Maine coon life expectancy – how old do they really get??

How old cats become on the average circa is everyone approximately known. Up to 20 years one can accompany the life of a cat. Here countless factors play an important role, some of them can be influenced and always take a central role in the life of a cat, other factors againstrum one can not influence.

When we got our Maze, we were concerned with many things, but not with the life expectancy of a Maine Coon. It was important to us, she should always stay healthy and lively, then it should not be a problem to crack the 15 years and even get older! We are in any case optimistic and not doomsayers!

Maine Coon life expectancy

Do Maine Coons really only live to be around 15 years old?

As far as is known, there are only a few public cases in which the gentle giants celebrate their birthday beyond the 15. How old cats can live to be. A well-known case, was a Maine Coon tomcat, which became proud 27 years old! But most of them become on average only 12 years young.

At this point I would like to explain and show you how to increase and prolong the Maine Coon quality of life as well as life expectancy. So no time to be sad!

Breeding cats, yes or no?

Yes, right, if you want to call a Maine Coon your own, you should definitely ask yourself this question. A breeding is designed so that all breed-known characteristics are always passed on from Maine Coon generation to Maine Coon generation. By the preservation of the classical Maine Coon gene pool, hereditary diseases develop, which can be passed on always here also.

Many known hereditary diseases, like the hip joint dysplasia can be recognized only if your Maine Coon is already a little older.

Here can not be completely excluded that hereditary diseases can be detected directly in the young cat age at an early stage. Overwhelmingly, however, it can be said that Maine Coon breeders breed responsibly and are always concerned that all health factors are covered in further breeding.

Many of the breeders have been doing this for more than 20 years and have passed on their cats nationally as well as internationally and have even released some Maine Coons for further breeding. Nevertheless, there are also unpleasant events, in the Maine Coon, from a registered breeding, not older than 10 years have become. Unfortunately, this can sometimes happen.

A Maine Coon can of course also be acquired from a non-breeding, be it a kitten or an already adult Maine Coon.

Risks from non-breeding

  • Where exactly does your Maine Coon come from?
  • Are diseases known?
  • How many litters did the mother have in a year?
  • Which vaccinations have been done and which not?
  • What about the coverage of all hygienic and health standards of a Maine Coon??

Due to mass breeding, each successive generation becomes weaker and weaker from time to time. Each additional litter from an unregistered breeding, means higher risk of hereditary diseases as well as the risk of a shorter life expectancy.

Of course, there are enough people who only have litters, without a proven pedigree, but who have always had healthy Maine Coons. So breeding yes or no, is up to you. There is always a risk here and there that you need to be aware of. We got Maze from a non-breeding and she is doing very well!

We take care from day one that she is well taken care of and that it will continue to be so. Since we know we are doing everything possible for them, we are not worried about their life expectancy or quality of life.

Maine Coon life expectancy

She plays with us every day and is also wonderfully occupied with herself, she eats in a healthy measure, she goes to do her business without any problems, she is not unclean or anything like that and we have lots of cuddles!

Satisfy basic needs

What are the basic needs of a cat? Of course, daily fresh and clean water, species-appropriate and in moderation wet food and dry food as well as an optimal balance of the hunting and play instinct. Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is! You are spoilt for choice, you try out many things and the years go by.

Sometimes with success and unfortunately sometimes without apparent success and you keep looking and looking. Unfortunately, you can really do so much wrong here and that even without bad intention! With these different points, which I mentioned before, you do yourself and your Maine Coon a big favor.

The better the basic needs are met, the older your Maine Coon will be and the happier it will stay. With Gigetta, my parents and I did a lot of things wrong, also because we simply had no idea and did not deal with what it actually means to keep cats in advance. With Maze many things have changed.

When my friend Pierre and I moved in together in May, 2016, I took Gigetta from her parents’ home. She was already suffering from a food allergy for about 3 years, which was not known to us at that time and was not diagnosed by several veterinarians.

It was not a fungus, it was also nothing that came from the organs. After several visits and several so-called hormone injections, I was honestly fed up with it.

Maine Coon life expectancy

It was not about money, if you have a pet, be it turtle or bird, rabbit or dog, if it has something, then you do everything possible, so that the dear animal is well again. Everything had failed, nothing lasted long term. The hormone injections were partly unsuccessful and the aftertaste of these treatments became bigger and bigger. "Would you do the same to yourself?", I asked myself.

Daily and nightly scouring of forums have finally confused me in the end. Everybody had a different opinion, but all wanted to help one. And that is how I feel today! I want to try with all means that the conventional Maine Coon life expectancy is topped!

Increase Maine Coon life expectancy as well as quality of life by suitable food

There are several products that are specially made for Maine Coons. Unfortunately you can see here in the food composition, be it wet or dry food, ingredients that really have no place at all on the menu of your Maine Coon. No grains, sugar, soy, legumes or dairy ingredients should be found here again.

The same is true for yeast, supposed organic sunflower seed hulls, dried herbs or excessive sodium. Also with vegetables and vitamin preparations one should go on the brakes. Not everything that tastes good to us is right for your Maine Coon!

We want to remain as realistic as possible and that your Maine Coon of course only gets what she would eat in mother nature and can actually digest and tolerate well. Here you have the agony of choice, you can start from day one with barfen or you fall back on good wet and dry food varieties, which are not even overpriced!

Dry food yes or no

By feeding dry food you can counteract possible dental problems like tartar. In the circle of acquaintances I have experienced that exactly this was the case. Dental problems increased, so that the wet food had to be supplemented with dry food. Again, make sure no grains, no sugar, no soy and only in conjunction with fresh and clean water daily.

It is better to rinse the bowls with warm water once more than too little. Here lurk through the ‘stagnant’ water bacteria that could harm your Maine Coon, especially for males, because they can get urinary tract infections by too little water intake. In addition, there are nowadays countless very good dry foods that no longer cause kidney damage.

If you have small kittens, then of course you can use food for adult cats as well. In nature there are not only small mice for kittens and big mice for adult cats. That would still be.

The higher the amount of meat and/or fish in the food, the better the health of your Maine Coon. Here your Maine Coon speaks of course a word with, Pate, chunks with sauce or nevertheless rather jelly? It doesn’t matter, as long as the relation of fish and/or meat in the food to the rest is higher, it may be calmly in all variations, your Maine Coon will be pleased with security about the rich selection!

Attention with vomiting and diarrhea!

If you notice that after a certain kind of food diarrhea or vomiting is the result, the belly makes strange noises, you can either try to feed it a second time at a later time or you leave it out directly.

The food change can be difficult with an already older cat but is definitely successfully doable. So it was at least with our Gigetta.

Just imagine, for years she was fed with all the things that were not good for her. When we were at the end of our rope because of her coat and Maze came along, I swore to myself that this would not happen to her too. Especially because a healthy Maine Coon has not only thick but also long and shiny fur.

And that wants to be maintained!

The food is the be-all and end-all. Healthy from the inside means also healthy from the outside.

It went the Gigetta yes on the whole well! Only this constant extreme fur cleaning and licking herself sore had simply taken over. We have tried from the beginning, 2 known types of food with over 70 percent high meat content, unfortunately, both did not touch the food and rather ate dry food.

So when we found a food that had over 40 to 50 percent meat content, we were skeptical at first. We got a few bowls and what can I say, 7 months have passed since then and they eat all the varieties that are available from this manufacturer good.

But what made us even happier was, Gigetta’s coat is growing back again! She is no longer extremely grooming and she is much more relaxed than before. This was such a significant step forward for us! The right food will definitely increase the quality of life and life expectancy of your Maine Coon.

Proper exercise for better quality of life

Yes, read correctly! Maine Coon are real explorers and want to be entertained! Play catch with them or throw them small paper balls, our Maze retrieves and brings everything back to you that you have thrown to her. There are so many ways to keep a Maine Coon cat in motion.

By sufficient climbing possibilities, it is many different scratching trees in the household, self-built cat stairs and retreats, your Maine Coon does not run the risk to be overeaten and hardly movements abbekommen.

Maine Coon in particular need a lot of exercise, due to their size, disproportionate stress on muscles and bones can affect the functions of individual organs.

Here you can let your imagination run wild, you will both have fun!

Other crucial risks

Besides possible hereditary diseases or wrong food, there are also other factors that can influence the life expectancy of your Maine Coon negatively or positively.

  • Multi-cat household (risk of infection among each other by disease and infections, possible beginning of uncleanliness)
  • Free roamers (loss through accidents or animal catchers)
  • Hazards in your own home (heavy objects that could fall, tilted windows, exposed or hanging cords that can cause strangulation, fire sources, d. h. not only candles but also danger through fireplaces or left on ceramic hobs, toilet lids should always be closed, washing machines, dryers as well as ovens should be closed, because now and then one or the other furry nose makes itself comfortable there, doors that can slam due to draught, plants, food or garden herbs that can be poisonous, openly lying cosmetics, cleaning agents, open drinks as well as sockets that are not secured with child protection)

If you always make sure that your Maine Coon gets all these things, a possibility to retreat, species-appropriate food, enough exercise and entertainment, you only have to give your Maine Coon one thing, your endless love and lots of cuddles!

Love her and give her the attention she needs, only then you will have a healthy and happy Maine Coon, nothing can stand in her way!

Do you have any questions or do you want to leave a comment about it? You are welcome to! It would be a pleasure for me, because as you know you never stop learning!

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…… absolute hit your article. I have two cuddle balls, my one and all. One of them has a food allergy, I can only confirm that it was a long way. But it was worth every meter of the way. Always relapses, but it is worth it ! Finally only infinite patience and love helps

Hello Christine! Thank you very much for your feedback! Great that you got the hang of your cuddle ball. It is always bad not to know what is going on and you have to find the cause of the evil. But if you then know how to proceed correctly, you really learn something!

I have 3 Maine Coons… Mother and 2 of her kids, son and daughter… Mother turned 10 in March and the kiddies will be 4 in October… Such beautiful animals… Also have two dogs, a Labrador and a Havanese… All get along great… Play, cuddle, eat and drink water together…. If you didn’t know they were dogs and cats, you’d think it was a family… I really don’t want to know them… This is such a chilled breed, absolutely no comparison to normal house cats… Acquaintances of ours are always fascinated by how trusting and social all our animals are… I’m definitely positive I’ll have many more years with my coonies…

Hello Martina! I am really enthusiastic! It is so nice to hear that the socialization has worked out so well for you! There is really nothing better when everyone loves each other&
Thank you and have fun you continue on all your adventures together&

How sweet… Your designation cuddle balls

We have 2 females Stella and Maris (sisters) they are 14 1/2 years old. Last Wednesday Stella fell out of the blue practically dead from her daily "hiding place" (a sofa) and died in front of us within seconds. Helpless attempt to resuscitate her did not help anymore. Sue was playful, healthy and lively until the last day and delighted our hearts with her chatter and temperament. Now we know where the life expectancy is and we hope that Maris will enjoy us for a while.

Dear Nubis, I am terribly sorry for your loss. I am sure that Stella had a wonderful life with you and she will watch over you until you all meet again! I believe that very much. Maris will need you now very much. The loss will also be very close to her and it will take some time. I think of you and wish you a lot of strength and a long life together full of love and health&

My beloved Maine Coon is only 4 years old. She was from a reg. Breeder. From one day to the next vet diagnosed pulmonary edema. I am shocked.

Dear Andrea, I am so sorry for your loss. Such a tragic event from now on always raises many questions. Nevertheless, I am sure that your pelt-nose had 4 wonderful years with you and was allowed to experience a lot of love. This is important. I wish you all the best and love furthermore. Feel pressed&

My Maine Coon Daisy has turned 19 years old.I fed her normal food from the supermarket, she was never sick, I taught her to give paw at an old age.In short she was a great cat I will always keep her in good memory. LG SONJA

Dear Sonja, to have such a faithful companion next to you for 19 years is the most beautiful experience you can have. I am very sorry for your loss. That Daisy has learned to give paw I find totally great! This just shows again that employment and dedication are just important. Thank you for sharing with us your experience! I wish you all the best and still a relaxed holiday!

I get me on 16.7.a Maincoone Xxl female 12 weeks then, off, from Hannover I live in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. Luckily I have a friend who drives the car. I had until 1 year ago 3 cats but mixed breeds, 1 cat U 2 males. beautiful animals. The cats have become 15 years old, although they were very ill. I am a little herb witch. I even gave tips to the vet. Would all be treated homeopathically. I plan to get the new cat used to being out of the house, for example with my daughter. wise. Since these XXL animals are very large and heavy, I buy a stroller to transport them&&&&does anyone have a tip on how they survive the trip from Hanover to me well? And what do I have to keep in mind to place her somewhere else as well? I think if you train with it in time it will be fine

Hello Gina! That sounds but exciting& So the trip will take about 3 to 3.5 hours according to route calculation. That is already a bit. Take breaks every now and then, when the weather is nice, stop and leave the car door open so that the air can circulate well. Otherwise the first ride is better on an empty stomach. Avoid drafts during the ride and of course it is best to have someone with you who sits in the back with the new addition and also talks to the kitten sometimes. In no case open the transport box or leave it open. That could go wrong – for man and animal. Best to also take something from the former house / former surroundings and put it in the box with you. I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of joy with the little mouse& If you like, you can report how the pickup and the trip was, I would be very happy about it! Best regards, Barbara

I have 2 connies (male) Janosch was just 8 3/4 years he just dropped dead this week , he was the sun of my heart – I am inconsolable !now I still have Louis he is now 7 is healthy and also super dear, I hope fervently that I still have him many years !

Hello Margit, I am very sorry to read this. If this happens from here to now and then without any reason, it is very tragic. We keep our fingers and paws crossed that Louis will have a long and happy life! I wish you much peace and love in this difficult time!

Thank you for the informative article and the realistic number! Years ago it was said that coonies get as old as house cats, but this is unfortunately a mistake and a sad one for the dose. I have had Maine Coons for almost 20 years and my oldest boy is 12.5 years old – he died of cancer. I have lost three others at 3, 7 and 8 and each time it was the heart, the last time a sudden valve rupture. That was the worst thing I have ever experienced.

In the meantime I am realistic and know that I may accompany these wonderful beings only a relatively short time. But that makes this time all the more precious. My current coonies are 10, 3+3 and 2 and I hope that maybe we can surpass our Titus with his 12,5 years.

By the way, my oldest cat was "Forest and Meadow" with 15 and now I have taken in another grandma, she is also "Forest and Meadow" and also already 14.

Hello Ines! Madness! 14 years young…there one sees again that it goes also in such a way. Each cat is simply different there like with humans. That the cause was mostly the heart, does not surprise me. This is also the case with most large breeds, such as the Irish Wolfhound. Unfortunately they don’t live that long either but exceptions prove the rule. Thank you so much for your comment. It is always nice to hear what you readers have experienced. I am sure that your coonies will continue to have a nice life in the woods and meadows! I wish you and your fur noses all the best& !

Hello my Felix is now 16 years old. since about 3 months he is decreasing. Since 1-2 weeks he hardly eats. Do you have a tip? Blood values are inconspicuous

Hello Michaela! That can have many reasons. First of all, I’m sure we both agree, you would think that it is due to age. However, this is not true in all cases. Of course the organs are all working a little slower now. Is your Felix an outdoor dog?? Was there any change before he started to decline?? Was a large blood picture made? Has your trusted TA taken a urine and stool sample? Was the abdomen and chest x-rayed?? How do the teeth look like? How is his coat/skin? These are all possibilities that offer more answers than a simple blood count. Clearly, it is also a question of the wallet. I would have suggested you to go to a veterinarian, but his eating behavior is very disturbing. Have you tried appetite stimulants or kitten milk?? Try this first of all, so that he gets a little more on the ribs again. But there is no way around another TA. After that, I would have the kidneys, abdomen and chest x-rayed, they often go unnoticed and end up being the cause (often but not always). I would be happy, if you keep us up to date! I hope your Felix will be able to nurse himself back up soon&

Two weeks ago I had the same thing with my almost 17 year old Maine Coon male. Suddenly I realized that he wanted to eat and could not. Then he had a thick cheek and when it smelled bad I knew – it is a pus tooth! After this was operated out and stitched up, my cat is full of life again and the purest "food monster"& I keep him alone, by the way, because he always wanted to be the sole king and never wanted to share the attention with other cats. Since I have him he is an outdoor cat, he can go in and out whenever he wants and after work he enjoys our full attention. On 06.01.2021 he will be 17.

Hello Nicole, that sounds great! Such a bad tooth incident can quickly spread to the other teeth. Luckily you reacted quickly! I wish your little cat in advance a beautiful and healthy further year of life and for you continue to have fun with your rascal&

This is my short one. Ca. 13 kilos and eats only food from Reico. This has almost 100 percent meat. Would still like to send pictures. This guy is just crazy, but totally sweet and funny. I love him. And he knows that too. Shows it every day anew.

Hello Torsten, thank you for your comment! It is nice to hear that you love your pelt-nose over everything! And I am sure that he loves his two-legged friend very much!

My cat is now 16.5 years old. But he probably does not hold out much longer. He has skin cancer and has already had a few operations. I love him!

Hello Mr. Mayer! Almost 17 years! I always find that great to read& That he is sick is of course not so nice but I bet that he had a nice cat life with you so far and 17 years you have to manage first of all. I am sure that your sweet cat also knows very well that you do everything imaginable for him and are there for him in every second. Enjoy every moment with your treasure. I wish you and especially your cat many more and lively cat years&

Hello – I had two wonderful Coonis Foxi and Yego. Foxi died at the age of 6, Yego at 7 both of heart defects within one year. I loved her more than anything. They were wonderful cats that I will never forget. I would like to have again a Maine Coon male cat. But I am afraid to lose him so early again. The treatment of the two has cost over a thousand euros

Hello Sigrid, my condolences. So directly one after the other is unimaginably painful& Since one is still totally in the mourning phase. To have a pet means to accompany it for a lifetime. If unexpected illnesses or accidents happen, it can be expensive, of course. But you always have to be aware of that. It can be simply always something, even if one does not have to paint necessarily the devil at the wall… were the two actually brothers and sisters? I think there is nothing more beautiful than the love for a pet, no matter if cat, dog or bird. At the moment there are again registered Maine Coon breeders with current litters. Also in many animal organizations and shelters are pedigreed cats. Just take a look and think about it& Such a loss is hard and I do not want to persuade you so things that everything and everyone would be to replace, but if you miss a pet at your side, then you should also give a home to an animal. There are so many dear four-legged friends out there just waiting for their can opener& I wish you still a lot of strength and new courage&

So in principle, it should be about the good time, which of course should be as long as possible. Just because an animal may not live 30 years I think it is exaggerated not to care for it, most cats (no matter what breed) are hardly older than 15 years. We had a normal male cat who lived to be 14 and now a Maine Coon male cat who died at 13.5 years of age from almost the same disease. Therefore, one should not grieve and still care for these great creatures.
At the moment we have three Maine Coon ladies aged seven, nine and ten years old. The nine year old already has problems with his kidneys and had to have all his teeth pulled (FORL). Still we try to enjoy the time we have. Consider the many dog owners whose dogs (especially the large breeds) are barely older than 8/9 years and still choose this breed over and over again. I am a Maine Coon fan, there are a number of Maine Coons that have also become well over 15 years, even if it is the minority. 12-15 years are also a nice long time.

that is exactly how I see it! In the end it does not matter how old they become. Whether our loved ones turn one year old or 20. The important thing is that animal and human have a wonderful time together and go through thick and thin.
Health is the be-all and end-all and that should always be in the foreground. I personally stay away from such negative thoughts. No matter how old our two will become, we will always take care and do everything possible, so that both have a nice life. 12 to 15 years are already long and when I think that Gigi is 12, this is already a great thing that makes us very happy& She had never had anything serious and that makes us very happy! I wish you and your 3 kitties all the love and enjoy the great time! I am sure they are in the best hands with you&

We got a Maincoon from the animal shelter in 2003 and she was approx.1 .5 years old. She still lives with my son today who she has been with from a young age. A totally loving and cuddly maincoon, but also shy towards strangers. Gina was the name given to her by her then 6 year old son.

Hello Michael! Exactly, also in the numerous animal shelters you can find quite a few purebred cats. It is nice that you have given a new home to a little four-legged friend and that your son still has Gina with him as a loyal friend. I find it always nice to read something like this& Such a bond between animal and human is really a very special thing. I wish you many more fluffy and beautiful years!

My coonie is 21. Sometimes I think he is degrading. Then he is the next day again top fit. He is a bit demented and really cranky but very sweet. We are very lucky, a dental surgery with general anesthesia a few months ago, he took it very well. Recently had a tumor removed from under his paw, that healed completely too. For me he is a little miracle. He sleeps a lot, but still likes to talk when I’m on the phone. He loves to eat Sheba and to drink cat milk. But it must be cold, otherwise he grumbles loudly. I hope that when he leaves one day, I will be strong for him and not too emotionally involved. The little guy is my everything and I am just happy and thankful that he is still here and doing well, despite the challenges of old age.

Hello Corinah, I understand what you mean. It is really not nice to say goodbye. But don’t stress yourself with this thought. We are humans and not machines& Your cat will care about nothing more than having you there, being petted, hearing the voice. Tears are also part of it and that is perfectly ok. Also the fear, that’s also part of it but when you remember all the quirky situations, all the silly things he did, the nice cuddle sessions…then it will be easier for you to be ‘strong’ because those memories are eternal. I wish you from the whole heart a wonderful time and many more beautiful moments together& Feel pressed!

I got two Maine Coon ladies from the shelter to me four years ago. The older lady is 17 and bouncing around, the other is 9… I am thankful for them every day and love them to pieces.
But I see the part with the dry food critically. I have understood that this does nothing special for the teeth, but that is rather such a human belief because it just cracks and so. &

Hello Zaceel, totally nice that the two are doing well& Had you kept cats before that? I find in any case a super thing! I can only speak from my own experience and from the experiences of our friends. Dry food is an issue in itself, we and most who have tried it subsequently have demonstrably had no more dental problems afterwards. Others, however, simply say, without dry food cat life is also okay& Have another great time and love greetings!

We have taken over a Main Coon male the day before yesterday ..
Wr live in the country … with 2 of their own and two "yard cats" (they eat in the evening and morning and then go their ways …)
The new cat proves to be very shy … it is hard to see where he hides in the house … now and then you see him ..
… the cat door is closed … but I always have the feeling that he is outside …
(he is not: have just seen him ) ..
what is going on there ?
.. love greetings and thank you for your page, which pleases ♥

Hello Jurgen! Your new cat will certainly settle in soon, I am sure of it. I think that he must of course first see how he gets along with the other fur noses and certainly he will gradually build his own little territory and ‘thaw’ & I see that your comment is now a few days ago, there is news? By the way, thank you so much for liking my site, that means a lot to me& I wish you a great time and stay healthy!

Hello had a sick Main,coon mix cat Henrietta from the shelter with food allergy
Slandig stomach and intestinal problems. With good food and also kidney medication she had lived 14 years. On a Sunday in June we were at the vet and on the same day she died. She wanted to die alone and crawled away. Have them in the night still stroked, Then suddenly a last breath and she was in cat heaven. We have long mourned and now after four months looking at a new cat. Hopefully she likes us, so that we have a lot of joy with her.
In December we can pick up the kitten, then she is 12 weeks old.We have also looked at the mother.

We are already looking forward.

Hello Erich& Henrietta had a great and long life with you, I’m quite sure of it. It is not uncommon that animals prefer to be left alone in their last hours. But fortunately you still had the opportunity to say goodbye to her. This will have meant a lot to her. I think it is totally nice that you are concerned about whether the new addition will like you& However, I am very sure that this will definitely be the case. An animal senses exactly if it is welcome or not and you are so looking forward to it! Is the little mouse now with you? I wish you with all my heart a great start and many great adventures&

My Goldy is currently 11 years old and now has first problems with the thyroid gland.. Hope that I will have many more years with her.. I feed her for about 5 years Kattovit Sensitive. Sky gets Animonda Carny. Unfortunately Goldy got diarrhea from this, as with so many other types of food. Which food did YOU stick to then? ?

Hi Nadine! So with Animonda Carny, we had similar difficulties. We are now since we have Maze (2017) with us remained with Animonda Vom Feinsten. This is super wet food and the two like almost all varieties and have not developed any intolerances. Gigi had from 2016 to 2017 very bad fur / skin problems. Has licked itself sore and that up to the skin. At the end she was half with fur and half without& After many hormone injections and no more detailed examinations on the part of the veterinarian, my partner and I have decided then gg these injections, since these have brought absolutely nothing. We have then changed the vet and with the access of Maze that food changed …Tadaa everything super, fur grew back and she had no more cleaning attacks& Can only recommend the wet food, but look here purely. Can like to get back to you and report how it tasted to the two& Love greetings to you!

Hi Marleen and Barbara&;
My mix male cat jumped on 20 .8 20 of 40 cm and was suddenly paralyzed from the head , had arteries clogged , he has screamed so , had to be redeemed , he became 13.
Now I still have my Norwegian Mira 9 years and Maine Coon Sukie 9 years, she is my problem child right now . It was a bad process before the evil was fntdeckt . She sat in front of the bowl and could not eat, withdrew more and more. Diagnosis then, gall bladder inflammation, liver heavily sngegriffen and acute pancreatitis, value now still 45. Ychlkmmer it could not have come. Days at the drip infusions, then every day early in the evening fetched, after a week daily there and infusions given, in addition always to 4 injections . Blood drawn every week , now every two , ultrasound was done at the beginning . Prednisolone from 5 mg , now at 1 mg . In two weeks again to the doctor , am already at 3000 euros. Others have advised me, also doctors, to redeem her, I have not brought it over the heart. It now weighs 4.5 from 4.1 and has recovered somewhat. This way was and is a strain for the arms, it looks like it becomes chronic, then I have to expect relapses at intervals, but it can also still be, the values are too high, she does not make it. One tries yes everything, the question is when one stops with it, she has every time so a stress. She is only allowed to eat Felix because of the fat content, luckily she has always eaten it. Give Recovales, because of the vitamins . It is stress for both of us and I can’t count my tears anymore. Hope she makes it . Many greetings

Hello Renate! I would like to say that I absolutely understand and can understand this but – thank God – I was not yet in such a situation. I understand the medical side, but I also understand your side. What I so herauslese is for me personally but like a little ray of hope, you probably feel the same. Every two weeks blood is taken, right? Then it can be estimated exactly how the values change and develop in the worst case. Of course Sukie can make a leap forward now, but as you say, it can also turn chronic… I hope and wish that Sukie recovers quickly and that the inflammation values stabilize soon, so that she can live carefree again. Give her a big hug from me! You can always write to me and report how it develops with the mouse& I would be very happy!

My beloved Maine Coon is 7 years old now. She was being cared for by my neighbor during the vacations and was killed by an electric cable or a lamp. killed the outlet. The worst nightmare.

Hello Michaela, I am incredibly sorry for what happened to your loved one& Such a shock – I do not even want to imagine, especially because you have not even been there. I always say pay attention. The same applies to open windows, ovens, washing machines and and and … you should always keep your eyes open, as with a toddler, I have already heard so many horror stories in the circle of acquaintances, no one needs, honestly not. I wish you a lot of strength and especially a lot of love for the future. Feel pressed dear Michaela!

Hello, our Susi would have become 17 years old in August, She was also a free walker. She was already very communicative and loud, always wanted attention. Has eaten a lot the last year only wet food or small treats and cat milk. Thursday afternoon she suddenly ran like drunk, fell over sideways and could hardly stand up and became unusually calm. Has withdrawn and eaten nothing more, until drinking she has dragged herself laboriously. On Friday I went to the vet and after palpation, listening and x-rays I was told that the heart is sick and a blood count is not expected before Monday. She is too weak for an operation. Does the heart have something to do with her gait?? We would have to put her out of her misery, now I blame myself and can’t deal with the grief, I should have made a different decision? She lay completely still and apathetic at the doctor’s office and had such a look. Susi was such a fantastic, great pretty cat our family suffers so much, also the boys our house and your childhood was one with Susi.

Dear Karola, I am so sorry for your loss. But look, 17 years is already a great age. Do not blame yourself, you have done the best possible for Susi. You went straight to the doctor and had her examined. Many do not make this step and want to first observe. From therefore you have done everything right. You had to react quickly. If your vet tells you so, then he or she will have experience here. Imagine if you had not redeemed Susi, who knows how bad it would have been& If here the vet no therapy or otherwise suggests and still emphasizes that she is too weak for surgery, then it already means that it is very critical. Susi had not only a great life but also a great family who loved her more than anything. Keep Susi in the beautiful moments in memory. I wish you all the best and love!

My Maine Coon Julie died on 01.07.Died in 2021 at the age of 18 years and 5 months. She suffered the last 5 years from arthrosis but we had it well under control with a quarter of cortisone every other day, the last few months she decreased more and more. . I am glad to have had her as long as I did, but the loss tears my heart apart at the moment.

Dear Birgit, such a loss is always tragic and hurts but nevertheless it is always important to remember the good times& I am sure that Julie was your everything and she was allowed to have a nice cat life with you. Feel pressed and I wish you a lot of strength furthermore! Best regards, Barbara

I had to let my multicolored Main Coon mix Rusalka die last Tuesday, after sudden kidney failure . She would have turned 14 in December. She came with 8 or 9 months 2008 about an animal foster home from a Spanish cat colony half starved to me. Because of her voraciousness she was called Devora "the gulper", a name that also fit until last year. I had at that time still my 9 year old mini house cat Sicilia, whose brother had died months before of heart failure in my arms. The two did not get along too well at first, as Rusalka was very dominant, possessive and jealous. Rusalka with 1,5 was ill for a long time with a recalcitrant bladder infection and urinary gravel, whose treatment took a long time and since after it was not so wild and she got out of breath more quickly. She also had a funny twitching in her back and could not retract her claws. Symptoms that could also have pointed to problems with her kidneys.
The doctor suspected some kind of asthma. Only by the illness both ln got along and the small one took care of her. Just as the other way around, when Sicilia was then seriously ill for months and degraded more and more. The vets, diagnosed around, where I left at that time weekly all my money, found only after two months intestinal tumor. This broke my heart at the time as my little adventuress and I were inseparable.
With the cuddly Rusalka the relationship became similarly close. At the age of 3 she was suddenly a huge and beautiful 7.5 kg cat. She loved to walk around the garden with my parents on a leash and to sniff every plant. She was ill every year with pancreas and digestive system and sxhon then was diagnosed with 4 times kidney insufficiency, which is why she should eat a year kidney diet. When I couldn’t be there for her for a longer time, she once spent a quarter of a year at a friend’s house with two other handsome Main Coon, who bullied her and ate away their food and gained 1 kg of weight.
A year later in 2014, the reason for her problems was clear. Luckily I was with my parents where a top animal surgeon had a private emergency clinic and was able to save her, who was totally wild and parched with pain, from a ruptured intestine caused by a huge duodenal abscess that only Main Coon have. That was 20::80. It took 9 weeks to feed her up again.
But then began our most beautiful time together. From now on she got stomach intestine food until she became too fat again, then medical diet food She became braver and more playful again, loved to play football and fetch, came at night and stroked my face with her paw until a week ago. Always lay on and next to me and also loved my father. She was such a great, gentle, friendly, curious but also moody and bitchy (I’m full of scratches) and self-confident fuzzy. And in her majestic posture she respected the others. And when she looked at you with her green silver eyes because she was up to mischief again
But the yearly recurring ailments continued, with signs typical of renal failure. We had a wonderful three quarters of a year with my parents, during which we had a lot of time for each other. After the last vaccination in April and painkillers because of back pain, at 13, she started eating less and less, breaking more and more often, and drinking more and more and urinating everywhere. But otherwise she was normal. Since the urine blood values were still top the year before last and last and in April year, the vet put me off and I believed, since the treatment with infusion and anti-inflammatory over the summer helped, it was ok. Now I regret that I did not go to the clinic 100 km away. Then in the middle of September the symptoms came back massively. Since she was biting around wildly, she had to be put under anesthesia for blood work, so an x-ray was also done, but incomprehensibly no full geriatric BB and no US, even though I asked for it. The doctor judged the creatinine and inconspicuous urine still as early stage, because in his laboratory the limits were very generous and were actually scbon stage 3. She was only 6 kg. But the Roetgen showed with the huge cat kidneys of 1/3 size of a normal house cat. He called it extraordinary that they were still working, but did nothing else except diet food, brschmittel, appetite stimulants. Two week again same situation, again same medication. She weighed only 5.8 u d should now eat everything until she has gained weight. That neither caught up to the middle of October. She had gained weight, but now ate nothing at all Since I wanted to parents with her and he had vacation, he injected cortisone depot. Rusalka came back to life for two weeks, ate the kidney food with appetite for the first time, played and cuddled with us, explored the garden, was lively until last Sunday evening.
The day before, she drank only from our glasses, not from her bowls. She did not eat anymore, did not drink anymore, did not clean herself anymore, but still walked around. Then she crawled into the most impossible corner and lay apathetically there jnd broke foam. The pupils were of different sizes. I gave her the emergency medicine for nausea and was at the vet Monday morning on the holiday that saved her in 2014. He examined her and found very bad sporose condition due to kidney failure, pupils were njcht reacting, had stomach pain, she had no more reflexes. He gave infusions and stomach and sxhmerzmittel and antibiotics. Blood results didn’t come in until the next day. If sje eats and urinates again in the late evening she would be fine. Instead, she became weaker and more apathetic, so I continued to feed her every three hours. Sje always wanted to go to the toilet but nothing happened. She came to me at night, tapped me and left. Shortly after that she lay stretched out on the floor and I took her to my bed, massaged and stroked her, she twitched her whole body and groaned despite the painkillers, then she got up and crawled away ukd lay there with her eyes open like dead. I knew then that I had to let her go, even though the doctor offered to try the full program with the prospect of 20-30% improvement. The blood values were too clear. Without dialysis, there was no chance. She fell asleep peacefully immediately after the infusion. I was frozen for two days. Donated 3 months diet food to animal shelter. Now I hear her mewing and rustling and I am looking for her and my tears are running down, I am waiting for her urn, which I will take with me to the grave, and I feel guilty that I could not help this magical creature sooner.

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