New hope in the rebecca case: google gives account data to berlin police

Since 19. February 2019, the then 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch is missing. Homicide detectives are still working on the case and continue to not rule out a resolution after nearly two years of investigation. (Source: t-online)

Searching for clues: Photographs show where Rebecca Reusch was shortly before her disappearance on 19. February 2019 was staying. (Source: t-online)

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For more than two years, the then 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin has been missing. Data from Rebecca’s Google account could now provide new insight.

Police search for missing Rebecca
Photo series of 6 images

There could be movement in the Rebecca Reusch missing person case thanks to data from search engine provider Google. The then 15-year-old schoolgirl has been missing for more than two years in Berlin, she was last seen on 18. February 2019 seen. To date, there have been numerous leads, but none have led to useful clues about the student’s whereabouts. Police assume that Rebecca was killed.

Now Google is apparently providing valuable information to investigators in the case, which police hope will help them find new leads. For as the "Bild" reports, Google provided investigators with a USB flash drive containing data from the student’s Google account.

According to the newspaper, the case, which is said to date back six months, came about thanks to the cooperation of Google headquarters in Ireland and the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin. For Berliners hope the data from Rebecca’s Google account will provide more clarity on her recent activities.

Rebecca’s phone numbers and location data

On the USB stick are namely, according to the "Bild", Masses of data stored. Such as which sites the student was surfing via Google or saved phone numbers. But it also holds data on other devices from which Rebecca’s account may have been used. Location data could also be retrieved via Google.

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The case of the missing Rebecca R. has occupied the republic again and again for years. At times, her brother-in-law was under suspicion, even arrested. However, nothing has been proven so far. He is nevertheless still considered a suspect. Nevertheless, the case is not a "cold case" for Berlin police, as many officers still follow dozens of leads. Now they have apparently again more traces to evaluate.

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