Man: how to get rid of annoying hair on the butt – remove butt hair

Man: how to get rid of annoying hair on the butt - remove butt hair

Ass hair removal for men: How to get rid of ass hair on the buttocks

Body hair on almost every part of the skin is something quite Natural. Men in particular often "suffer" from hair on the buttocks – the annoying hair gets into the depths of the crack and is considered unhygienic and unaesthetic. Also the cheeks are completely hairy in many men.

The permanent hair removal of the hair on the ass is therefore inevitable for extreme cases. Because the buttocks are not easy to reach in the shower or bathtub and can only be seen with mirror tricks, permanent hair removal by a professional is an option for this part of the body.

Everything you need to know about depilation of the intimate zones on the back of the body can be found here:

All the advantages of a smooth butt at a glance:

  • A smooth buttocks looks aesthetically pleasing – provided that legs, abdomen and back do not form a hairy contrast.
  • Sweat and dirt accumulate in butt hair. For a fragrant and clean butt, permanent hair removal is inevitable.
  • In summer, short and long hairs in the butt crack cause unpleasant friction.
  • With smooth buttocks your muscles are shown off better and you can slide faster in the outdoor pool!

Shave ass hair or have it removed by a professional?

When it comes to the buttocks, many people have inhibitions to go to the beautician. At Cleanskin Studio in Munich’s city center belongs to the Depilation intimate zones in men and women to the daily Routine and you do not have to be embarrassed.

The good old butt shave under the shower is time-saving, but very inaccurate and risky: the smallest injuries in the sensitive area can lead to severe inflammation, which in the worst case must be treated surgically. In addition, forgotten hairs regularly remain and the stubble that grows back stings your cheeks.

So before you shave your ass hair, let yourself be treated in a Cosmetic studio advise and thin out the hair regularly with professional laser and epilation techniques.

All methods for removing butt hair at a glance

  • Shave ass hair: Fast and discreet, but not very accurate.
  • Waxing and epilating: the hair is pulled out at the root. As with shaving, regrowing hairs can lead to inflammation with these techniques.
  • Laser hair removal / IPL hair removal / SHR hair removal: Destroys the hair root from the inside. The treatment is relatively time-consuming, but lasts for a long time.

Permanent hair removal – this is how IPL and SHR work on the butt

During the permanent hair removal With laser technology, color molecules in the hair roots are specifically heated and thus destroyed. A disadvantage of the IPL technique: only hair roots with sufficient melanin can be captured. SHR technique is a bit gentler than IPL method and reaches also stem cells located under the roots, which are responsible for hair growth.

For hair removal in sensitive areas such as the buttocks and the crack, the skin-friendly techniques are much better than shaving, epilating and waxing.

Risks of removing ass hair with laser technique

  • Thick and light hair often grows again after the first treatments. However, with each treatment the hair that grows back becomes finer and thinner.
  • Those who suffer from stress-prone skin conditions such as acne or neurodermatitis should avoid laser treatment.
  • After the treatment, the skin may itch, burn or redden slightly.
  • Removing ass hair with a targeted laser is relatively uncomfortable during treatment.

Where can men have the hair on the buttocks removed?

If you want to do without awkward and embarrassing mirror dances, you should rather leave the removal of your ass hair to someone with more overview. You can’t just turn your cheeks to your friends or your partner despite (or because of) the close relationship, of course. But not only the cheeks also Hair on the back are a "hairy" subject. In this post you will learn more about remove hair on the back painless.

For hair removal at home, many manufacturers offer different products for waxing, epilating and shaving. IPL laser devices are also already available at affordable prices – but hair removal by laser you should consult a Professional with high quality equipment leave to.

At Cleanskin Studio in Munich, the experienced skin experts will be happy to advise you on all depilation techniques, so that your buttocks shine smooth and healthy in summer.

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