you hesitate and complain:
    When backward without regret
    into the old year you may look,
    so move with courage into the new.
    (Friedrich Wilhelm Weber)
  14. In the new year happiness and good fortune,
    Good ointment for aches and pains!
    On rough block a rough wedge!
    To a prankster and a half!
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  15. Flowers blown away in the old year,
    let the new richer you bloom!
    But hope, friend, for a lush bed,
    so you also have to make an effort yourself in the garden.
    (Wolrad Eigenbrodt)

5 beautiful new year poems

New year's eve sayings: 60 sayings & 5 beautiful poems for the turn of the year

New Year’s Eve poems are suitable for people who enjoy rhymes and poems. But above all for the older generation, who probably still has a special connection to poetry due to her school days. You can certainly please them with one of the following New Year’s Eve poems. Write them neatly in a Map, recite them or frame them as a small New Year’s gift a. Here you will find more poems of all kinds.

A year’s nothing when you’re done with it

A year is nothing if you plaster it away,
a year is a lot if you use it.
A year is nothing; if you flatten it;
a year was much, if one thought it through completely.
A year was much, if one lived it completely;
enjoyed and strived for in one’s own mind.
The year was nothing, for all the joy dead,
which offered us inside not a new one.
The year was rich in all suffering,
that hit us with the spirit’s stroke.
An empty year was short, a full one long:
Only the full measure of life’s course,
an empty year is delusion, a full one is true.
Be everyone full this good, new year.

(Hanns Freiherr von Gumppenberg)

Again and again

Winter went, summer came.
It brings again
The much loved miracle stuff
Flowers and songs.

How it changes year by year,
Consider me almost with worries.
What lived, died, what is, it was,
And today becomes tomorrow.

Always must the Bildnerin nature
Using the old sound
In house and garden, forest and meadow
To her new sketches.

(Wilhelm Busch)

At the turn of the year

It hallet dull the twelfth hour,
The important moment is approaching
Because on the whole earth round
Turns alternately now the fate.
We stand at the entrance of new times,
We look ahead forebodingly;
Trust may only accompany us
Out into the wild sea of life.
What will the new year bring us? –
Many a hope, deception and success!

(Excerpt from "At the turn of the year" by Heinrich Martin)

Perhaps –

What should I wonder and toil
What brings the new year?
A hope and despair
And snow maybe in the hair.

Maybe a ribbon in the buttonhole,
Perhaps a twig to the hat,
Perhaps a child’s hand,
That flattering friendly does.

Maybe a game and dance
On a laughing summer day,
Maybe a laurel wreath,
That long ago lay in my mind.

Perhaps a gentle breeze
From blooming gardens,
Maybe a reunion
On storm-lashed sea.

Perhaps a fragrant posy,
That fell from the heaving bosom,
Maybe a wooden cottage
As a last hiking destination.

Oh, to the last walls
My last goal reached,
You remain in sweet shivers
My human consolation ‘Maybe!’

(Rudolf Presber)

New Year’s Eve

That soon the new year begins,
I don’t feel in the least.
I just notice: Time is slipping away
Just like at Whitsun,

Just like thousands of times a year.
But people want grip and data.
I hear emotion, booze, scandal,
I dine on roast hare.

With Cumberland, and vis-à-vis
Sitting by the nurses
The most sensual. I know them
Good, although only since yesterday.

Champagne pushes, lies and speaks true.
Cheers, merciful sister!
At! In my bed! And cheers New Year!
Rasch! Cheers! Cheers New Year’s Eve!

Time slips away. The spider, spins
In secret tissues.
When a year begins tonight,
Begins a new life.

(Joachim Ringelnatz)

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