Make-up tips: never look old again

Today I make sure that you will never look old again with the following helpful advice.

Have you ever wondered why one or the other make-up technique or product doesn’t work?. Care ritual used to work great and now no more? Of course: skin changes with the years. We get wrinkles, the facial volume in depth is lost, the eyebrows just want to grow in any direction, the lips become narrower, etc. Irit and I have taken up the topic once. And while Irit on her blog about the Pro Aging of today I put my focus on the make-up, because I don’t care about the make-up itself. Because let’s face it:

Not putting on makeup is not a solution either .

I find it sad and a shame when women forego their makeup for "practical reasons". Simply because they can not do it, have forgotten or because old techniques with the years simply no longer work. With the following tips, you can be sure that you won’t look padded, painted or strange. Now more than ever!

Never look old again

FAIL 1: Too much foundation/powder

Caking& Baking are trends, which are taken up above all by very young things. They have plump, smooth skin and forgive it if too much foundation or powder ends up on it. Even if it looks just as bad..
Over the years, the appearance of the skin becomes coarser rather than finer. Wrinkles, pores or dents you never make up away, if you still apply more. On the contrary: you emphasize all the things that you actually wanted to conceal. If you want to look like shriveled Barbie with leather skin: here you go.

For everyone else, the golden rule applies: Less is more!

Make up faces: on the one hand suitable, on the other hand too much make up

Left: light day make-up. Right: a rigid mask that proves: a lot does not always help a lot.

My tips:

  1. Take care of your skin and give it Care, which she needs now. Then the first step is already done.
  2. Anti Aging Foundations special pigments, which reflect the light, simply cheat away small wrinkles. They are so pigmented that you can apply them from very light to opaque and still create a healthy and fresh complexion. (Favorites: Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani, Touche Eclat Foundation by YSL or the Vitalumiere by Chanel)
  3. Many CC Creams look similar. I always like to refer here to my beloved CC-Cream from L’Occitane.
  4. If you like foundation, you can also go for products that have an natural finish promise (z.B. Skin Illusion by Clarins or the Nude Air Serum by Dior).
  5. For all fans of powdery foundation, now would be the first contact with Mineralfoundation announced. Adequately apply the foundation no longer with a sponge but with a thick powder brush. The application is thus much finer and more natural.
  6. Always orientate your choice of color to your natural skin tone. In no way very much lighter or darker. This gives you even with a thin application rather a mask effect.

FAIL 2: Unmascaraed eyelashes

So and now the mummy here but quite vigorously puts her hands on her hips. How often have I probably already preached this, hm?

NO mascara is an absolute NO GO if you don’t want to walk around like a gray, inconspicuous, unnoticed, inconspicuous stealth lady miller!! Sorry.

The make-up mantra: mascaraed eyelashes make radiantly beautiful eyes!

left: radiant eye. right: without mascara it looks creased and tired.

And if there is nothing else you like to use in makeup. Mascara is definitely a MUST!!
Only except all those who are so allergic that they can not tolerate any mascara from any company … and no eyelash thickening and no colored eyelashes. You have my sincere sympathy!

Because, ladies: Mascara opens the eyes and thus the eyes, makes your eyes shine and the whole face immediately look much more awake. If you don’t like black mascara, use brown. BASTA!

You want proof? Then look here in my little video pure or start the self-experiment! You will be amazed!

FAIL 3: Eyebrows – unkempt or over-emphasized

Eyebrow shape tracing right and wrong

left natural, right too much to look young and fresh.

With the years, not only the skin structure changes, but also the hair. Some will have noticed that the eyebrows no longer grow as desired or simply change direction. I have, for example, 2.3 colleagues who just grow straight down *eye roll *.
Even though the trend is going back to natural brows, that doesn’t mean you should grow tufts over your eyes now if you don’t want to look like Mother Flodder on the run. Honestly: well plucked eyebrows look neat and well-groomed. They give your eye area the right frame and deserve a beautiful shape.
For those who have thinning hair above the eye, you can use tracing. There are now so many products and tools that you can use to get great brows. Attention, attention: also here less is more!!

My tips:

  1. Brows regularly from the beautician pluck, wax and/or dye let – turn ca. 4 weeks.
  2. When redrawing prefer to Brow powder the result is much more natural than with an eyebrow pencil, which requires a practiced hand.
  3. For the Color choice always orientate on the youthful natural hair color. Blond dyed with light complexion so please use a light brown. Brunettes choose a brown tone, which should not be too dark and the Snow White among you please do not look for the black Kohlkajal now for heaven’s sake, but should also fall back on a brown tone that underlines the brow shape and does not create black bars.
  4. For applying a special Brow brush use. Laura Mercier, for example, is now launching really nice ones that have one beveled and one semi-circular side and allow for individual color application.
  5. You can tame brows that grow in all directions with Brow gel, which is included in many combination products.

FAIL 4: Kajal in the wrong place

Kajal pencil on the waterline makes the eye look smaller

I have quite large eyes, so it looks only minimally smaller… however, you can clearly see how much harder the right eye looks.

…on the waterline
This was totally hip in the wild 80s! Sure my dears!
But wake up: we write the year 2017, you are 30 years older and the kohl on the waterline is now only appropriate for all those who want to visually reduce huge big googly eyes something. For all the others it also makes the eye small. This makes older eyes with waterline kajal look visually always small and tired. Does anyone need that??

Kajal pencil applied correctly makes eyes shine

A hard black or too dark line on the lower lash line makes your eye look like it is tilting forward. This makes it look sad and glowy. (right)Better: soften the line (left)

…as a contour under the eye
Okay… I have already preached that a soft line at the lower edge of the eyelid gives the eye more contour. Does it also. However, only if you choose a natural shade for this purpose (i.e. all cooler shades of brown) and blend out the line softly.
Black or – keep in mind – blue respectively. iridescent green kajal (unfortunately I still have to see it far too often) draws the eye to the wrinkles underneath and also makes the look look tired and hard. Use a better one for a contour on the lower lid edge Stone gray or brown, so natural shades and soften the line with a soft brush or. a cotton swab.

FAIL 5: Eyeliner position

No one objects to wearing a great eyeliner even beyond 40. Pay attention to the shape of your eyes. Possibly the eyelid has already dropped a bit and is now slipping in front of itself. Look at yourself closely and critically in the mirror. These are the tips I can give you along the way:

  1. If the eyelid crease has disappeared and there is too much eyelid skin on the eyelashes, no eyelid line is worth it. Then I recommend Tightlining (eyelash line thickening) or a waterproof kajal on the waterline on the upper eyelid and lots of volume giving and eyelash lengthening mascara.
  2. If only the outer corner of your eye is tilted towards the sole of your shoe, you should not draw the eyeliner too far into the outer corner of your eye. This follows the line of the eyelid margin and then also tilts downwards. Ergo: Eye looks tired and sad. Will that one? NO! Limit yourself to a narrow and, if desired, soft contour at the edge of the eyelid, which stops a tiny bit before the outer corner of the eye.

Eyeliner drawn too far into the corner of the eye, emphasizes a sunken eyelid crease. This makes the look tired

Eyeliner drawn too far into the corner of the eye, emphasizes a sunken eyelid crease. This makes the look tired.

If the eyeliner stops a little earlier and goes gently upwards, it can also visually lift the AUgenaubenwinkel

If the eyeliner stops a little earlier and goes gently upwards, it can also visually lift the AUgenaubenwinkel.

FAIL 6: Handling eyeshadows

Depending on the condition of your eyelids, you can of course work with eyeshadow. A few little tricks on the side:

  1. The brighter and shimmering the eyeshadow, the more it emphasizes lines and wrinkles.
  2. Neutral and natural shades The eyelid shades are suitable for all ages, while bright and flashy colors are more suitable for the younger generation and very few exceptions for the more mature age. Check before which type you belong to.
  3. Powder eyeshadows tend to slip into the crease of the eyelid when the skin around the eyes is soft or hang under the eye after a few hours. Waterproof cream eyeshadows provide a remedy. You get them from a tube or in a convenient pencil format.

Glittery and shiny eye shadows emphasize wrinkles on the eyelid

Glittery and shiny eyeshadows emphasize wrinkles…so be careful!

Matte tones that last long also shape a mature eye and are the better alternative to glitter and shimmer eyeshadows

Matte tones that last long also shape a mature eye and are the better alternative to glitter and shimmer eyeshadows.

FAIL 7: Choice of lipstick

Of course I do not stand here under any circumstances and forbid you the lipstick. I still have a few useful tips:

  1. The darker the color, the harder and more severe your facial features will look. I had already talked about the trend of dark lipsticks. You can choose between o.g. Link like to look again.
  2. With lip wrinkles a invisible contour pencil use. How to prevent lipstick from running out.
  3. Wearers of pronounced lip wrinkles better do without gloss, that hangs gladly shortly after the application no longer only on the lips, but also around it.
  4. Since even the clear contours of the lips often blur, it is recommended to use a to the lipstick matching contour pencil. Even if many make-up artists claim that it is much more modern without it: my credo is still that a precisely drawn lip looks much more well-groomed and elegant, especially on a mature woman.

A lipstick that is too dark makes lips look narrower

A too dark lipstick makes lips look narrower.

Neutral or fresh tones that suit the type and complexion complete the make up in a mature face much better than too dark colors

Neutral or fresh tones that suit the type and complexion complete the make up in a mature face much better than too dark colors.

So. I have finished!

I hope I have not overwhelmed you with the long text and that each of you could take away one or the other advice. If you have any questions, feel free to write me a comment.

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