Maintaining long hair: the guide to healthy, long hair

Woman with long hair

Who used to be your favorite fairytale princess? Mine was definitely Rapunzel. I have always loved her beautiful dream mane and even then wanted to have hair as long and shiny as hers. Today my hair is not as long as Rapunzel’s, but with the right care I have managed to get my hair nice and healthy and long.

The best Tips for long hair you can find in this guide.

Kyra Piontek

Hi, I’m Kyra and I’d like to show you my little beauty cosmos. With my freckles, I am the sunshine of the Beauty Report team and therefore know exactly how to conjure up a glowy beach girl look.

In my beach bag always with me: UV protection and Bronzing Powder.

The most important facts in brief

  • To get strong, long hair, you need a healthy scalp and well-groomed ends that don’t lose moisture.
  • Avoid hair breakage from overly tight braids, inappropriate brushes that pull, and harmful hair elastics with metal barbs.
  • Protect your hair at night by tying it into a loose braid and sleeping on satin pillows.

Wash long hair properly

Thorough shampooing is super important for long and healthy hair. But we longhaired girls can do so many things wrong. What you should pay attention to when washing your hair and our product recommendations can be found here:

The 5 best tips

  1. Do not wash your hair too often. Because every time you wash your hair, you deprive it of the important oils that keep it naturally moisturized, nourished and supple. For example every three to four days is enough.
  2. Very important: Brush your hair before shampooing, when they are still dry, thoroughly. The reason: long hair tangles quickly – especially when it is damp. That’s why it’s important to remove all knots before showering. Then they can be detangled better after washing.
  3. Give your Shampoo only to the hairline. The lengths and tips are only supplied with it as soon as you rinse out the shampoo. Shampoo is designed to rid the scalp of dirt, sebum and styling residue, allowing the pores to breathe again. But it would dry out the sensitive tips.
  4. A Conditioner belongs to every hair wash. The shampoo opens the dandruff layer and thus cleanses the hair. The conditioner closes the cuticle again and keeps the hair nourished and supple and prevents it from becoming broken and brittle. You apply the conditioner only to the ends and lengths, leave it on for a short time and then rinse it out thoroughly.
  5. Tie regularly Hair treatment into your hair care routine. About once every one or two weeks you can use a hair conditioner tailored to your hair type. This nourishes your hair with rich active ingredients. Leave it briefly in the hair for at least 10 minutes. With a shower cap you can strengthen the effect a little, because the cure can work better by the developing warmth.

Our product recommendations

ImportantHair care products should always be adapted to the hair type (dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair, colored hair, etc.).) be tuned. The length of the hair is not the focus. However, we would like to give you some product recommendations here.

PsWe make sure that the hair care is coordinated and, if possible, we prefer to use related products from the same manufacturer. We’re giving you two different options here: Our favorite high-end products from the hairdresser’s and products from the drugstore for those who do not want to spend so much money and still want to do something good for their long hair.

Shampoo for long hair

Long hair often lacks volume at the hairline. This is because long hair is usually relatively heavy and thus pulled down. The volume disappears and the hair lies flat on the head.

It is important that you use a Shampoo without silicones use. Silicones are insoluble in water, form a film around the hair and weigh it down even more. The result: the hair loses even more volume and fullness. Our recommendation are these shampoos:

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