Muttizettel – when the child wants to go out longer

Mummy note - Party note

Visits to public events are part of a teenager’s leisure activities. Restricted going-out times, however, limit the joy for many revelers, because without permission, young people are only allowed to go out until 24 at the latest.00 o’clock out of the house at certain public events. The details are regulated by the law for the protection of minors. If you want to give your teen more time to party in the club, write him a party note.

How long are you allowed out with muttizettel?

Pay attention to the regulations of the respective club or association, because each organizer may set up own regulations. The federal government does not envisage a universally valid form to prevent document forgery by young people.

Together with a guardian over 18 years old, the teen shows the ID and the completed party slip to the security at the entrance of the disco. Some organizers accept different forms, as long as they meet the required criteria. The signature of a parent and the guardian must be evident. From the teenager must be recorded name and date of birth. In addition, the Muttizettel template is valid only with a copy of the identity card.

The personal data alone is not enough for a youth to be allowed to go out longer at events. In addition, write the date and the name of the event and the time limit on the supervision slip.

You should choose as a supervisor for the evening a familiar person who acts dutifully. The security staff must check that the teen does not spontaneously look for his supervisor outside the club. Organizers must also check the information on the form in case of doubt and call the teenager’s parents.

Some organizers save the effort, for example at the Spring Break in Issing. Here the operator refrains from allowing teenagers to stay longer than 24.00 o’clock to let celebrate.

When do you need a Muttizettel?

Many events don’t reach the peak of festivity until after 24.00 a.m. – exactly when a young person between the ages of 16 and 18 has to make his way home without a party slip. If a teen wants to go out longer, they must carry your parenting permit with them. Only then is the stay at the party allowed without time limit.

Only if a young person can show the permission, he may exceed the legally prescribed going out times without his parents. Teens age 16 and older also need a chaperone of their choosing.

The allowed times to go out are staggered and regulated for different age groups:

Up to 15 years: When accompanied by an authorized adult or legal guardian and with a supervision slip, participation is allowed without limit.

16 years and older: Without muttizettel may the teen until 24.00 Stay on the event. With supervision slip is allowed to stay without time limit. In addition, a guardian and the muttizettel template with ID copy is necessary.

From the age of 18: For adults, participation is allowed without a guardian and without a supervision slip.

Who may sign the muttizettel?

How to fill in the mummy slip?

To fill in the party sheet and, so that your teen can go out longer, you need to find a chaperone. The person you appoint must be of legal age and must be the contact person for your children during the whole event. Choose a responsible supervisor who can be relied on to do the job.

The maternity slip is divided into three sections in which you note down the relevant information:

1. Part for parents:

Write down your name, address and phone number so that the supervisor can reach you in case of emergency.

2. Part for minors:

Enter the name, age and date of birth of your child. Complete the form with the name of the event and the date of the celebration. Do not forget to write down the allowed going out time. Give your teen the maternity slip template only with a copy of your ID to the event.

3. Part for the supervisor:

Explain who you are hiring as a supervisor, their name, address and phone number.

Finally, you and your authorized person sign the form. You can download online the template for a supervision note. The form contains all relevant information with which the permission is valid.

How long can you stay at the club when you are 17??

Cinema attendance is limited to 22.00 o’clock, if your child is younger than 16 years old. At 16 and 17 years of age, a young person may stay out until 24.00 o’clock. Clubs and discos are also allowed to have teens up to 24.00 o’clock stay.

If you want your child to be allowed to go out for a longer period of time (in clubs), you give her a party slip and assign an adult, trustworthy supervisor.

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