Manfred schmid: “nobody needs to explain austria wien to me”

Time and again Manfred Schmid was traded as Austria Wien coach – now he is, in an incredibly difficult situation. asked him in front of the microphone on the sidelines of the Bundesliga kick-off press conference.

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+ + Exclusive – The interview was conducted by Georg Sander + +

Since the last championship title in 2012/13, the name of Marco has been mentioned in almost every search for a coach Manfred Schmid – and there have been many changes of head coach in Vienna-Favoriten, between Stoger and Austria Vienna tried! So now it has become, the Peter Stoger successor, if you will, with eight years of delay. And while in the summer of 2013 the honor of leading the Violets to the Champions League after the last non-Red Bull Salzburg title to date was bestowed on ex-WAC coach Nenad Bjelica, the situation is incomparably more difficult.

The loss of millions of euros was followed by anxious weeks regarding the license, but now the focus must be on the future. Manfred Schmid explained how this is supposed to work in the this week in the course of the Bundesliga kick-off press conference. Finally Austria Wien coach! The situation is difficult, it is stacked deep. What has to happen for it to be a good season? Avoiding relegation can not be the goal!

Manfred Schmid: I never said that. It’s about developing a good team, we have potential and talented players. It’s about the time factor. Even if there are setbacks, we have to take our time. Then, of course, deep stacks are stacked. But I’m not saying that there can’t be a surprise. Austria is currently in a rebuilding phase. One has made it to the European Cup. If the start of the season goes wrong, you would still be back in the valley of tears.

Schmid: I would not see it that way. Of course, it would be easier if we had six months or eight weeks to develop a team without the three competitions. But I also believe that it can shape a team if you celebrate success at the beginning. This is how development can succeed. And if it’s not, it’s experience that coaches and players can gain. Nobody can take that away from you and it can be very important for the development of the team.

"No one needs to explain Austria Wien to me. Anyone who has ever been to Cologne knows what goes on there, and it’s even bigger in terms of the media. " – Manfred Schmid How do you want to put it in terms of soccer?? Under Peter Stoger, it looked respectable in the qualifying group at times. Do you want to be more stable or do you want to develop playful elements right away??

Schmid: There is a certain Austria identity, a certain idea of how I want soccer to be played. You have to adapt that to the team. It’s not about looking for stability anywhere. A lot of players have joined the team, including young players. They all have to find each other, so the comparison to last year is already gone. Basically I want to play offensive soccer. But that can also take time. As is generally known, Austria is not on roses financially right now. The fastest way to a reorganized budget is to sell players. As a coach, do you also have that in mind??

Schmid: That plays no role at all in my thoughts. For me, it’s the performance principle that counts. It is anyway a young team that you have to develop and that will, in case of success, of course arouse covetousness. What parameters can you use to measure success in what must have been a difficult year?? Because at the top, with LASK and WAC, more teams have more or less established themselves.

Schmid: We always set goals, but they are internal and I will not reveal them here. Basically, we want to find a team as soon as possible. There is so much potential and talent. And everyone has their issues. I know Not how they function in pressure situations. In the training camp and the preparation they all pulled along, they are eager to learn something new. I have the feeling that they can identify with what we are doing. And that is our main focus: We want to develop players. But we have a lot of games now, the pressure is on and it’s a learning process, for coaches and players alike. But you also get to know each other properly only then. Let’s finish with a quick look at Corona. You were last active in the individual sector. How has the Corona period affected the players??

Schmid: I do not notice any difference. The guys are already relatively professional. You have to point out a few things to them, my coaching team and I have already experienced a lot that they haven’t yet. Except a pandemic.

Schmid: Yes, but basically I have a good feeling- they are willing and dig deep And you know the excited environment at Austria, now in the sense of all-around, yes!

Schmid: Nobody needs to explain Austria Wien to me. Anyone who has ever been to Cologne knows yes also, what happens there and that is medial yes again a number larger. I am relatively relaxed. I will be the last to be excited. It’s also important for the boys that they have this support. I will always stand in front of them and protect them when they are ready to perform.

Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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Manfred schmid: "nobody needs to explain austria wien to me"

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