Muscle building without equipment: it’s that easy!

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Use the time effectively

Always these waiting times! You are alone and bored? Maybe you are even a bit annoyed, because you could spend your time in a different way. For example with sports!

Who says that this is not possible?? And right here and now, on the spot. Muscle building also works without equipment. We tell you how to literally get everything out of your body.

How does muscle building work?

In order to increase the size of your muscles, you have to constantly expose them to new stimuli. Microscopic tears in the fascia are created during contraction, your muscle expands. If you give your muscle enough time to regenerate, the fine injuries heal, but the volume remains.

Sports and exercise are always connected with energy expenditure. If you have to fight against a force, you automatically tense your muscles. This can be easily illustrated by the example of a jogger. To get out of the place, he contracts his leg muscles with high intensity to perform the corresponding movement. If he also has to fight a headwind, his effort increases and the muscles are challenged even more.

If the jogger interrupts his run and walks a few steps, on the other hand, the amount of effort required is reduced. The muscles now also require less energy.
The more power you have to exert, the harder your muscles have to work. Therefore, the higher the stimulus, the greater the effect on muscle growth, because the sarcomeres (smallest units of the muscle strands) tear faster by intense contraction.

Bodyweight training – even faster to the dream body

The example with the headwind should make clear that you always have to fight against a resistance in order to build up your own strength. As a rule, weights are used for this purpose, which you lift up against gravity.
When building muscle without equipment, you do not need any training equipment. Here you are your training partner and at the same time your own opponent.

With bodyweight training, you use only your own body weight. According to sports experts, this method is not only extremely effective, but also offers many other advantages.

Advantages of bodyweight training

– no costs for training equipment or for the gym

– more coordination (you have to use many more muscles during the exercises than with equipment training)

– You can train wherever you are

– less risk to overload single muscle groups

– No one-sided training

– exercises in all degrees of difficulty, therefore also suitable for beginners

– has a positive effect on everyday life (better posture due to more body tension)

Disadvantages of bodyweight training

In some cases, however, the equipment training is more effective. These training successes are only possible to a limited extent with body weight exercises:

– for some muscle groups there are hardly any exercises

– muscle building is faster and more effective with equipment

– it is difficult to increase the intensity

– At some point you reach a limit where you can no longer stimulate your muscles – your performance stagnates

– muscles of different strength can hinder each other (a weak muscle fails before a strong one is even sufficiently stressed)

– You have to motivate yourself again and again

– You need a certain basic fitness

Muscle building without equipment: it's that easy!

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Now you start through – your training plan for muscle building without devices

You know how to use dumbbells and weights. But if you are on your own, you lack the ideas for an effective workout without equipment?

No problem, we coach you to become a pro – just by bodyweight training alone.

The perfect warm-up

Training without equipment works your whole body. You will work up a good sweat. However, the high intensity and movement also puts you at risk of injury. A conscientious warm-up is therefore important to prepare your muscles for the upcoming load. Furthermore, our sports bandages support you by stabilizing your ligaments and tendons and protecting your joints. Furthermore, with a warm-up you stimulate the following basic functions:

– Cardiovascular system
– Breathing and lung function
– Body temperature
– Psyche
– Joints, ligaments and your muscles

To get really fit, you should warm up your whole body. Only after your warm-up is it advisable to once again stimulate the muscle groups you want to exercise.
A warm-up lasts at least five minutes and consists first of basic, simple exercises like squats or a casual run in place.

Choose a warm-up workout that primarily targets the large muscle groups.
The break after the warm-up and the actual training must not be too long. Otherwise the warm-up was in vain and your body temperature will have dropped again.
Experts disagree about muscle stretching.

Some consider it necessary to stretch the fascia before exercise, others advise against it. If you decide to stretch, it is important to do it dynamically.

Training rhythm and intensity

No matter whether muscle building with or without equipment, a sufficient regeneration phase is always mandatory. Only in resting state your muscles recover from the effort and have the possibility to increase in volume. Overtraining leads to stagnation, both in terms of muscle growth and performance.

During strength training you might work your leg muscles one day and your arms the next day. But especially with bodyweight training you load the whole body. That’s why you should allow yourself at least one day of rest between the units. It is best to make the duration of your regeneration phase dependent on the intensity of your workout.

Supplement your muscle building without equipment with the right nutrition
Athletes have a higher protein requirement than people who do not exercise. Your body needs amino acids to convert them into muscle mass.

Since it cannot produce some of the so-called essential amino acids itself, you have to supply them through your diet. The products from our fitness food assortment help you to supply yourself optimally with proteins. Try our delicious protein pancakes or always have a boost in your pocket with our protein bars.

Proteins play a big role especially in power sports. When building muscle without equipment you also need endurance. Thanks to our pasta and rice products as well as nutritious flakes combined in delicious muesli mixtures, you are also well supplied in this respect. Complex carbohydrates provide you with quick energy and fill your glycogen stores after a strenuous workout.

Extra TipThe mineral iron promotes the formation of red blood cells and thus ensures a better oxygen supply to your organs. Iron is mainly found in meat, liver and beetroot. If you drink a glass of orange juice in addition to these foods, the effect increases even more. Vitamin C increases namely the bio availability of iron.

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