Nature and luxury in harmony – oman travel for adventurous connoisseurs

Nature and luxury in harmony - oman travel for adventurous connoisseurs

In the east of the Arabian Peninsula lies the relatively unknown state of Oman. Unlike the much better known United Arab Emirates with Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman is not (yet) so overcrowded and overdeveloped. The Arabian country captivates with endless deserts, dreamlike oases, white beaches, rugged mountains and a thereby unique landscape.

The country with the capital Muscat is therefore suitable for a luxurious break in one of the numerous resorts as well as for nature lovers who would like to spend their vacation under the open sky in the fascinating mountain scenery. Oman as a destination offers numerous leisure activities and also culinary you will certainly get your money’s worth there. In this article we would like to introduce you to the country of Oman and give you some reasons why you should consider Oman as your next travel destination.

How to get to Oman and the best time to travel

If you would like to spend your vacation in Oman, it is relatively easy to get to the Arabian country from Germany. A direct flight takes 6.5 hours to Oman. Not all airports offer direct flights to Oman, often there is a stopover in Abu Dhabi. So you have the option to fly straight to Oman or use the stopover for a short sightseeing in Abu Dhabi. It is recommended to book a rental car immediately after arrival at the airport. So you can explore the country and make excursions in your vacation quite flexible and individually. Public transport is not recommended, as the bus network is sporadic and there is no train.

Before the Oman trip you must electronically apply for a visa for entry, the cost of which is the equivalent of about 47 euros. It is best to apply for the visa at least one week before the planned departure date. In Oman there is a tropical desert climate. While the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius during the day, it drops to 10 degrees Celsius at night. In the summer time there can be more monsoon like heavy rains, so the best time to travel to Oman is November to March. At this time of year it rarely rains, the sea is pleasantly warm and the temperatures are constantly hot.

Dreamlike beaches and turquoise water

The coast of the country is 2.000 kilometers long and has some great beaches to offer. Whether snorkeling, luxury, pure relaxation, surfing or natural – there is a suitable beach for everyone. For all luxury enthusiasts, Al Jissah Beach awaits you on the Arabian Sea. If you prefer kitesurfing instead of drinking cocktails, you should visit Sur Masirah Island, a real insider tip. Constant wind and crystal clear water make surfing on the coast pure fun here. All nature lovers get their money’s worth at Ras al Jinz Turtle Beach. On this beach the sea turtles lay their eggs. If you also want to explore the underwater world of Oman, you can visit the Oman Dive Center Beach. From there you can admire the colorful and unique underwater world with numerous fish and turtles in the warm and crystal clear water. To really relax you should visit Salalah Beach. The resort of Salalah is not called the "Caribbean of the Orient" for nothing, because lush palm groves surround miles of white sandy beaches that invite you to swim.

Great sights in Oman

Oman has many beautiful sights to offer. One of them is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in the capital city of Muscat. The majestic building is made of bright sandstone and non-Muslims are also allowed to take a look at both prayer halls. Another highlight is the Wadhi Nakhar gorge. With 1.000 meters deep, it can also be called the Grand Canyon of Oman. To 2.000 meters there is a high plateau, from which you have a breathtaking view over the mountain landscape. If you like, you can hike along the western flank of the gorge. Not only in the gorge, but also in the desert a hike is worthwhile. In the east of the country is the Ramlat al Wahiba desert, which awaits adventurous vacationers with numerous tourist camps and petrified sand dunes on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The last tip, which we would like to present here, is the oasis Wadi bani. This palm-fringed oasis with crystal clear waters is located in the middle of the arid mountain landscape and is almost too good to be true.

Leisure activities for young and old

The sea along the coast of Oman is very good for dolphin and whale watching. Almost all year round the fascinating animals cavort there and you can get very close to them with a boat trip. Such excursions start for example from Salalah. All water rats get their money’s worth snorkeling or diving in the clear water. There are numerous diving schools in Oman, which offer dives for young and old. There you can get the necessary equipment and marvel at exciting marine life as well as shipwrecks under the water surface. If you prefer to have fun in the desert, a jeep safari or a camel ride could be just the right thing to do. The fabulous desert landscape can be optimally explored by off-road vehicle or on the back of a camel. Nature lovers can spend their vacations in Oman under the open sky and in luxury tents in the middle of the desert. Glamping combines the magic of 1001 nights with the facilities of a luxury hotel.

Culinary highlights in Oman

Omani cuisine is among the most exotic and delicious cuisines in the world. If you want to feel authentic like in 1001 nights, you should not miss these delicacies. Dates, lemons, rice and bread are traditionally among the staple ingredients in Omani cuisine. Then add to that spices from Asia and Africa. Mainly the typical dishes are refined with cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, cloves and saffron. Meats on the table include chicken, lamb and goat. In general, however, it can be said that the food in Oman is also good for vegetarians. There are some famous holiday dishes in Oman, which you should definitely try during your trip. These include Kabsa, Shoowa and as a sweet dish Halwa. The Omani dishes are very varied, quite exotic and provide a real taste explosion in the mouth due to the numerous aromatic spices, which are otherwise rarely found in European cuisine in dishes.

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