Malware disguised as a trojan horse

Infiltration of malware via removable media and external hardware

With the virus or. the malware behaves a little bit like the Trojan horse did back then.

"In Greek mythology, the Trojan horse was a wooden horse at the gates of Troy, with Greek soldiers hidden in its belly. The soldiers opened the city gates of Troy from the inside at night and let their army in. Through this Kriegslist won the Achaians named Greeks of the myth the Trojan War."(Wikipedia)

In my blog, the Trojan horse stands for removable media or external hardware. A USB stick z.B., B A USB stick, which often can be plugged into the PC or – much worse – into the engineering station, the heart of automation technology, without hesitation and without thinking. No one checks if the USB stick really loads only the data that is supposed to end up there. In the worst case there is malware, in the sense of the Trojan horse, the soldiers – and we all know how that ended…

What I want to point out is that everyone who is true to the motto "just quickly insert the presentation or just import this file"…should be aware of what he or she can cause with this "just once". This "just for a moment" can of course go well. But what if your USB stick is already infected with viruses?? Without you know that? Or much worse, if malicious software is to be imported into their systems with malice aforethought?

Be attentive

According to the BSI, the introduction of malicious software is ranked second in the top 10 threats.
Right after social engineering and phishing (source BSI), you can find my article about it here.

Attention as well as consciousness in the staff for the handling with the correct handling of removable data media and external hardware are important. These should be integrated and lived in the corporate culture. Even a seemingly simple carelessness, can have devastating consequences. Once the malware has entered the PC and the virus scanners do not sound the alarm (then you have another problem), the malware is quickly spread throughout the entire corporate network and is not so easy to get rid of again without expert help.

Knowing the actual situation

To get ahead of this "war" scenario, Yokogawa offers various security services and preventive measures.

  • Starting with USB locks, which are also effective as a visible deterrent,
  • via virus check PCs and protocols for all removable media,
  • via hardware interlock,
  • bishin to Whitelisting and AntiVirus programs.

But also much more.

Security services

But the first step is always Security Assessment! The aim here is to work with you to understand your networks and structures, to clarify the current situation of the measures already in place, and to gain an overall picture of the sensible and possible measures. Followed by a plan of action tailored to your company. In this way, we will show you ways to make it z.B. not so easy to bring malware into your company via external hardware. (Soon more on this topic on our blog.)

It must click

Security is important. For every company and for everyone personally. How secure an investment should be, that ultimately every entrepreneur must decide for themselves. Yokogawa provides the appropriate measures for your decision and experts who implement the set of measures that is right for you and your plant. The real challenge is to live security in the daily work routine (in private, too, of course) and to transport it into the workforce, this task has to be done by each company itself. But of course we are happy to help.

If you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask us. If you want to discuss with us, we are also open for it. Just leave a comment. I look forward to your opinion.

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