Make sour cream yourself – the easy way& quick recipe

Sour cream - Recipe

Whether with baked potatoes, wedges, on ciabatta or as a dip for vegetable sticks – a homemade sour cream beats the ready-made products from the supermarket by far. And in addition, the dip is also very simple and quick to prepare.

For a celebration I have once again prepared at famous chili con carne. It also comes with some nachos and guacamole. But this time the chili turned out a little spicier than usual, and I also feel like bringing along a quick dip. A homemade sour cream is the perfect choice!

What is actually sour cream?

Originally, the sour cream comes from the USA and is eaten there with numerous dishes. Even with donuts, bagels or chips, the dip is eagerly eaten. However, it’s important to remember that sour cream in America is a type of sour cream with a fat content of around 12 to 16 percent.

In Germany, on the other hand, there is sour cream as well as sour cream, but it has a much lower fat content. The solution: We simply mix low-fat quark with sour cream and approach the fat content of about 15 percent.

In Germany, however, sour cream is known more as a kind of herb dip and not as an ingredient as it is used in America. But what the heck: delicious is and remains just delicious.

By the way: My favorite accompaniment to this dip is baked potatoes and/or vegetables – so this recipe is also great for vegetarians.

Homemade sour cream is better than any ready-made product

I’ll admit it – it would be easy and convenient to just go to the supermarket and buy a ready-made product from the refrigerated aisle. However, these ready-made products are often full of sugar and additives.

The alternative therefore: Sour cream easy to make yourself. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is to make.

Sour cream

You need only a few ingredients and the preparation is really fast from the hand. As long as you can handle a whisk and a spoon, the recipe isn’t much of a challenge. & Even if you spontaneously need a dip for the next barbecue party, you can use this recipe.

But it gets even better if you give the sour cream a moment to infuse. Three to four hours the dip may still pull with pleasure in the refrigerator – better even over night. Then the garlic can fully develop and combine with the other flavors. That makes this dip especially delicious.

These dishes go well with homemade sour cream

You don’t know what to eat with sour cream? Don’t worry: I have a few ideas for you. Bit by bit, I’ll be posting the recipes here as well – so feel free to check back on my food blog from time to time.

Sour cream with bread

My favorite dishes along with this dip are:

  • Baked potatotopped gladly with fish, shrimp, poultry or mushrooms from the oven
  • Sour cream as a side dish to Grilled meat or to grilled vegetables / antipasti
  • potato pancakes with smoked salmon
  • to Raw vegetable sticks
  • Together with Baguette or Ciabatta and fresh cress
  • as a tasty dip to gratinated nachos

Of course, this is only a small selection. If you have any further ideas, for which you would like to eat the Sour Creme, then write me a comment right away.

I wish you a lot of fun making the best sour cream in the world yourself and look forward to your feedback on how it tasted to you! &

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