Natural miscarriage or curettage?

Of course, no woman who has just found out that she is pregnant wants to worry about suffering a miscarriage. But unfortunately it happens much more often than friends, acquaintances, cousins or work colleagues tell us about it.

Not much to find about this on the internet either. Some forum posts and testimonials about natural miscarriage. Otherwise, only articles about the process of a curettage.

This article deals with natural miscarriage, which is viewed very skeptically by doctors.

It is good for many women to be by themselves in the beginning.

My intention is not to make pregnant mothers afraid of suffering a miscarriage. I am much more interested in encouraging the women who are in this situation and are looking for information. You are not alone and you can decide yourself what to do with your baby. Not your doctor.

In 20-50% of early pregnancies, it happens that the pregnancy does not progress and the development stops all at once.

Often no embryo develops from the amniotic cavity. The little heart never starts beating because the body has decided that this genetic material has no chance of survival.

If the body stops the pregnancy in the first 7 to 8 weeks, the amniotic cavity becomes almost 5 millimeters in size.

What happens now in the female body?

The body produces, in order to enable the implantation and all further processes of the pregnancy and to maintain it, the hormone HCG. The concentration in the blood increases daily and is, depending on the test, several days before or after the test. after the 28. Cycle day high enough to indicate positive pregnancy test.

If the amniotic cavity does not grow any further, the body stops HCG production and the level slowly drops again. At some point (every body has its own rhythm and its own plan), the body realizes that "something is wrong". A short time later, the body begins to reject the non-viable creature.

The uterus contracts, as it does during menstruation. The amount, duration and strength of bleeding varies from woman to woman.

Sometimes it only takes a few days for the body to start, sometimes it can take several weeks.

A place of retreat can help to gather new strength.

It is a fact that in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy a natural miscarriage is the gentlest way for mom as well as for the uterus. Provided, of course, that there are no life-threatening circumstances that make a curettage medically necessary. In any case, this should be clarified individually with a doctor or midwife. Personally, I would advise you to talk to your midwife first. This usually has more experience with natural miscarriages.

In natural miscarriage, the placenta and amniotic cavity (or embryo, if the baby has already developed that far) are enclosed. When the body is ready, the bleeding begins.

Midwives call this process a "small birth.

You can clearly feel contractions like contractions, which ensure that the mucous membrane and baby plant can get outside.

Once the placenta and amniotic cavity or embryo are born, contractions usually subside and blood flow weakens. When everything is completely bled off, which may well take a few days, the bleeding will gradually stop again.

The HCG value should continue to be controlled by midwife or doctor. In the unpregnant state a value of 0-4 is normal.

Sometimes it happens that tissue residue or mucous membrane is still left behind. Most of the time, the body starts bleeding a little more to get rid of any remaining tissue. If this is not the case, but the HCG value has already fallen sharply, it is possible in consultation with the doctor to wait for the next cycle and build on the fact that the uterus is then empty.

Another aspect of a small birth, is the farewell. Many women feel abruptly empty after a curettage. "Your baby" is simply gone. It can take a little time for the head to process this loss.

It is often the case that women who wait for natural miscarriage can say goodbye to their child in this way. Often, afterwards, a certain kind of pride sets in that their body has managed this task on its own.

Unfortunately, this method is no longer common in Germany. An informed woman, must fight for her natural miscarriage.

Quite in contrast to countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden or Norway. Here scrapings are rather uncommon. The body is allowed and should manage this task on its own and in case of emergency it is supported medically.

In Germany, the gynecologist usually urges you to have a curettage.

The whole uterus and cervix are removed with a sharp spoon in a 10-minute operation, usually on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia. Since the operation is performed "blindly", the entire uterus must be scraped out. This is the only way to be sure that no tissue remains in the uterus.

This causes small tears in the uterine wall. It can also happen that the wall of the uterus is punctured. Even surrounding organs can be damaged.

The fact is: no clinic earns anything from a natural miscarriage. The gynecologist can only give a consultation and ultrasound. But that was it. No room, no board, no counseling or educational sessions, no blood draws.

Also the pharmaceutical industry goes empty. No tablet before the surgery, no general anesthesia, no painkillers for afterwards.

Shouldn’t every healthy woman, for whom a natural miscarriage carries no risks, be allowed to decide for herself which path she ultimately chooses??

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I was diagnosed with an empty amniotic cavity at 6+3. In several friends and acquaintances, the embryo did not appear until the 8th week of pregnancy./9. SSW. In my opinion too early to make a final diagnosis. Nevertheless, all gynecologists were of the opinion that I should have a curettage. I was shocked with my thoughts. Left alone to wait. I can’t quite get used to the idea that it will remain empty, and I have the feeling that I would be aborting if I had a scrape. I am of the opinion that if the baby does not want to stay any longer, it should leave naturally. When I told my gynecologist she wanted to give me medication to support the natural process. I still want to wait. Waiting to see if something shows up. I am shocked at the doctors who push women very quickly to have an abortion. I am doing well and I have no physical complaints. What many people don’t know is that even in the case of a miscarriage, you are entitled to midwife help, which I will also take advantage of. Maybe something will develop. Vll but not. But I will not blame myself for not waiting too long. I give myself and the baby 2-3 more weeks.

Personally, I think it is very nice and strong of you to first listen to your body and your intuition. Often with all the medical unfortunately we lose sight of that.
If you find a midwife, take the chance to talk to her and get another opinion. In the event of a miscarriage, your midwife can also monitor whether your HCG level is dropping again.
As long as you are well, stick to your wish and trust your body.

Last year I had an abortion once in 8 weeks. I have been diagnosed with a missed abortion in the 6th week, and once in the 6th week. SSW a wind egg.

Fortunately my gynecologist is very empathetic. He left the decision between curettage and natural miscarriage to me, but recommended a natural miscarriage because it is gentler on the body.

Both times it took about 10 days to get started. My doctor gave me his cell phone number. I let him know when it was going on. He called me three times a day to check on me. He asked every time if he should come to my home, but fortunately that was not necessary.

As bad as it was, I am proud that I did it on my own.

Dear Corinna,
I am very sorry to read that you had to say goodbye to a new life twice already. &
I am all the more pleased with how sensitively and patiently your gynecologist handled the miscarriages.
Of course, going natural is not the right thing for every woman, some want to "get it over with" so they can move on quickly, but for many it’s like you describe, because that’s how I felt too: proud of yourself and your body. One gets self-confidence, maybe a little more access to one’s own intuition and can say goodbye. Mostly it welds even more with the Parnter together.
I wish you with all my heart that you will soon be allowed to experience a complete pregnancy and that you will be able to conclude it with a wonderful, self-determined birth in the end. &

My doctor also urged me to have a curettage because my embryo had developed. During the control after the curettage he wanted to operate again immediately, it would have accumulated blood. Because I wanted to avoid this at all costs I got a second opinion. It was discovered that the doctor had not removed the amniotic cavity during the curettage but only a cyst. When confronted, he admitted it, but reacted in an absolutely unpleasant way towards me. Now I wait until my body does it naturally and feel much better with it, even if the long wait is not easy

Thank you for your contribution. &
I’m sorry to read that you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately, something like this can always happen.
I definitely keep my fingers crossed for the path you have chosen now. I hope you can also come out of this experience a little bit stronger.

In the 10 SSW. I started bleeding. We went to the clinic where I was told that the baby is too small and has no heartbeat. 2 days later I had anyway an appointment with my Fa. There, unfortunately, confirmed the suspicion of a FG because also the HCG of last 4.000 on 1.000 had fallen. I didn’t know my doctor for a long time, because I had just changed doctors, but I had a good impression of her from the beginning. She told me that I should just trust my body and let nature take care of it. Since I had only heard about abortions from family/friends so far, I asked if it was not necessary. She explained to me that the natural way is the most gentle and how to reach her in case of emergency. Of course I am very sad, especially since it is also my 1. Pregnancy was. But I am grateful to be able to go this way and to be able to accompany my baby on this way.

Dear Vanessa,
thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. I am very sorry that you had to go through this experience, but I am very happy to read that you have such a great gynecologist, who is willing to help you and your body (or rather, your body). thus in general all her patients) so much confidence gives. I also find that fear is the wrong way here. Unfortunately, many women do not know that there is a possibility of natural abortion, but if they do know, they are often pushed in the direction of abortion. That’s why I find it so valuable that you were allowed to decide for yourself and had the possibility to call her in case of doubt. I wish you with all my heart that you will soon be able to enjoy an intact and full-term pregnancy!

Sorry, no embryo should read. During the check-up of another doctor, who discovered the unremoved amniotic cavity, a non-living embryo was also found.

I am just about to go the way of a natural miscarriage. I hope that I and my baby will have such a harmonious farewell . I just got pregnant at 47 and now we are not allowed to be together.

I found out today that my embryo is no longer there and the yolk sac has collapsed.
I already had a missed abortion in November, including scarring… but I didn’t know it could be done any other way. I have taken yesterday still utrogestan. Now I leave it out and wait for hopefully soon a bleeding starts. I would like to go the natural way this time. I hope this works.

I am very sorry to hear that, I know exactly how you feel right now. &
My fingers are crossed that you have the chance to let your little star go naturally.
Maybe you can find a midwife who can support you (mentally). Since you are pregnant, you are entitled to this help.

All the love for you!

Found out in the 8 SSW that the baby is now only Ssw 6 and has no heart tones. Theoretically it should not have grown since 2 weeks. My MD gave me the choice to. I had an AS before. Now I decided to go the natural way. Unfortunately, no bleeding comes. I have been waiting for 1 week and now I have 1 more week to wait. Otherwise I would have to go to the abortion. What can I do? I can hardly leave suddenly at work, since I work in the social field.

Kind regards

Dear Mel,
thank you for your comment.
I am very sorry that your baby probably did not develop. &
But the question is, on what grounds do you have only 1 week left?? Did your doctor determine the HCG value and check it after one week? It has to rise first, so that abortion bleeding can begin. Before that, the body does not "notice" that the pregnancy is no longer there.
There is also usually no increased risk of infection. Do you have a fever or other sympthoms? Then it must be controlled, or if you lose excessive blood. Otherwise you can wait for the time being.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail or call me.
You can find contact information here on the website.

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