Muscle mass: this is how many kg of muscle you can build in a month

Muscle mass: So fast you build up 1 kilogram

Build muscle mass: Learn here how long you need to build 1 kilogram of muscle& with which trick it goes much faster.

No time for sports

Train more efficiently. Photo: dusanpetkovic/ istock / dusanpetkovic/ istock

Many athletes not only want to have better endurance, a greater sense of well-being, and more strength- but also more Muscle mass build up. wmn tells you what results you can expect in one month, one year and with training experience.

Build muscle mass at the right pace

As you know, muscles need a stimulus to grow. And that works especially with the right training. Three rules apply here:

Pay attention when strength training, take short breaks between sets, between 40 and 60 seconds. Also, don’t pause between reps and get into a rhythmic, brisk tempo. Muscle mass? Here we come!

Nutrition: Theoretically so simple& practically as heavy

For more muscle mass you must first of all eat right. That sounds simple. But in fact this is where most make mistakes. Either eat too little, so that the body feeds on its own muscles and breaks them down, and we want the exact opposite.

Or they eat too much, so that they slowly but surely build fat mass. Here applies: The body needs an energy surplus for the structure of muscle mass. But this is only 300 to 500 calories per day.

More food = more muscle mass(Photo: Alkarnasia, shutterstock)

For more success fitness expert Ingo Frobose has already calculated the perfect nutrient distribution. He advises:

  • about 1.2 to 1.5 grams of proteinper kilogram of weight to eat per day
  • about 3 to 8 grams of carbohydratesto eat per kilogram of weight per day

By the way, if you train for up to 90 minutes, you don’t need a snack or sugary drink during that time. But after training, you should definitely give your muscles what they need. Namely food. Here, too, is a mix of carbohydrates and protein ideal to build muscle mass. What you should eat after exercise you can read here.

How fast can you build muscle?

Those who start training can build about one kilogram of muscle per month. Those who have been at it for a long time make little progress. Beginners:inside will be rewarded for their efforts directly.

But how fast you personally build muscle also depends on several individual factors: From your hormonal balance. Especially from testosterone. Since men naturally make more of the hormone, they also build muscle mass faster than women do. But genetics also seem to play a role.

How much muscle mass you can build depends on several factors.(Photo: Daniel_Dash/ Shutterstock)

Thus it comes that two trainers start at the same time and one:r has better successes than the opposite one. But so-called muscle memory also plays a role: The body remembers its muscles, even if they have been broken down over the years. So if you start training again and not just start, you will get back into your old shape faster.

According to fitness coach Lyle McDonald, these benchmarks for building muscle mass are realistic:

1 training year: 10 to 13 Kg of muscle mass in total and 1 Kg per month

2 years of training: 5 to 6 Kg of muscle mass in total and 500 grams per month

3 years of training: 2 to 3 kg of muscle mass in total and 250 grams per month

More than 4 years of training: 1 to 2 Kg of muscle mass a year

for women: you can gain about half the muscle in that time.

Can be tricked a little?

Yep, you’ll have the most success if you train regularly, eat healthy and balanced meals, and regenerate properly. There success depends on so many individual factors, you should consult a professional if you notice that not much is happening.

But we still have a little tip for you: Many athletes also turn to the dietary supplement creatine, which is supposed to increase the strength during training. Creatine is a natural substance in the body and is produced in the kidney, liver and pancreas.

If you supplement Improve strength training performance, Delay fatigue and have a faster buildup of muscle mass. But: The effect is controversial even among sports professionals. Here applies therefore: Try it out yourselves!

Creatine for muscles

Creatine is said to improve performance(Photo: shutterstock/ Ivanko80)

But in the end, one thing above all is true: A continuous muscle build-up is unfortunately a matter of several months or years and unfortunately not of a few weeks. So stay on the ball and do not give up!

More on the topic?

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