Mz series neighbors in mallorca: a real friend on son baulo

Will Kauffmann gets along well with all his neighbors. Friendship, however, developed only with Pedro Juan Munar – and that has many reasons

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Two have found each other: Kulturfinca operator Will Kauffmann and his neighbor Pedro Juan Munar

There two have found each other: Culture finca operator Will Kauffmann and his neighbor Pedro Juan Munar. Sophie Mono

Pedro Juan Munar is often with his neighbor. Very often. So often that his wife sometimes asks unnerved: „What is so great about these Germans?“ For Munar, the answer is clear: "The positive energy.“ The Mallorcan lives a few properties away from the Cultural finca Son Baulo In Lloret de Vistalegre on Mallorca. Operator Will Kauffmann has been his neighbor for 38 years, and the two have been close friends for about 33 years.

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Munar and Kauffmann don’t quite remember their first meeting. „I know only that I came to look at the horses that you had new at that time", says Munar. Kauffmann nods. The familiarity between the two is palpable, often one finishes the other’s sentence, usually they need only a few words to understand each other. „We liked us from the beginning", Will Kauffmann remembers.

Back then, at the end of the 1980s, when the Swabian had just built a new home out of the ruins of the old mansion in Lloret de Vistalegre, there was a lot of talk in the village about the aleman talked, knows Pedro Juan Munar. „He was, after all, one of the very first Germans to settle here, and Son Baulo was a property rich in history, with which many families associated something.“

In the meantime, hardly anyone is interested in what Kauffmann is doing there. The fact that he manages the island’s most important German-language cabaret and a country hotel between fields and farmsteads is of no concern to most of the local residents. „They can’t do anything with Brahms," says Kauffmann, says Kauffmann. Also, when Spanish artists perform, it is mostly islanders from other municipalities who come, he said. „The people from Lloret are just happy that their old possesio is in good condition again,", adds Munar.

Not that Will Kauffmann had problems with the other neighbors- on the contrary. „It was and is with all always a friendly relationship", says the 74-year-old. That may also be due to his tolerant and uncomplicated nature. But friendship has become just with Pedro Juan Munar- and the Mallorcan also contributes to it. „You don’t have to be closed off like many of my compatriots are. For me, getting to know people is enriching. After all, not all Germans are caps quadrats“ (Squarehead).

When the men talk they keep switching between German and Spanish. „It was like that from the beginning. We learn from each other“, says Munar. Through many trips and once a Bavarian girlfriend, the Urmallorquiner has had early contact with the German language and culture. „This has broadened my horizons. I used to think the Germans were superior to all of us. But we can learn from each other.“ To this day, Munar regularly shows his neighbor tricks of the trade for plowing the fields, maintaining the tractor or finding his way through the Catalan-speaking jungle of authorities. He introduces him to Mallorcan traditions and brings him island recipes. The jack-of-all-trades Kauffmann, who not only learned mechanical engineering but was also a musician and professional photographer, helps repair Munar’s cars or agricultural equipment.

„Above all I have learned from Will this positive attitude. At 74, he has the esprit of a 25-year-old.", finds Munar, who was also there for the friend when Kauffmann lost his young daughter to an undetected blood clot in 2010. And if in Son Baulo When the house is full again, the 59-year-old retiree, who once worked in administration, spontaneously lends a hand behind the bar. „I can rely on Pedro, no matter where there’s a fire, he helps", says Kauffmann.

It is a give and take. „In Spanish one says: Will tiene mano izquierda. This means that he can deal with difficult situations, but for me also symbolically that he does not demand things with his right hand, but stretches out his left and gladly gives things without asking for anything in return.“

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Will Kauffmann could not have imagined in 1984 that he would find such a good friend right next door. „At that time I had already looked at about 100 properties on Mallorca. When the real estate agent brought me here, I just knew: this is it.“ Already the way there had convinced him. Away from the typical Mallorca and yet in 30 minutes at the airport. „I did not even have to enter the building then. The decision was.“

In the meantime, several Germans have settled in Lloret, also in Kauffmann’s neighborhood. People know each other, but no one is as much a part of the inventory at Son Baulo like Pedro Juan Munar. Sometimes they go out together on their motorcycles, sometimes by bicycle, sometimes by horse-drawn wagons. Then again they simply screw around on machines or devote themselves together to the agricultural work. By now it has become a tradition that Munar on 31. December a huge mountain of garden pruning to Son Baulo carts to set fire to it. Together with the guests of the Kulturfinca the two then stand there and are pleased like small boysabout the big fire.

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