Mando diao return to their musical beginnings in their new album “bang

After 20 years of band history and eight studio albums, Swedish indie legends Mando Diao released their new album "Bang" last week.

In the early 2000s, the band not only made their international breakthrough with their debut album "Bring Em In", but also led the wave of Swedish bands that were enjoying international success at the time. In the last 20 years there have been various changes in the band line-up, an album in their mother tongue Swedish and various side projects.

Also the sound of the Swedes changed significantly over the years. Especially the albums "Give Me Fire", "Ælita" and the last released "Good Times" deviated strongly from the original "Mando Diao-Sound", showed clear synthie-pop influences and sounded above all much more commercial. Especially the fans of the first hour can be happy that Mando Diao return to their musical roots on "BANG".

Especially in the pre-release singles "One Last Fire" and "Long Long Way" or also in "I Was Blind" the Swedes show directly what to expect on the new album: Rock’n’Roll mixed with Blue and here and there some Folk influences. While the singles of the last albums were pretty poppy with a lot of disco elements, Mando Diao have now rediscovered their love for rough guitars.

Mando Diao – One Last Fire

On "My Woman," Mando Diao shifts down a gear again, taking the acoustic guitar out of the closet and getting almost a bit melancholy. Also a socially critical piece may not be missing in the today’s time. On "Society" the lack of justice in society is criticized. The piece also stands out musically, with its protracted climax. Also "Don’t Tell Me" is a song that calls for rebellion.

According to their own statements "Bang" is the dirtiest record since their debut. You can’t really agree with that, after all, the debut was still followed by the great "Hurricane Bar". "Bang" picks up where the third Mando Diao album "Ode to Ochrasy" left off. The new album is definitely more oriented to the sounds of the early 2000s again with the distorted riffs.

Although "Bang" still lacks a clear hit, like "Down in the Past" or "Sheepdog", which stands out. Fortunately, you also look for songs like "Black Saturday" or "Dance With Somebody" in vain, which somehow sound as if they have tried with effort and hardship to write a mainstream hit (What they have succeeded in their defense, but has cost one or the other fan of the first hour).) Mando Diao have definitely got their act together again with "Bang" and are taking a big step in the right direction: on their way back to being a credible alternative band and away from boring, commercial pop rock.

Mando Diao – Long Long Way

After recently playing a sold-out tour of China and currently making festival appearances across Europe, the band is set for an extensive tour of Europe in the fall. On the following dates you can experience Mando Diao live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Mando Diao Live 2019

22.11. Hamburg – Sports Hall
23.11. Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
24.11. AT-Vienna – Arena
26.11. CH-Zurich – X-Tra
28.11. Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
29.11. Munich – Tonhalle
30.11. Cologne – Palladium
01.12. Berlin – Columbiahalle

(Photo: Gustaf Elias)

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